October 8th, 2010

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

Helloooooo from Chicago!

Sitting here in the hotel lobby on my netbook.... girls chatting in back of me had waaaaaaaaaaaay too much caffeine, LOL... Anyway, we arrived yesterday late evening. The Westin O'Hare is awesome. SO much better than the Wyndham (which I hear has sinced closed up... hah!!).

We had Matt Cohen's panel a while ago. Just a few tidbits and I'll do a proper report after I get back...

He is a really awesome guy. Really hot (even my mom thought he was gorgeous!) and so, so gracious to the fans. He mentioned he likes to watch Cake Boss and his favorite cake is red velvet cake (mine too!! :D). He was asked what other role he'd like to play besides young John or Michael. He said "young Mary." *g* He was also asked if he could have dinner with three famous people, who would they be. He said JDM, Marilyn Monroe and Abe Lincoln. Was also asked if J2 ever played pranks on him and he said they haven't, and that they couldn't because "I am their father"... in a deadpan. LOL!

He was so awesome. Here are a few preview pics:

Please don't post these without crediting me. I'll post many more after I get home. I have to say Thank God for my telephoto lens. I'm in Row G which isn't bad, but I had a few heads in my way, so I had to keep changing my position a little. I have more pics that I thought came out even better than these. Like I said, I'll post them when I get back. Hopefully they'll be just as good when Jared, Jensen and Misha are here on Sunday! *crosses fingers*

Having a great time with paloma1182 , kittycat613 and moondropz ! It's been great seeing my fellow LJers. And I can't wait to see kristypadalecki tomorrow!

May not get to update later or tomorrow since it's going to get busy. I didn't attend Jason Manns' panel.. I've seen him twice already and even though he's a cool guy, I needed to take a little break. We've got Richard coming up in about 40 min or so.

Later, guys!