October 11th, 2010

Jared Padalecki: OMGYAY

Hello hello!!

Made it back home from Chicago a couple of hours ago... Phew!! What an adventure. I had a wonderful time! It was so awesome to meet my fellow LJ fans in person (and in some cases, "see again"), especially paloma1182 , kittycat613 , moondropz , stormjpad , ames1010 , supernaturallvr , and most of all, kristypadalecki ! It was awesome spending time with you all.

Just a few quick little tidbits... Saturday and Sunday were crazy! So much to do and I didn't have any time to get online to update. I'll just say this... Jared loved my shirt and my Sam doll.... AND he played with my hair! I'll never wash this hair again... LOL!

I'm in the middle of editing pics right now, but I just wanted to leave you a little something from the breakfast yesterday morning (click to enlarge)....

I know it's fuzzy, but he's so freaking CUTE!! *squeeee*

I'll be posting more pics soon, plus my report (which isn't much, sadly... I was concentrating so much on taking pics that I don't remember every single detail but I think I got most of the important stuff!) and photo ops.

Later! :)