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A bit scared now...

... okay, more than a bit... a lot scared.  I had an eye exam today and found out I need to have laser sugery on my right eye.  I see a retinal specialist every 8-12 months because I have what's known as a thinning of the retina in both eyes.  Apparently it's pretty common in people who are near-sighted, which I am.  After sitting in the waiting room for 2 hrs because the doctor had this impromptu meeting (just love when that happens...), I'm called in and he does the whole thorough checkup, noting some concerns my regular opthomologist had the last time I was there in November. 

Turns out I have a small tear in the retina of my right eye and it should be repaired because if I let it go it could just get worse and then the retina will detach completely, which would probably leave me blind.  The dr assured me it was a simple procedure that wouldn't take very long, hardly any recovery time, etc. but I keep worrying that something will go wrong and I'll end up blind in the eye anyway.  I guess I am too negative though.  Another thing that worries me is that I've never had anything like this done before... I'm worried that it'll hurt a lot and just the thought of being awake and actually SEEING what's going on (he said they usually don't put you under for this thing so I'd most likely be totally wake through it, if I don't pass out in fear) scares me.

I'm not entirely sure when I'll have to have this done but he told me the sooner, the better, and probably not any later than two weeks from now.  He's going to discuss it with my regular opthomologist and will give me a call on Monday. 

So yeah, I'm pretty scared about this.  If anyone's ever had anything like this done, or knows someone who's had it done, can you give me an idea of what it's like?  As I said the things that worry me the most are the possibility that something will go wrong and I'll end up blind, and the thought of being awake and actually seeing this all take place.

I really hope this isn't going to be as bad as I'm thinking....
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