December 7th, 2008

Jared & Jensen: Chicago Con 2008

Chicago Con, Report and Pics Part 6

As if I haven't posted on LJ enough today... *g*

So, here is Part 6, finally.  This covers all of Saturday.

Saturday morning was a very interesting one in our hotel room.  The night before I'd taken a quick shower and when I got out, I noticed a bit of water on the floor at the back of the bathtub.  I'd had the curtain across, so it was looking to me like the tub leaking.  I warned my roomies.  Next morning, I took another shower, but when I got out I noticed the WHOLE FLOOR WAS FLOODED.  And there was water seeping underneath the door.  My slippers got wet and I had to dry them off with the hairdryer. :P  We put in a call to the front desk.  Later they had a couple of guys come up and look at it.  They were apparently convinced at first that it was the toilet that was leaking.  But they ran the water in the tub and realized it was the source of the leak.  They caulked it and luckily we had no more problems after that.  But, eek.  

Anyway, Samantha Smith was the first guest.  I think this was her first con, or first Creation con, at least. 

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After Samantha's panel came Jason Manns'.  Collapse )

Charles Malik Whitfield (Agent Henriksen) was next.  Unfortunately I missed the very beginning when he first came out. I'd gone back to our hotel room to get something to eat since I didn't think I'd have enough time to grab lunch near the hotel.  I found hesaysokiedokie  and we chatted for a while. :) We went back down and I thought we had a few minutes before Charlie's Q&A started, but apparently not.  Luckily I only missed the very beginning.
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Next up was Chad Lindberg (Ash).  They brought his nephew onto the stage, and Chad put one of those mullet hats on him to make him a Mini Ash. *g*  It was adorable. :)

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After Chad's talk was the autograph session with him, Samantha, Jason and Charlie.  Collapse )

So that's about it for Saturday.  Here are pictures.  Again these are previews (except the autographs).  You can find more of them here:

Saturday Q&A panels
Jason Manns concert and dessert party

Again, if you want to use these for anything, feel free.  Just let me know you're taking them and credit me. :)

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