March 1st, 2012

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

Happy Birthday, Jensen!

Anyone see the filming pics from yesterday? (perhaps mildly spoilery in the pic description...)
All I have to say is, why so grumpy, boys? Oh, and hairstylists? Please lay off Jared's hair. It almost seems to be getting worse as the season goes on. I'm so "meh" over it in every pic but the one in which he's looking down (the 5th one?). I hope we get better pics from the con this weekend.

Anyway, sorry about that... Now the real reason for this post.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JENSEN! 34 isn't too bad, at least I don't think, lol... He sure looks good for it. Here's a small picspam I made in tribute to his birthday. None of the pics belong to me, I own nothing. Under the cut and click to enlarge :)

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Sorry it was smaller than I planned - Had way too many things to do today. But a Happy Birthday to him and many many more!