June 18th, 2015

Supernatural: OMGYAY Dean in BDABR

TSOJP, ibid x 8.

Since the last one was becoming another novel...

Frylock suddenly reemerged on twitter and tweeted a selfie this evening. He made a crack about GG and the picture is of himself standing in front of a cafe called "Cafe Dean." He has the head condom on yet again but wow, he actually shaved. When I first saw his hair though I felt the bile rise up in my throat. I thought "oh geez don't tell me he's ALREADY cut it?? Shouldn't he wait for the hairstylist to eff it up---I mean do that?" because on one side it looks lovely and full and as long as it usually does, but on the other it looks suddenly shorter and strange :( But looking at it again it looks like we're not seeing all of it, like it's strange from the way he's got it thrown over his head. And we can actually see some much longer hairs closer to the collar of his outer shirt. Hopefully that's all it is because if he's already cut it, and the drugged hairstylist will just cut it more, it'll look so horrid, probably just like it did in Ask Jeeves and Hibbing 911. :( Some people are saying they wonder if the pic is old because this place is in Vancouver and why would he be up there already when they don't start filming till the beginning of July. Who knows, but still I kinda hope other pics of him will surface where his hair does look better and not so weird (I better not hold my breath though because again he could look much worse, sigh). I will keep my expectations in the sewer though because he'll probably get it all hacked off to look just like it did in those stupid episodes I mentioned, ugh, I guess he'll look the same at Comic Con as he did last year, with or without the stupid gangsta hat and his long neck looking even longer and stranger because of his hair being so short. :(((( Ugh, how I wish I could stop watching this stupid dreck made even worse by his horrible excessively-shorn hair :(

EDIT 6/21: Well today is Father's Day and I wonder if Frylock the Ugly will tweet about it. Sorry I guess I'm jumping the gun referring to him as ugly but who knows, he could still be that way. People are still saying that the pic he tweeted the other day is old because he's clean-shaven and they doubt he would shave already and be up in Vancouver already. I guess we'll see. Oh and I really wish people would stop posting that stupid promo pic of him from the 200th ep where he had just that shirt on because even though his hair was styled nicely, it was still way too short & it makes me think it's a sign that his hair will look horrifyingly ugly again this year. So stop it already, you pains!!

EDIT 6/22: Well well well. It seems that pic he tweeted the other day WAS an old pic. Jensen tweeted a pic last night wishing everyone a Happy Father's Day, and it was a pic of him with his daughter & Frylock w/his kids in a pool. Frylock still has the Bluto beard and from what I can see of his hair I REALLY hope he didn't chop it all off. it's behind his ear and it looks really short, like only up to his mouth but I hope that's just the shorter side pieces and not that all his hair is really that short because if so, then ewwww, it's even shorter than it was this season (even back when it was really short)! I mean it REALLY looks like season 4 hair there :(((( There looks like there's some long strands of hair on the other side and I highly doubt it's from his beard so I hope that is actually how long his hair is. I hope more sightings come out showing him looking better but I fear not. I dunno but the more I look at this, the more I think he chopped 8 inches off and he's totally effed up continuity on the show. Argh you idiot. I hate you. How dare you only think of yourself. I hope you get in really big trouble when you go back for filming. People are saying that you can't tell because his hair is wet and slicked back and half in the water (Really? It looked like the short shit was too short to be in the water), well I hope you're right and I hope he actually wasn't stupid enough to get a horrible military haircut only about 2 weeks or so before filming. Even when he cut his hair 4 years ago back before season 7 filming, it wasn't all that much and it didn't mess with the filming.

EDIT 6/23: So everyone keeps saying that Frylock looks the same, his hair just looks different because it's wet and slicked back. They don't think he's cut it. Well I guess we'll see...eventually. Oh and people are also thinking now that maybe that particular pic is a bit old (as in a week ago or something) and that the clean-shaven one is newer. Hmm. Apparently someone saw him at some restaurant last night but they didn't post any pictures...hmm, maybe he was so ugly they were afraid they'd break their camera? Sorry, but I really hope Frylock doesn't look that hideous. I just realized, today exactly 4 years ago was when he went to that stupid BBB concert and looked like he was drugged or something, and he showed off his new ugly 'do (well not really ugly, he'd cut it but at least it wasn't as hideous as it was for a lot of this past season). EDIT: LMAO, Frylock tweeted and wrote "Happiness: Found." and posted a pic of sooperwoman, his kids and I guess one of the dogs on a boat. I'm surprised the folks at that one particular place aren't gnashing their teeth over it yet, lol. At least he spared us his own ugliness and didn't make it a selfie. Sorry I guess that's mean, but again I'm still dreading the way he looks after that picture the other day.

