November 30th, 2008

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

Okay... wasn't quite expecting this...

Just got a heads up from a friend regarding the Isis Awards (awards for secondary pairings in Stargate fanfiction).  Three of my fics got nominated in the Daniel/Sam category...

Unexpected Souvenir in the Episode-Related category, Jell-o is Good for the Soul in the Humor category, and Five Times the Charm in the Romance/Fluff category.

And two of my other fics were nominated in the Cameron Mitchell/Vala Mal Doran category:

The Red Silk Nightie, and Tricks and Treats. (there is only one category in this pairing)

There is some pretty stiff competition in these categories so I'm not expecting to win, but I am honored to have been nominated.  And congrats to everyone else who was nominated! You all deserve it. :) *hugs*

See the nominees HERE.
(lists of the pairings are on the left)