May 11th, 2011

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

Little TVG article about Supernatural finale (and my musings)

Got home from work a little while ago and found the newest issue of TV Guide waiting for me. They have a little write-up about the SPN season finale and a pic. I scanned it and decided to post it here. Spoiler-phobes, please do NOT click. You've been warned. ;) Anyone else go behind the cut and click to enlarge. I've also added some of my own musings about the finale and season 7.

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I didn't post this at any comm's because I wasn't sure if it had been posted already. If it hasn't, can someone let me know and I'll link to this post over at  the comm's (if anyone is interested).
ETA: Posted it at a comm or two but if anyone wants it posted anywhere else, feel free to link to this entry.