June 12th, 2015

Supernatural: Puppy Sam in 7x05

The Puppy 200 (Supernatural picspam)

I probably should have done this ages and ages ago. And I'm still way way behind on the episodic picspams. I would like to get back into those, though. RL has just been crazy. But I was nudged along by a certain friend (*g*). So thus I present...

Continuing from The Puppy 100 picspam, here are 100 more, one picture for each episode. All of the episodes up through the first few of season 9 are my own screencaps. After that they come from homeofthenutty.com, kissthemgoodbye.net, and midnight_road (and are edited... resized/colored/ligthened... by me).

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How I wish I didn't have to stop there. Hmm, should I continue and do a 200+ picspam? Ideas?