March 26th, 2009

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EyeCon/3 Report (Finally!!)

Sorry it took me so long to post this. I've had so much to do. Anyway, no Jared or Misha, but for what it's worth....


Robin (lovetheguys ) and I ended up getting to the airport a little late thanks to an accident on the highway. I had to check 1 bag and they said it'd be late and might end up on a later flight. So of course I'm all worried because who knows when "later" is going to be, and if they'd lose my bag. Luckily it ended up on the same flight. We made it to sunny Orlando and met our friends at the airport.

Florida, here we are!!

Heh... sorry, I hadn't been there in years. It was great to go back. We got there around 10:15am and didn't have to collect our badges and etc for the con until 4pm so we had a lot of time to kill. Had lunch in the mall food court, then went back to the hotel and found a few friends. Got our badges and other tickets and checked out the dealers' tables.

That night Alisa (my roomie) and I attended the cocktail party. We saw Gabe Tigerman, Julie McNiven, Chad Lindberg, and Jason Manns there (Jim Beaver was supposed to be there, but I think his flight got in quite late). Alisa and I talked to Jason for a little bit. It was cool hanging out with the guests. I overheard Julie talking about some other shows like Prison Break, and about Kim Manners (she mentioned he didn't look good the last time she saw him :(). She also said something about her scene with Jensen in (highlight for spoilers) heaven and Hell. That he has such a big back. *g*

We didn't attend the Fall of Envy concert, mostly because we were just so tired from being up so early. I'd heard they were good, though.


We drove to IHOP for breakfast. Which is where we had breakfast every morning. Heh.. The con opened at 10am every morning. We were in the dealers' room when a guy at a vendor table told us "did you hear that the angel guy had to cancel?" We were like, "what???" He said it again and then told us we didn't hear it from him. We didn't know what to think but hoped it was a rumor. Right before Jim's Q&A, Dizzy (the con emcee) announced that Misha did have to cancel because of filming. They'd given him an ultimatum that he had to be there, or else they'd shut production down for a week. Dizzy mentioned they'd try to set up a conference call with him on Sunday, with a video link or something so we could still get to talk to him (that never happened, though).

Jim really tried to make up for it, though, and I think he did an awesome job. Here's his Q&A (cut for space):

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Julie McNiven came after Jim. Let me say that whatever your opinion of Anna may be, Julie is a sweetheart and it was a pleasure seeing her.

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After Julie's panel I went to get an autograph from Jim (I'd exchanged my Misha autograph ticket for one with Jim). He asked how I was doing and if I was having fun. I told him I was and that this was my first EyeCon. He told me that he loves EyeCon, it's the type of con he prefers doing and he said everyone involved was doing a great job. I gave him my pic of Bobby for him to sign. He looked at it and said "Hey, I know this guy. I think it's my grandfather." *g*

At one point I was out in the mezzanine (outside the main con room) when two young girls about 7 or 8 years old came racing around, and Gabe was racing with him. It was so cute. :)

Jason Manns had his Q&A after Julie.

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After Jason came Gabe's Q&A. I swear, this guy is so freaking adorable! I just can't say how adorable he is!!

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That night was the banquet. Alisa and I were going to sit with Jason but he didn't show up. Then a con lady told us that he couldn't come because something came up.  But we found out later that Jason wasn't there because he didn't know he was supposed to attend. Because they didn't tell him about it - they'd only told him he was supposed to do a Q&A and a concert. *facepalm* Alisa was upset and just up and left. I stayed and ate dinner (which to be honest wasn't that good) and talked with the other people at our table.  On the way back to my room I passed Gabe and he gave me a little " Hi." I think he was in a hurry to get back to the banquet.  That night Jason's concert ended around midnight and we went back up to our room.


We didn't really do much.  Like I said earlier, Jim did another Q&A but we didn't know exactly when it was taking place. Robin, Amy (our other friend), and I ended up relaxing outside by the pool for a while.  At one point we saw Gabe racing the two little girls through the mezzanine again, and he even went after them with silly string!! LOL. He was spraying them with it and got some on the floor. Robin scolded him with "look at that mess!" and he told her "I don't know who did that." *g*

At one point I bumped into my friend Vani ("Ceriniel" on  We got a drink at the bar in the hotel restaurant and noticed Gabe, Julie and Jason sitting there eating lunch. We didn't want to bother them, so we had our drinks and waited a little while. Then we workedu p the nerve to go over and talk to them. We asked how they were doing and they said good, and Gabe said something like, "well, I'm still dead, but..." *g*  Vani had her camera and asked them if we could get a pic taken with them.  They agreed, so I took one of Vani with them and she took one of me.  And here it is (bah, don't mind how bad I look, focus on the lovely people surrounding me... lol):

Chad Lindberg had his Q&A later in the day, but we missed it.  Although something interesting happened, and my roomie relayed it to me:

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That night we decided to go to Outback for our last dinner together in Orlando.  And that pretty much closed out the weekend.

Like I said, we were really disappointed about the fact that Jared and Misha had to cancel but we still tried to have fun.  I think we did. It was great hanging out with my fellow fans, and the other guests were great too.  I'm hoping that if they do another EyeCon they will be able to get Jared.  That's all I'll say about it, I want to think positive.

I hope everyone who is going to LA has a great time this weekend. :)

Oops, almost forgot, here is a link to all my pics. If you want to take any of these to use for anything, that's fine. Just please let me know you're taking them and credit me. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

EyeCon/3 Pictures