May 26th, 2009

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

Stargate SG-1 Picspam: Singularity (mostly Sam/Daniel)

I wanted to post this picspam last weekend, but never got a chance. So here it is finally. It's been a while since I last indulged my Stargate fangirl side (apart from that annoying plot bunny that keeps gnawing away at me... *g*). And the fact that SciFi has been reairing season 1 lately has helped. 72 pics, mostly of Daniel, some of the team, and Sam and Daniel together (and there are some of just Daniel alone and just Sam alone too). Whether you ship them, friend-ship them, or none of the above, you have to admit they had some nice interaction in this episode. If you want to take any of these for making art, please be my guest. :) Apologies in advance for the sub-par quality. I had first screencapped this episode 5 years ago and when I edited them back then I made them look SO CRAPPY (esp. the dark ones). I capped it again about 3 years ago but not the whole episode. So I had to dig through both sets of caps and re-edit the 5 year old ones so they looked halfway decent. Hopefully they're not too bad.

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