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SPN #5x06 I Believe the Children Are Our Future (episode review)

So, here's my review. I'd like to keep this a wank-free zone, so I just ask that there be no OTT Sam vs. Dean stuff.

I liked this ep. :)

So it starts with a babysitter and her hair brush. Jimmy (was that his name?), the kid she was babysitting, is clowning around with a fake cleaver through his head and fake blood. She makes him go to bed. This kid is a brat, lol. His parents come home and Dad finds the babysitter with her head all clawed up.

This ep did seem vaguely reminiscent of Bedtime Stories. But it wasn't quite the same. Still it was funny that Sam and Dean has the same aliases here as they did in that ep (Plant and Page). The coroner tells them that they found one of her fake nails embedded in the wounds, as if she did the scratching. He implies she might be crazy. He says something about itches and scratching done unconsciously. And right after he walks away, both Sam and Dean start scratching. *g* Oh, and there was itching powder found on her brush.

Then a guy is electricuted to death. An old guy who is said to be senile didn't mean to do it and thought it was just a joke. Turns out he used a joy buzzer. Sam and Dean decide to test it back at the hotel room. Dean suits up, Sam says, "hit it, Mr. Wizard." *g* They test it on a ham, and the thing gets cooked. The boys can't believe it, and Dean the food maven that he is, starts snacking on it. Sam declines. Heh.

They check out a joke shop in the town. Dean looks like a kid in a candy store as he holds up a whoopie cushion. Sam rolls his eyes and gives a bitchface. Hee!

They talk to the shopkeeper. He says he's angry that kids don't really seem to be into these things anymore - they're more into IPhones and vampire movies. *g* The boys think he's somehow behind this, so they take a rubber chicken and use the joy buzzer on it. It starts melting and the guy freaks out. It's clear he's not a witch or anything else that's involved in this.

Next we have a Dad telling his daughter about how the tooth fairy will visit her. The daughter doesn't sound too thrilled. Wow, kids have really changed, haven't they? *feels old saying that* In the middle of the night she gets up and puts the tooth back under Daddy's pillow. He awakes to find a big, fat, hairy tooth fairy hovering over him, telling him "this will pinch just a little" as he holds up a wrench or pliers (I couldn't tell).

Dean is flirting with a nurse named Jen while Sam rolls his eyes again. He tells Dean that the guy had all his teeth taken out and he described the attacker as a huge guy wearing a pink tutu - a guy dressed as a tooth fairy, who left 32 quarters under his pillow, one for each tooth. Dean tells him about kids who believed the story of mixing soda with pop rocks, and one guy was in there with his face frozen a certain way (lol as he demonstrates to Sam). The boys think this is the work of something like a trickster with the sense of humor of a 9 year old ... "or you," as Sam tells Dean.

Back at the hotel, Dean is still chowing down on the ham. Sam: "Dude, seriously. Again with the ham??" Dean gives the excuse that there's no refrigerator He gets out a map and says all these events happened within a certain radius. In the middle is a house. They're going to go check it out. Dean suddenly asks if their hotel is included in the radius. Sam says it is. Dean holds up a hand that's covered with hair. He tells Sam he was bored and the nurse was hot. Sam tells him he can go blind doing that. Dean walks away and Sam calls out to him "Don't use my razor!" LOL

At the house they meet Jesse, an 11 year old boy who kind of resembles a young Harry Potter to me. His parents aren't home. The boys ask to talk to him. He tells them that all those things his parents told him - about the joy buzzers, the pop rocks, etc. - are true. Dean tells him the joy buzzer thing isn't true, that it's just a toy and a stupid one. He demonstrates it on Sam, who bitchfaces him again.

Sam is understandably pissed that Dean demonstrated it on him after all that's happened. Later on he tells Dean that Jesse was adopted. There's no name given for his father, and his birth records were sealed. He found the name of the boy's Mom, and they go meet her. They don't get a very warm reception at first. She tells them to stay away from her and throws salt on them. They wonder how she knew about the salt. She tells them that she was possessed by a demon who made her give birth (she was a virgin). She somehow overcomes the demon and forces it out of her by pouring salt down her throat. She says that a part of her wanted to kill the baby, but God helped her through it and she put him up for adoption. She asks about him and they tell her he's a good kid.

