February 9th, 2012

Supernatural: Puppy Sam in 7x05

Puppy!Sam Picspam #139 (Supernatural)

Hey everyone, I meant to post this sooner but I had so much going on and I really don't have much internet access at work yet...

Episode #7x13: The Slice Girls

Just to warn you... my caps aren't really as good as they usually are, especially the dark ones. Thanks to ACTA, I'm hesitant to download the eps to make caps, so I'm relying on my own DVD recording of the episode. Sadly it doesn't come out in HD, although when I make caps I do all the image enhancement that I can. Hopefully they're not too bad. Maybe I'll decide to download again in the future but until we find out just what is going on with this ACTA crap I'm going to be extra careful. Still, there's over 135 pics in this one, so not dial-up friendly. Hope you enjoy. :)

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And that's it for this week. Tune in again next week for a new picspam :)