December 2nd, 2008

Jared & Jensen: Chicago Con 2008

Finally! Chicago Con report, part 5 (Friday)

So, I've finally got all my pics edited and uploaded, so I can *finally* start from the beginning.

Robin (lovetheguys ) and I were flying out of JFK airport Friday morning.  Our flight was supposed to leave around 7:25am.  We hear an announcement that the flight was overbooked and if anyone would be so kind as to give up their seats, if their travel plans are flexible.  No way in hell either of us were volunteering! I guess there were other people who gave up their seats, or they got bumped up to first class or something, because all went well.

Our flight ended up leaving a bit later, maybe close to 8am.  I don't remember why, but our steward was very aware that people weren't happy about it and seemed to go the extra mile to make sure we were all happy and comfortable on the flight.  It ended up being shorter than usual, so we still got into Chicago around the time we were originally supposed to.  We met Alisa at the airport and the three of us took a shuttle to the hotel.

After checking into our room (with which we had some lovely problems... a bit more on that later), we went to pre-registration.  Since I had the Gold pass, they gave me a free gift. It turned out to be a Supernatural shot glass, which was pretty nice.  They also had said something about having something special for Gold patrons that had to do with Friday the 13th.  It ended up being a movie poster.  The one with Jason's mask on it.  No Jared.  *snort*

We checked out the vendors tables and I bought The Christmas Cottage DVD, a few photos for Gabe, Chad, Samantha, Charles Malik Whitfield (or "Malik" as a bunch of us were referring to him), Richard and Jason Manns to sign, three small buttons featuring Jared and Jensen, and a black t-shirt with Sam and Dean on it (I had brought one with me, but I wanted another to wear that weekend).

They kicked everything off around noon or 12:30 with a music video.  Most of the vids they showed at this con were quite good.  Off the top of my head there was a funny one mostly about Dean to the "I'm Not Dead Yet" song from Spamalot, there was a very lovely one made by kj_svala that won an award (congrats again, hon! *hugs*), and there was a Dean-centric one to the song "Bitch."

Anyway, first up was Gabe Tigerman.  He was asked about any other projects he'd been working on recently.  He mentioned that he cowrote a movie, I think.  He talked about recently getting married as well.

Someone told him that he was not the only one to wrestle the Impala away from Dean... Collapse )
He talked about Andy's death and what Kripke said to him about it.  He of course wasn't happy about it.

Someone asked him about any pranks that were played on the set.  He said he saw some little pranks going on.  He would hear Jensen yell, "God Dammit!" and know that Jared had done something to him, LOL.

He was asked about any influences or favorite actors.  He said he liked Steve Martin growing up and also liked Monty Python.

He was asked about his opinion of season 4.  He said he hasn't watched it.  He mentioned he'd like to see episodes with Jensen and Jared opening an ice cream parlor, joining the circus, having different odd jobs. Heh.

Someone asked him what was his favorite episode that has aired.  His answer was "mine." *g*  He got in quite a few digs at Kripke, especially for killing Andy off.  He talked about having Time Warner cable and how he had trouble with it, that it was taken away from him.  He told us "Kripke is a lot like Time Warner. He takes a lot away from me." LOL

He was asked what his favorite scenes in the show were.  He mentioned the scene in Simon Said when Dean couldn't stop telling the truth (to Andy about why they were following him), and then the scene where he took the Impala from Dean. He said that was the first thing they shot.

He was asked if there were any stories involving him with Jared's dogs.  He said that once they got his coffee and drank it on the way to the set.  He said that they're a little too friendly. *g* 

He talked about the scene where Andy died in AHBL Part 1, and said his mom cried when he showed it to her. Aww.

Someone asked him if he had any fears.  He said he had a fear of spiders and sharks.  Then he was asked that, if he was stranded on a desert island with a SPN character, who would it be? He replied, "according to fanfic, Chad [Ash] and I could hang out."  *g* He added that Ash is the most amusing and would probably be fun.

That's about all I remember from his panel.  He was so funny and adorable. :)

Next was Steve Carlson's panel.  I really don't remember much of what he talked about.  He talked mostly about his music, I think.  He was asked what his favorite actor was and he said it was Robert Downey, Jr.  He was supposed to be performing that night, but it wasn't going to be his band, just him.  I do remember that he said he didn't like to smile much in pictures because he has "fangs" for teeth. Heh.  You be the judge in the pics I took.

After Steve was Richard Speight, Jr. aka The Trickster.  I think this was his very first con appearance and he really seemed to be enjoying it.  He said he was very thankful to the fans.  People were asking him about some of his other acting credits.  Someone asked how it was working on Demonic Toys.  He said he looked pretty nerdy in that movie, he made Screech look cool.  He had also worked with Jim Varney in Ernest Goes to Camp.  He talked a little about Jim Varney and said he was an "interesting dude."

