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Puppy!Sam Picspam #86 (Supernatural)

Posting this one a day earlier than I'd planned ... not as many caps I had to edit, so I had some more time. :)

Episode #5x04: The End

Not as many pics as usual (65 or so), but still not very dial-up friendly. Hope you like! Oh, and to anyone wondering, I will be doing a Dean picspam series too, as soon as I get a bit more time. Probably when one of the first breaks in the airing schedule starts. :)

1. Hi, Puppy... oh, you're on an important call. We'll wait......... okay, that's long enough ;)

2. Kissy, Puppy? Alright, if you insist... *g*

3. Puppy looks a little down... anyone wanna help me cheer him up?

4. Puppy bathed in a pretty glow!

5. He wonders if he can get the PuppyEyes™ to work over the phone

6. Puppy is pessimistic ... but he's still gonna try

7. He tries ... but sadly the
PuppyEyes™ haven't worked... aw :(

{flash forward 5 years to the Not!Future}

8. Eep! So Future!Dean is crushed to death by a big, nasty, rabid dog??

9. Oh, wait, it's just Lucifer!Puppy, workin' quite a bitchface

10. "Yup, that's me. Luci!Puppy. The Head Honcho, the Devil Dog, the Hound of Hell, and ... Whatnot ..." *fans self*

11. PuppySmirk! Ohhh, my ... I have to say that this Luci!Puppy is very hot

12. Luci!Puppy is NOT amused

13. Nope. Nosireee...

14. Now he's Confused!Luci!Puppy ... see the way he cocks his head?

15. LIEK,OMGWTH?!Luci!Puppy

16. Thoughtful!Luci!Puppy

17. Luci is indeed cunning, picking a cute lil' puppy for his vessel

18. Luci!Puppy is serious. Gravely serious. Yep.

19. He hopes he can get through to Present!Dean with the PowerfulPuppyTouch (Lucifer Edition)

20. Alas, it didn't work.

21. To take his mind off that setback, Luci!Puppy paws fingers some delicate blooms, instead of devouring them.

22. *nibbles Luci!PuppyNeck* I know it's so wrong ... but it's so right

23. Luci!Puppy? *waves hand in front of him* Uh oh, he's stuck...

24. Ah, he's got a sneeze coming on ... even though he's Luci!Puppy, he's still got those nasty allergies. *prepares handkerchief*

25. Allergy attack subsided, Luci!Puppy asserts his dominance (as if there was ever any question!)

26. Whoa! Yep, he's got the
PuppyEyes™ down dangerously well...

27. See above.

28. Even Luci!Puppy can play the Disappearing Forehead Crinkles game! Now you see 'em...

29. ... Now you don't!

30. Exposition!Luci!Puppy

31. Luci has definitely taken advantage of the PuppyCharm .... *feels faint*

32. Hm... Luci!Puppy attempting Blue Steel?

33. Puppy, I swear, what you are doing should be illegal (though I guess that's why he's Luci!Puppy) ... or in the very least come with a warning label!

34. *falls to floor*

35. *recovers slightly* Hm, I think he's angling to get his neck scratched now

36. Another PuppySmirk ... oh, my... my body mind both can absorb only so many per minute!!

37. Heh... Duckface!Luci!Puppy

38. Let's turn the
PuppyEyes™ up a notch, shall we?

39. And now you want another kiss? Okay, only if you take a little siesta and allow our Puppy to come forth ... er, on second thoughts ...

40. Aw... don't ya just wanna hug him? If he weren't evil, anyway?

41. *wants to kiss teh perky PuppyLips*

42. He's turned up the cute begging Puppy act to an 11...

43. ... But Dean isn't biting. And thus he gets a bitchface. Deluxe Lucifer Edition.

44. Dean's reaction confounds Luci!Puppy, as he cocks his head to the side once more

45. Luci!Puppy is majorly confuzzled...

46. Just look at those soulful

47. Aww.. *pinches Luci!PuppyCheek*

48. Smug!Luci!Puppy trying to kill us again with another PuppySmirk

49. And he attempts Blue Steel again ... 'cause it was so much fun the last time

50. 'ScuseMe?Luci!Puppy

51.  ... and the
PuppyEyes™ blare questioningly

52. Yep, he has certainly mastered the
PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles

53. "Dean, I KNOW you won't kick the Puppy."

54. "The Puppy is too cute for you to kick. So we will be back here in 5 years, and you will not kick the Puppy."

55. *nibbles PuppyNeck and PuppyEar, plays with PuppyHair*

56. One last look at the
PuppyEyes™, Luci Style

{aaaaaand back to the present... *whew*}

57. Puppy emergeth! The REAL, Non-Luci!Puppy :D

58. Curious!Puppy

59. Tentative!Puppy ... aww, it's okay, boy

60. Puppy gets his PuppyToy back

61. *pets him*

62. Good boy, Puppy

63. Awwwww. *pets again*

64. Some sad

65. Aw, a ghost of a PuppySmile...

66. *softly kisses Puppy's six five forehead*

67. And one last sad PuppyFace before we go... but things will get better! *crosses fingers*

Hope you liked. I had to repost about 10-15 of these because by accident I clicked to go to my homepage, then went back to this page and it'd only saved the very first pic. Hadn't done an Autosave since then. *snort* I'm going to be paranoid now every time I make these and save the entry after each successive pic.
Tags: picspam, supernatural: sam winchester

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