March 13th, 2009

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

New Icons and Stuff

First, I got the Supernatural Season 3 Companion in the mail today. Wow... ordered it from Amazon only 2 days ago... that was fast.

I'm so happy for my friends in Europe and the UK who are going to Asylum!! How exciting... both boys and Misha! I hope you have a blast. :)

Found out that most if not all of the guests (except Jared) are going to be at EyeCon Fri and Sat, especially for the cocktail party. I can't wait, it's going to be awesome. Only one week to go!  To anyone who's been there before, I noticed that they have an auction for seats on these big comfy couches up front, as well as a private autograph session (which is with Misha this time).  Where are those couches located? Are they in front of Row A or are they off to the side a ways? Just curious and hoping I won't have a lot of heads blocking my view during the Q&A panels. *g*

Finally I know that many people have already made art based on that Jared photoshoot, but I made some icons that I'd like to offer up as well.  There are 16 icons. If you'd like to take any of them, comments and credit are appreciated. :) Most of them are textless and you can use them for bases if you like, but I'd like credit for the bases.  Hope you like!

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