July 19th, 2009

Jared Padalecki: Friday 13th textless

Happy Birthday, Jared!!

Who would have thought this boy was 27 years old? I've seen him grow up on Gilmore Girls and then on Supernatural (and then in his most recent movies). Yes, the older he gets, the better he gets, but he still manages to capture us with those sweet Puppy Eyes and that gorgeous smile. I've had the pleasure of meeting him twice, and all that's been said about him by other fans and in various articles is totally true: he's a big, goofy, energetic, sweetheart. He has more than earned the "puppy" nickname. He's so accommodating to the fans and goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable. Jared, you're a big sweetie. Never ever change. And hopefully I'll get the opportunity to see you again soon; at least before SPN ends.

First I made this wallpaper in tribute to Jared. It's not my best work, but I've planned it for a little while and wanted to do something... Click to enlarge. :)

And here's a teeny tiny picspam. I would have thought this one out more and made it bigger, but it was spur of the moment... at first I thought the wallpaper would be enough, but I wanted to add something else.

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