Back at their hotel, Cas shows up. DunDunDun. Heh. ;) He sits down on a whoopie cushion that Dean obviously planted and deadpans, "that wasn't me." He tells the boys that they have to kill Jesse. That he's half demon, half human, and is thus the Antichrist. Sam tells him that they won't kill a child. Cas says to him, "a year ago you would've done whatever it takes." Sam says, "things change." Aww. :(  Cas goes on to say that he is causing all those things to happen, and at the moment he's happy... but wait until they see what he does when he's angry. He tells them the boy will pretty much destroy all the angels. Dean agrees with Sam and says they won't kill him. Sam wants to tell him the truth - that the boy hasn't gone dark side yet and that he can make the right decision. Cas tells Sam that *he* didn't make the right decision. Sam stares him down angrily. Dean doesn't look too happy about all this as he puts his head down. Wow, Cas really isn't cutting Sam any slack, is he?

The demon that had possessed Julia (Jesse's mom) returns and possesses her again in an attempt to get to the boy.

Cas shows up to kill Jesse with the Ruby knife. Jesse turns him into a little action figure. I'm sorry, I was LOL at that. Seriously. And the look on our boys' faces when they saw it... priceless.

They talk to Jesse and Dean tells him he's a superhero. They try to coax him to come with them to Bobby's place. But just then Demon!Mom shows up, hurling Sam and Dean against the wall. She tries to convince Jesse to go with her. She tells him that she's his mom. He looks skeptical. She tells him that his parents aren't his real parents, that Sam and Dean aren't FBI agents, and that everyone has lied to him. He's special and they've all lied to him.

Wow. Is it me, or are there some parallels here between Jesse and Sam?

Sam tries to talk to Jesse but Demon!Mom keeps cutting him off, attacking him. Jesse tells her to stop; he wants to hear what Sam has to say. Sam is freed of her powers and tells Jesse that yes, they lied to him. But not anymore. He tells Jesse that he has choices. He has to make the right one. He has to see someone make the right one, even if he couldn't. (Awww.... *huggles Sammy*)

Demon!Mom repeats all the "they lied to you" stuff, but Sam has convinced Jesse and he tells the demon to get out of Mom. It does. The boys ask him how he did it, and he says, "I just did."

In the aftermath, Dean picks up the Cas figure and asks if Jesse can turn him back. Jesse: "He tried to kill me." Dean insists that he didn't understand, he was confused. The boys want Jesse to come with them where he'll be safe and train to fight in this war. The boy asks what if he doesn't want to fight. It's too late, he's pretty much dragged into it. He wants his parents to come with him, though. Sam tells him that nothing is more important than family, but if they come with him it'll be dangerous for them. They both tell Jesse about John, how he wanted them with him all the time and how a demon killed him.

Jesse goes upstairs to say goodbye to his parents before he is to join Sam and Dean. But instead he goes into his room, stares at some posters of Australia on his wall........ and he never comes down. Cas is suddenly back to himself and tells them the boy is gone, but everything's turned back to normal now. They don't know where to find him and it'll be impossible, especially if he doesn't want to be found.

The boys drive away and Dean tells Sam he understands why parents lie to their kids. If they lie about simple stuff like the tooth fairy and pop rocks, they're keeping them from greater dangers. He then tells Sam, "I wish Dad had lied to us." Sam replies, "me too." Awwwww, boys. I just want to hug them both.

So, final thoughts.....  I liked Jesse. He had this power and didn't think he was doing anything wrong. He'd been lied to by his parents about different things, but was ignorant about all the dark forces out there until the boys (and Demon!Mom) told them about it. It vaguely reminded me of Michael, the kid from Something Wicked, when Sam said that now the kid was going to be afraid of things in the dark and he wishes he could have had that innocence (and Dean had replied he wished Sam did too). It's not the same thing as Jesse, but the theme of this episode reminded me just a little of it.

As for the Sam vs. Cas stuff, you guys know I try to be objective in my reviews and look at both sides. I understand Cas wants to kill Jesse out of self-defense (not just for himself but for the other angels) because of what the boy is capable of. But I could see Sam's side more. I totally understood why he wanted to talk to Jesse instead. First, he's still trying to atone for what he did last season, and he wants to see someone make the right decision even though he didn't himself. And second, they were successful in talking to Jesse. Okay, so he did end up running away to who knows where, but it was easy to see that what Sam said got through to him. He forced the demon from his Mom and it sounded like he was reluctant to fight.

I'm wondering now if we'll see him again in another episode. It certainly looked like they were leaving things open for him to return in some capacity. I guess we'll see.

I guess that's it for my review. Again, I'd appreciate the comments to be respectful here and no Sam vs. Dean bashing. As for Cas... well I understand if any of you guys want to bash him (he kinda ticked me off with the way he was so in Sam's face and not letting him forget what he did....even though I understand from his POV why he did it), but just don't get *too* crazy, if ya know what I mean. ;)

So we're skipping a week now and getting repeat next week. *sigh* Oh well, it'll go fast.

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