December 2nd, 2012

Supernatural: Puppy Sam in 7x05

Puppy!Sam Picspam #154 (Supernatural)

Guess who's back!

Episode #8x05: Blood Brother

Sorry I'm so behind in these (it's what, now? More than 3 episodes behind?). Thanks to Hurricane Sandy I was without power for 12 days and had extremely limited internet access on my phone. Finally got it back on the 9th of Nov, but it took a while to get things back in order, then lots going on with Thanksgiving, etc. Anyway, it should go quicker hopefully with the mid-season hiatus coming up. This picspam is just over 100 pics. Hope you like.

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That's it for this one. Once again I really appreciate all your patience. :) Not being able to go online for nearly 2 weeks really sucked. Hopefully shouldn't take me too long to do the next one.