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Puppy!Sam Picspam #77 Part 2 (Supernatural)

Here's Part 2 of this week's super long picspam. :)

67. Puppy wants to leave, so he beseeches Dean with the PuppyEyes™

68. Puppy's bored. So he decides to have a staring contest with Wax!Abe.

69. The staring competition is nearing a tense moment....

70. It's down to the wire...

71. OhNoes!Puppy

72. Puppy's on high alert now

73. OMG, Puppy look out!

74. It's the Puppy-Gandhi Celebrity Death Match

75. Puppy! Nooooo!!

76. Yet another MOTW going for the PuppyNeck... is anyone surprised? *g*

77. Poor Puppy tries to claw his way to freedom

78. *phew* Thank goodness Puppy's okay... *waits for him to catch his breath*

79. *hugs Puppy*  *helps him up*

80. Incredulous!Puppy

81. Hey, it's the PuppyShirt from CSPWDT! *geeks out*

82. Aw, Cute!Shrugging!Puppy

83. You know, Puppy, when you style your hair this way it makes it very easy for fangirls to nibble your neck...

84. ... See? *nibbles*

85. I'mNotHere!I'mNotHere!Puppy

86. Puppy uses the
PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles to soften the blow of his admission to Dean

87. Aw don't be shy, PuppyDimple! Come on out! :D

88. Turning the
PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles up to an 11

89. *pinches PuppyCheek*

90. "Please to be scratching my neck again once more??" He enjoys it more than I thought....

91. *plays with curly bits of PuppyHair at PuppyNape*

92. Heh... Patronizing!Puppy

93. Puppy cares. Yep.

94. Puppy's confuzzled again

95. Puppy's checkin' to make sure no more fangirls are lurking, ready to pounce on him and nibble the PuppyNeck again

96. Puppy really hates Paris Hilton. *nods*

97. Autopsy!Puppy

98. Tough job, isn't it, sweetie?

99. Liek,Omigahd!Puppy

100. Puppy's morgue experience has traumatized him. He needs some Puppy TLC. Who's with me?

101. *pets teh pretty flicky PuppyHair*

102. Facial Shrug #9!


104. Yep, Puppy is *horrified* by the sight of Paris!

105. Puppy! Noooo!!

106. Aww... *wants to free Puppy so bad*

107. A teeny tiny PuppySmirk for Paris

108. *kisses Puppy on six five forehead*

109. Puppy's disturbed that Dean's even heard of House of Wax

110. Poor Puppy struggling to break free again... he growls and bares his PuppyTeeth in frustration

111. Yeah, Puppy!! Ooh, he's Lumberjack!Puppy *g*

112. A dirty job... but still, in the end, A-plus, Puppy!

113. He's awesome and he knows it. ...... am I the only one who finds this Defcon Level 4 HOT?? *fans self*

114. Facial Shrug #10! (hmm, is this a record now?)

115. Hey, it's teh PuppyShirt from Bugs and Hell House!! *geeks out again*

116. *pets Puppy*

117. *nibbles PuppyNeck and PuppyEar*

118. *plays with PuppyHair*

119. Why the bitchface, sweetie?

120. Aw, he realizes it was ill-timed and he's sorry... good boy, Puppy

121. Yay, Puppy in the driver's seat!

122. Go get 'em, boy! :D

And that's it for this week! Hope you enjoyed it. :) And here's Part 1 in case you missed it...
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