November 22nd, 2008

Jared & Jensen: Chicago Con 2008

Chicago Con, Report and Pics Part 3

So, after editing and uploading over 250 pics from the J2 panel (phew!), I finally have the next batch of report and pics to share.

Again, the report isn't too detailed as I was too busy taking pics etc to take notes. But here is what I remember the most.

At the end of Jared's panel, I think he'd received a certain question and wasn't sure how to answer, when suddenly Jensen appeared, kind of crawling up onto the stage. Jared looked over by him and proclaimed, "saved by the Jensen!" Hee :D Jensen took one of the chairs and was about to set it down next to Jared when he grabbed Jared's hat and made like he was going to throw it into the audience or something. Jared was reaching out to grab it, almost like he was afraid Jensen would get rid of it, LOL! I had to stop myself from applauding Jensen for doing it (yeah, Jared was cute in the hat but I was still kinda peeved that he wore it for the photo ops! *g*). Jensen gave him the hat back and set his chair down next to Jared.

Someone asked them both if they had action figures for Sam and Dean, what would they want them to do. Jared mentioned his favorite word of the day - "ipecac" (teehee) and held his hand out to mimic Sam exorcising demons. Jensen said his action figure would have poseable arms and would have fried food in his hands for him to eat.

I don't remember too many of the questions in particular, but I know there were a few people coming up to the microphone who would say "I'm a Sam girl, but my mom is a Dean girl", or "I'm a Dean girl but my daughter is a Sam girl." Each of the boys would be encouraging them, like Jared telling the Sam fan who's mom is a Dean girl, "you're going to go far in life" and Jensen telling her "you should listen to your mother." LOL, silly boys. They are just so cute.

They were both asked how they got into acting and what their inspiration was. I can't remember Jared's answer - something about how he got into it when he was in school. Jensen said his dad was his inspiration.

The "Eye of the Tiger" bit that aired after Yellow Fever *was* mentioned, and of course everyone wanted Jensen to do a demonstration of it. He did do the leg-guitar thing for a bit! :D The boys were asked about certain fears I think, and Jensen mentioned something about being in a very small plane (11 seater I think) once and there being a lot of turbulence, that he was fearing for his life. Jared mentioned the time when his car flipped when he was doing Flight of the Phoenix and he thought he was dead.

One of the questions I loved... Jared was asked if there would be a Gilmore Girls movie, because it had been talked about. Right then, Jensen cried "PLEASE!"*g* Jared said that if they did one he'd like to play Dean in it, something about him being the "original Dean."  To which Jensen said, "there's only one Dean." Heh.

There were a lot more questions still left and some people had more for Jared, but Jared was given the signal that his time was up and had to get going.  A lot of people went, "awww."  He got up and went over to sign the Creation banners, and then headed off stage.  But not before he took one of the smaller chairs meant for the audience and put it up there, meant for Jensen I believe as a little jab at how he's shorter than Jared. LOL.

That's about it for that panel.  Next I'll have a report and pics to cover Jensen's Q&A.  Sorry it's taking me so long to post... I didn't realize editing pics would take up so much time!

Like I said, I have over 250 pics of the J&J panel.  They're all HERE.  Again you can take these and use them for art or what have you, just please let me know you're taking them and credit me. :)

Here are some previews:

"Saved by the Jensen!"

Aww, Jared wants his hat back...

This pic is dedicated to all the bonafide J2 fans out there... *g*

Jared demonstrates the Ipecac Sam action figure

Hm.. all I remember from this is that Jared was saying that this can was his "Monster" energy drink.  Jensen I guess is reacting to the name, or the contents (like Jared really needs an energy drink given how full of energy he usually is!).  Whatever it is, his expression is priceless. LOL

More to come soon! Jensen's panel, and then all the Friday and Saturday stuff.