December 9th, 2008

Jared Padalecki: Chicago photo op 08

Chicago Con, Report and Pics, Last Part

Sorry I'm spamming so much today, lol

Here is the last part of my SPN con report.  This covers the photo op and autograph sessions on Sunday with Jared and Jensen. WARNING: some potentially annoying fangirling ahead.  Non SPN fans might want to turn back. *g*

The Jared photo ops were held right after the breakfast, so everyone had to race into the main theater room (they were first come first served, and they would call you by rows).  I was pretty much near the front of the line.  As I finally got into the photo op room, I saw Jared sitting on a stool for the photos and he was wearing a hat (the one he wore during the Q&A panels)... *sigh* I seriously almost asked him to remove it, but I just couldn't. Heh.  Anyway, when they were ready for me, Jared pretty much gave me a "Hi!" He had his arms out like he was ready to put them around me.  I asked him, "can I have a hug?"  He said, "A hug? Oh, sure!" and pulled me into a hug.  I can't even begin to describe how it felt being cuddled up to him.  And he smelled so good!! After the pic was taken, I gave him a little "thank you."  He seemed almost surprised that I thanked him.  He nodded, kind of widened his eyes and said, "of course!" He looked so much like a puppy, I almost had to bite my tongue to keep from calling him "puppy." LOL.

People were lining up for the J2 sandwich photo ops already when I got back.  And shortly thereafter they lined people up for the Jensen photo ops.  Again I was near the front of that line.  When it was my turn, Jensen was sitting on a stool like Jared.  He looked at me with this sort of grin and gave me a big "Heeeey!" in that lovely voice of his.  I kind of blurted out "hi!" He asked how I was doing and I told him "I'm doing good." That was all I could say because they went through them pretty quick and I really couldn't think of anything else to say. *g*  I didn't get too close to him, but I did put my hand up on his back.  After the pic was taken I thanked him as I did Jared, and he kind of shyly nodded and smiled.  (why didn't I get to close to him, you might ask? Well, Collapse )

After the panels ended, they quickly started the autograph session and moved people through pretty quickly, telling us the boys had a flight to catch back to Vancouver for filming.  Unlike the guests from Fri and Sat, they couldn't personalize, just sign their names.  Being in Row A I got up there pretty quick.  I really wanted to thank both of them so much for doing this show, that I really enjoy it and I've met so many nice people thanks to it... my 62 year old mom and I watch it together, it's "our time" we share, bla bla blah. But I decided to keep it short since Creation kept stressing they were in a hurry.  Jensen was given my photo and after he gave it back to me I said to him "thank you so much for coming." He was already signing the next person's photo so he wasn't looking at me, but he said "oh, thank YOU for coming."  He did that eyebrow thing that makes me weak... you know, where his forehead gets wrinkly and his eyebrows arch upward? I have a weird obsession with it, which will most likely come out when I start my Dean picspams. *g*

Recovering quickly from the eyebrow thingie (LOL), they gave Jared my Sam photo and as soon as he said it he went, "oh, awesome." Heh... it was the smiley Sam one from Playthings.  After he signed it, he gave it back to me and looked up at me, smiling.  I told him the same as I told Jensen, and he said (still looking at me)  "oh, no, thank YOU for coming."  I blurted out "I'm happy..." and I'm sure I looked like a loon standing there, so I quickly added "... to be here."  He nodded and said, "awesome."  Hee! My legs felt like they were made of jelly.  It was such a cool experience!

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So here are the autographs and photo ops.  Warning, I look bad.  Particularly bad in the Jensen one.  I swear I'm grinning like a loon.  I really don't look this bad in real life. Really.  I guess I just don't photograph too well sometimes.  Plus my hair looked like crp.  I had over blowdried it and it ended up looking really flat and straight (my hair is in reality on the wavy side).  Look at your own risk... or just ignore me and concentrate on Jensen, lol.

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