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SPN #5x04 The End (episode review)

This show ... I just ...

I have mixed feelings about this episode. It was like being on a roller coaster. I felt all this hopelessness and despair throughout most of it, but then I felt so relieved and at the very top at the end.

Let's start at the beginning.

Dean is walking and a guy (presumably Jehovah's Witness?) handing out fliers asks Dean if he thinks of God's plan for him. Dean: too much.

Oh, Cas... still trying to get the hang of cell phones. His "the voice says I'm almost out of minutes" line was a good one.

The phone call between Dean and Sam broke my heart. Sam wants to join Dean again and Dean still hangs onto his feelings from last episode. He asks Sam if he's back to revenge now. Sam says it's not about revenge; it's about redemption. Awww, Sammy. :( But Dean insists that they're actually weaker together and they're better apart. Now, before you stone me for being mean to Sam and defending Dean, it hurt me to hear Dean say that. BUT - and here's the but - I understand why he said it. It does bug me a lot that he said this even after learning from Sam that Lucifer wants him as his vessel, but I see why he said it. And he really did learn a lesson in all of this. Shame it took that asshat Zach to show him.

Zach zaps Dean 5 years into the future where there is all chaos and we see the word Croatoan again. The virus is spreading around.

Now what I'm about to say may result in 2/3 of my friends defriending me, and probably lots of chewing out from those not on my flist... but I have to say it because it's kind of bugging me.

Did they really have to emphasize the President Palin thing? I don't care what anyone's opinion of her is, but dammit, I watch shows like Supernatural as an escape from crap like politics. I hear enough BS about it in my daily life, I don't like it encroaching into my TV viewing. Okay, maybe in shows like The West Wing or 24 it's expected to hear political references, but not in SPN. And okay, maybe I should lighten up a little, but I think there could have been other ways to show how out of control things have become.

*dons flame suit* I'm sorry, I don't mean to make a huge issue out of this, but to see that emphasized really took me out of the show for a little bit. It was just so pointed. I love the show, I really do, and I'm not going to stop watching because of things like that. It's just something that really irks me. If you guys want to defriend me, go right ahead. I'd hope that my harmless little opinion wouldn't make you go that far (I don't think I insulted anyone personally - at least I didn't intend to), but if it does, then I can't stop you.

*sigh* Anyway......  again, sorry about that :(

Dean finds the Impala imprisoned. *g* And when he goes over to her, he gets knocked out by... himself.

It was kinda cool to see Jensen acting with "himself". We did get to see some of it in DALDOM, but it was quite good here too.

Geek alert! Lexa Doig, Michael Shanks' wife who played Rommie in Andromeda and Dr. Carolyn Lam in Stargate SG-1 was Risa, a woman who older!Dean has some sort of relationship with. I thought she did a good job.

Oh, boy. Hippie!Cas. He has a thing for orgies, yes? Dean (2009!Dean) asks him "are you stoned?" He replies "generally." Oh, I'll bet Misha had a grand old time with this one.

2009!Dean seems a bit taken aback at how hardened older!Dean has become. At how he shoots people without blinking an eye. Older!Dean has experience with this Croatoan virus and can spot its symptoms, and it's just commonplace now.

According to Older!Dean, Sam didn't make it in Detroit. He tells Dean that he and Sam haven't spoken in 5 years. 2009!Dean seems pretty unhappy about this.

He starts talking about how he knows where Lucifer is (and he also has the Colt), and it turns out that Sam said "yes" to being Lucifer's vessel. He tells 2009!Dean that in order to stop Sam from saying "yes" to Lucifer, 2009!Dean has to say "yes" to Michael. Ummm... I'm still confused as to how that works. Dean becoming Michael's vessel would stop Sam from becoming Luci's? Oh, it's so easy to see that Zach is influencing this.

When Older!Dean is amassing the troops to go in after Lucifer, 2009!Dean takes him aside and finds out that he's just planning on sacrificing these people. He knows he's lying. Says he knows the expression and he sees it in the mirror. So Dean knows when he's lying to himself, then.

DunDunDun!! Evil!Sam appears. Wooooo... how hot is he? All in white? And he breaks Older!Dean's neck. :O

The scene between him and 2009!Dean had my heart breaking so much. I was almost in tears. He tries the sympathy card with Dean, telling him about how he fell because he loved God too much, how he wouldn't love humans because they're flawed, etc. Dean doesn't fall for the "sympathy for the devil" crap and tells him he's like a cockroach, but he only differs from the rest because of his ego. 

I thought Jared did an awesome job here. But still it goes on with the heart-breaking. He tells Dean that no matter what happens, no matter what they do, they'll always end up here. Dean insists that he better kill him now, but Evil!Sam insists that they'll end up here no matter what. Dean is upset and we see him start to cry.

When good old Zach zaps him back. And of course he insists that Dean says "yes" to Michael, in order to stop things from getting this bad and to stop Sam from saying "yes" to Lucifer. Dean looks so broken in this scene, but he replies "Nah" to Zach. Good boy, Dean. Zach is of course pissed and asks didn't he learn his lesson? Dean says he did, just not the one Zach wanted him to learn. Zach starts threatening him when Dean is suddenly whisked away ... by Cas. Because they had an appointment. Wow, good timing, Cas.

Dean takes out his phone and Cas asks what he's doing. Dean says something he should've done already. He calls Sam. FINALLY!

The end scene... oh my gosh. I had tears in my eyes and I was just so relieved. They meet at the bridge (which looks like the one from Salvation or Devil's Trap, doesn't it?). Dean gives Sam the knife back, which he'll need. Sam is grateful and thanks him ("thank you... I really mean it. Thank you"... aww, Saaaam).. Dean tells him that yeah, these things may use their weaknesses against one another, but "we keep each other human." Damn straight. Sam tells Dean he won't let him down. Dean tells him "we'll make our own future." And Sam says that's what they'll have to do.

And so the boys are back together. Ohhhhh, boys. *HUGS them both* I really hope they can keep each other human and from saying "yes" to either of those two who want them. I really don't want to see the show end with a scene like the one between 2009!Dean and Evil!Sam. But for now, they are back and I'm happy.

And next week's ep looks to be a bit more light-hearted, which is always good. Looking forward to it.

My headache's come back and it's bothering me something awful, so that's it for tonight. I really hope I haven't pissed anyone off in what I said. I really don't like to mention stuff like that (and it's happened in the show a few times before... I just really refrained from discussing it much), but I just had to say something here. I really don't want to get into any arguments, so please let's keep it respectful. 

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