November 29th, 2008

Jared & Jensen: Chicago Con 2008

Chicago Con, Report and Pics Part 4

First let me say how sorry I am for taking forever getting these pics and reports posted.  I honestly didn't think it would take so long to get the pics edited and uploaded... and between that I had holiday obligations and work...  But I suppose better late than never, right? *g*

Here is my report of Jensen's Q&A panel, along with pics...

This isn't going to be in any particular order ... again I couldn't take notes as I was too busy taking pics and laughing.  But here is what I remember.

Like I said in the J2 panel report, he was asked about the rocking out to Eye of the Tiger he did after the broadcast of Yellow Fever and the whole leg guitar bit.  He did demonstrate it for us :D 

He was asked what episodes he liked the least.  Someone in the audience threw out "Bugs"! and he echoed it.  He also mentioned In the Beginning from this season, because he spent so much time on it while Jared went to Hawaii for the week, lol

Someone told him about Jason Manns mentioning a BB gun incident that took place between the two of them.  Jensen got up and demonstrated what happened (from what I remembered it involved one of them getting shot in the butt or leg?)... he was hilarious!  Then he mentioned something about getting Jason up there to play some music.  We all said, "as long as you sing along!" Then Jason started walking into the room.  Sadly they didn't do it. :P

He mentioned that sometimes he and Jared go down to Washington (state) to do some target practice at a shooting range. 

He also mentioned what car he has.  He drives a Toyota Tundra SUV.  He mentioned his love of chocolate, something about having something dipped in chocolate, with chocolate icing (welcome to the club, Jensen... *g*).  He said his grandmother's chocolate pie is his favorite, and his mom's pumpkin pie is his second favorite.

One of the funniest IMO was that a girl went up to ask a question, and she said to him "this question was for Jared, but ... maybe you could answer it?"  It was about Jared/Sam's hair, LOL.  You could tell Jensen felt a bit awkward, but he was still like, "that's awesome... it's shallow but I'll try to answer it."  The question was something like "Sam's hair was so different in S1, so neat, and then S2 came and what happened?"  He pretty much gave a non-answer, kinda said that sometimes you want a change and he compared it to Michael Rosenbaum having to shave his head everyday for Smallville.  He said, "I used to have hair Jared's length and I don't miss it."  He also added "I think secretly he wants to cut it."  That resulted in a lot of boo's from the audience, lol.  So he quickly added ".. but he won't."  Heh. :D

He told us that supposedly season 4 was going to be the final season of SPN.  Most of us were staring in disbelief.  But he said that Kripke then saw that the ratings for the beginning of the season were excellent and he went, "oh CRAP!" So they might stretch the plot into this season and then finish it up in season 5.  But apparently they were just going to do four seasons so they'd have enough for it to be put into syndication.  Thankfully the ratings are so good that they're going into season 5. (*phew*)

He talked about some behind-the-scenes stuff.  For example the "magic fingers" that we saw in some eps, like Houses of the Holy, was just some guy shaking the bed underneath the set.  He also mentioned the hotel room set for Provenance, the way it looked so wild and made the boys take notice and go, "huh."  He also talked about the gag reel for season 3, about how so much of it was spur-of-the-moment stuff, like in Jus in Bello when Henriksen takes the gun out (when they're in the cell) and Jared just starts screaming and jumping up and down.  Jensen just looked at him and then started doing it as well. 

Oh... there was also a girl who asked him if she could have a hug.  I think she'd mentioned that she got one from Jared and wanted to know if he could give her one as well.  He obliged (lucky girl... *g*). 

There was also a girl from China who didn't speak much English and she was trying to teach Jensen how to say "I love you" or something like that in Mandarin.  LOL, it was so cute trying to hear him repeat her.

Another cute moment was that a girl from Switzerland (I met her, but for the life of me I can't remember her name... I'm so awful with names... *blush*) had a question.  She said English wasn't her first language, but she said she's learned so many words and expressions thanks to the show, like "cakehole" and "pig in a poke." *g* It was cute the way she said "pig in a poke."  Jensen was all smiley at that and also said it was cute.  He even imitated her saying it in her accent!  She asked if we could teach her more sayings, so people were calling out things to her as well as Jensen and she was saying stuff like "but what does it mean?"  Aw, it was priceless. :)

That's about all I remember, but I enjoyed his Q&A too.  He kept getting thrown off the questions 'cause he was laughing and had to keep stopping and saying "I'm sorry". *g*

I have 135 pics edited and uploaded from the Q&A and you can find them HERE. If you want to use these for anything, feel free, just please let me know you're taking them and credit me. :)  

And here are some previews...

(being asked about leg guitar during Eye of the Tiger... *g*)

(and giving us a demonstration! :D)

(aww... laughingJensen!)

Again I'm sorry for taking so long to get these up.  I should have my photo ops and autographs ready to share in the next few days as well, and then the Friday and Saturday panels.