EDIT 6/26: Frylock has been a bit quiet lately, although with the stupid drugged Supreme Court and their nonsensical ruling today, I'm expecting the dope to chime in, gushing about it that it's a great day for "equality" or "love" or some other stupid thing. Surprised he didn't chime in on the other awful ruling yesterday. Maybe he'll combine them in one big tweet. You jumped the shark long ago, Frylock. I haven't taken you seriously since then. EDIT: LMAO!! Now Frylock is bitching about Verizon! Something about him having to go sit in a police station because of someone making a fake account in his name? Oh boy this is funny. Haha!! Yep someone on twitter even said "when will jared padalecki shut the fuck up". Ha ha!!!!! And someone else wrote "hahahahhahahahahahhahaha love jarpad & his Verizon rages". HA HA!! And someone wrote this: "TAW + hacked twitter account: he's probably faking it jarpad + identity theft: whiny baby", ha ha!!!!!

EDIT 6/28: Wow, I'm shocked, shocked I tell ya, that Frylock hasn't chimed in on the BS from the other day yet. But still, give him time, he was late tweeting about the SC shooting so he's probably doing the same thing here. Dope. There was a Jenny-Bean sighting in Vancouver but Frylock is off the radar. Not complaining though, not at all. Watch me jinx it though and then he shows up looking even uglier than before, with the mountain man beard and some horribly shorn hairdo. Oh well.

EDIT 6/30: I miss when Frylock was quiet. The ugly fucking shithead just tweeted a selfie of him and his wife kayaking and I WAS RIGHT, THE FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT DID CHOP ALL HIS HAIR OFF!!! Seriously, it is SOOOOOOOOO short, it's shorter than it was even last season!!! AND it may actually be shorter than the hideous season 4 hair!!! Seriously it looks like it's all one length and shoved behind his ear and it's not even CHIN length!! It's not even JAW length!! It's like up to his frigging MOUTH!! You are the stupidest person on the face of this earth, Frylock. Thanks for messing continuity up YET AGAIN. Don't you realize that if the show continues from where it left off last season, your hair HAS to look about the same as it did then?? And now it's about 4 inches shorter?? WTF is wrong with you??!!! And doesn't he realize that this awful one length style being so short makes his long neck look even LONGER????? Does he not see how AWFUL it makes him look?!! And what about his wife, what's wrong with HER that she doesn't call him on it and tell him not to chop so much off??? That's it, I'm not watching. Yep, I'm done. I can't deal with you fucking with continuity so much and just because you obviously want your hair so short, you have to mess up the show. Dickhead. Unless he really is this stupid and thinks that his hair will grow back to the length it was in the finale. If so I really question his intelligence. Stupid selfish fuckface. That's it, I'm totally done. FUCKHEAD with your ugly short mushroom 3 micrometers long hair. FUCK YOU FOREVER, I AM HEARBY DONE WITH YOUR SHIT!!!!!!! HAVE A NICE LIFE, UGLY BUTCHER-HAIRED ONE!!!! EDIT: Well now people are telling me that you can't tell because it's wet and also that it looks tied up in back. Well if that's the case then I guess you're off the hook, idiot, but if not, I'm disgusted with you and still won't watch. Moron. I wish there would be a fan sighting to disprove how hideous he appears to be but I better be careful what I wish for because he'll probably look even worse. Barf. EDIT: Well it seems his wifey somehow sensed my wrath because she tweeted a pic of herself, Danneel, Gino and ugly Frylock at some bar watching World Cup or something like that. And how clever is it that part of Frylock's head is cut off, so you can only see part of his hair? We can only see a bit of it under his ear, looks like part of it may be tucked into his collar and there's a bit of it over the collar. It's hard to tell but I'd really hope that some of it is under his collar. Again I'm not holding my breath though. I think he really is this stupid to get such a brutally short haircut and think that it'll grow back by the time they go back to filming (even though filming starts the 5th or 6th). Such an idiot, tsk tsk.