Someone asked him what it was like in Tall Tales when he sat there and watched Jensen get tossed around in the end scene.  He said he pretty much did his own stuff.  His job was just to clap while all that was going on, and that was all he wanted to do, but then he also had to sit there and eat candy bars.

He was also asked if he would be back on the show.  He said he didn't know, and would probably know that a few weeks before we do.  He said they don't tell him anything, but they did leave the door open in Mystery Spot for him to come back.

Someone asked him what his favorite prank played by the Trickster in Tall Tales was.  He said it was the frat guy getting probed over and over by the aliens, and fortunately they didn't shoot that scene to show us.

He had also appeared in Jericho and said he had a great time doing it.  He talked about some of the pranks that were played on that show.  He also talked about Band of Brothers and what it was like filming it.

Back to SPN, he was asked what was the most difficult scene to film.  He said it was the scene in Mystery Spot where he confronts Sam (after the three months since he lost Dean had gone by).  It was a "I'm messing with you, but I'm not kidding around" sort of thing.  Speaking of that ep, he was asked what his favorite Dean death was.  He said it was the "bad meat" one (where Dean said "do these tacos taste funny to you?") and the one where Dean falls in the shower.

He talked a bit more about the Trickster, especially about what was shown in Mystery Spot.  He said the Trickster is genuine in what he's saying to Sam, and there is something about the boys that rubs him the wrong way.

Someone asked him if he watches the show.  He replied "let's be honest. I've only seen my episodes. I'm sure it's fantastic."

He talked about how he first got the part in Tall Tales.  He said he was just studying to be a janitor, and nothing about the Trickster mythology.  Then when he found out, he said "Oh, he's a god janitor.  He doesn't die either! Wow!"

Like Gabe, he was asked if Jensen and Jared ever pranked him.  He said they never did, but did share a story from on set.  He said the boys were going to watch the Dallas Cowboys vs. Packers game in Jensen's trailer.  Richard got ready, knocked on the trailer, and heard this growling coming from inside.  He didn't see the guys, but saw two giant dogs instead and they ran for him.  What happened was that he ended up "breaking into Jared's trailer." Heh.

There was a kind of funny moment where a girl in the audience told him he looked like Quentin Tarantino.  He simply replied, "thank you." *g*

Someone asked him what ending would he like to see for the boys.  He said he'd like to see them win.  He wants the show to continue.

Then Gabe came up with a little girl who happened to be his niece (they were about 2 feet in front of me!).  She had a question for Richard about some of the other shows he did (if I remember correctly).  He asked her what shows *she* watches.  She mentioned Law and Order I think, and some shows that were... um... not normally watched by kids her age. At least I don't think so. Heh... Gabe's reaction was so funny.  He just had his hands over his face!  His niece was pretty much ribbing Richard.  It was funny.

After his Q&A panel ended, the autograph session with him and Gabe started.  There was a young guy at the head of the table who was asking people what their names were and writing them down on post-it notes for the stars (and what I thought was pretty cool was that he looked a lot like season 1 Sam ... same hairstyle and was even wearing a Sam-like shirt, hee!).  Gabe gave me a "hi!" and asked if there was anything special I wanted him to write on the photo.  I told him he could write anything.  He ended up writing "Jessica, sorry I'm dead! :("  When he gave me the photo I told him "I'm very sorry you're dead, too!" He gives me this sort of sad face and says, "it's from the heart." LOL! His niece was sitting next to him and she wanted to do autographs too if people wanted them.  I didn't really have anything for her to sign, so I let her sign the back of my Gold Ticket.  She wrote, "you rock!" and then signed her name with "soon to be actress" next to it.  She was cute.

Richard asked me if there was one or two S's in my name before he signed my photo of him.  I thanked him for coming and he said something like "Oh, thank you for coming, I'm having a great time."  The autograph session ended up going very long.  I got mine done pretty early since I was in Row A. Robin was in Row R - it was getting late and neither of us had had dinner, so we decided to head to the sports bar and get something quick.  They gave us quite an interesting dinner specials menu ... all I can say is, see my scan below! And no, sadly I did not partake of any of the specials.  I wasn't overly hungry so I just had a salad and some bread.  There was also an interesting drink menu (again see below), but again sadly we didn't partake of anything.  I was exhausted and hadn't been feeling well that morning, so I wasn't interested in alcohol.

Anyway, enough rambling...   PICTURES!  Again, these are just previews of all I took.  The full collection is HERE.  As before if you want to use these for anything, please feel free.  Just let me know you're taking them and credit me. :)

Gabriel Tigerman:

Steve Carlson:

Richard Speight, Jr.:

Gabe with his niece asking Richard some questions (LOL, check out Gabe's reaction!):

My Gabe and Richard autographs:

And finally... the quite interesting dinner specials and drink specials menus at the hotel! *big grin*

I think that's enough for one post. *phew*  Tomorrow or Thursday I will have the report and pics from Saturday up, and then finally will post my photo ops.