November 18th, 2008

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

Here we go... Creation Salute to Supernatural Con, Part 1

This report isn't going to be in order.  I finished editing and uploading my pics from the breakfast Sunday morning, so I thought I would start with that.

It's not much of a report either because I didn't take notes.  I was too busy taking pics and laughing my arse off to scribble anything down, LOL.  But here are the bits I remember off the top of my head.  The boys did mention a spoiler of sorts, but I'll stick it behind a cut.  Wasn't much but I want to be safe.

First of all...   Alisa and I were at the dessert party the night before.  I'll give more details on that after I get the pics edited and uploaded.  But I was extremely sleep deprived thanks to not having slept much in the previous two days so I didn't stay the whole time.  Everything was delayed due to the autograph session running late, so Jason Manns' concert started at around 10pm (instead of 9 or 9:30 like it was supposed to), and the dessert party started a bit after 11pm instead of 10-ish.  I went up to bed around 12:10am.  Alisa came up soon after.  When I was leaving, there were already people camped out with pillows and blankets/sleeping bags for the breakfast the next morning. 

Alisa asked for a 3:30am wake up call.  Yes, we woke up at 3:30 and got downstairs at 4am. For a breakfast that wasn't supposed to start until 8:45am.  The things I do to get a nice view of the boys (no, not thinking dirty thoughts here... *ahem*  *straightens halo*).  I dozed off a few times and ended up curling up on the floor against the wall.  Yeah, I'm sad.  *g*  Bambi joined us a little while later.  They started letting us in around 8:30-8:40.  Alisa and I ended up getting a pretty decent table, though.

They called us up by table to get food and told us the boys would be dropping by around 10am.  When it got around that time, Adam from Creation stalled for time and asked where everyone was from.  Then finally the boys came in.

*fans self*

Jared wore what looked like one of his SamShirts... not sure which one it was, but it looked like one.  His hair was so pretty and flicky (note to SPN hairstylists: let him have his hair this way on the show!!).  Jensen looked quite hot in a button down shirt with pullover sweater as well.

There were two bodyguards with them.  Both looking like tough mafia types.  Seriously, one of them kept looking in my direction as I was snapping my pics.  It unnerved me.   *nervous laugh*

Anyway after they came in, Jared asked how long some of us had been there, if we had been waiting long.  Some people said they'd been there since the crack of dawn and some stayed overnight.  He said something like "the coffee makers of Chicago thank you."  He also asked if anyone had seen the rallies after the election in Grant Park, that he and Jensen saw it on TV, people being rowdy and stuff.  Jensen said something like "I wish we had that kind of turnout."  One or two people said "I'd vote for you, Jensen!" Jared agreed he would vote for him as well and we all clapped.

Both boys were really hilarious.  A few people made comments about Jared sweating, and some girl gave him a couple of ice packs.  He started stuffing them in his pants pockets and then his shirt pockets. 

Jensen spoke of Dean's crazy eating habits, basically shaking his head and saying "Oh, Dean, Dean, Dean..." in a weary, disapproving way. *g*

Collapse )

Jared asked if we had any food. We all said we ate already, and he was literally looking around and sniffing the air for food (come on, look me in the eyes and tell me this guy isn't a giant puppy! LOL).  Bambi still had food on her plate, and he appeared to have found it because he pointed straight at her and went "there's something!" She said she wanted to tell him to come over here and get it.

Someone told him about what Samantha Smith said about his dog Harley and the confrontation he had with her little dog.  Apparently he knew about it because he and Jensen had found vids of the previous panels on YouTube before they arrived (heh... oops).  He said something about his dogs being a lot bigger and weighing more than her dog.  Jensen said something like "his dogs are even bigger [or weigh more, can't remember] than me."  Jared said he should bring his dogs to meet all of us, and that they would probably eat all the food here.

That's about all I can remember.  Jared was such a big puppy full of energy, while Jensen was the straight man and kept looking at him with this amused grin on his face.  They were really hilarious.

I thought they were going to drop by the different tables like the guests did the night before at the dessert party, but Adam told them it was time to start photo ops, so they said their goodbyes and left to get ready since Jared's was first. 

So that's about it for this part of the report.  I've got all the pics uploaded from the breakfast HERE.

Here are some previews. :)

Again click to enlarge.  There are many more pics at the link above (I've got about 119 up there).  If you want to use these for anything like art, icons, etc., you are welcome to it.  But please let me know if you're taking them and give me credit for the original images.  Thanks. :)

I've got some of the pics from the Friday panels done, need to finish them and move to Saturday's panels.  As soon as I have those done, I'll get started on the Jared, Jensen and J2 panels.

Back to grueling field work tomorrow so I'll be calling it a night.  More over the next few days! :)