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Puppy!Sam Picspam #88 (Supernatural)

Here's the next picspam. :)

Episode #5x06: I Believe the Children Are Our Future

Another huge picspam, as in 112 caps. So yeah, definitely not dial-up friendly. And Dean shows up quite a bit in this one, too. Hope you like!

1. Hiya, Agent, Puppy

2. Agent Puppy is skeptical *fingers the flicky bits of PuppyHair*

3. Grim!Puppy

4. Facial Shrug Alert!

5. Puppy's grossed out... but tries desperately to hide it...

6. Confused!Puppy

7. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

8. Incredulous!Puppy

9. Facial Shrug #2!

10. Hee... Itchy!Puppy. Want some help with that, boy?

11. Amused!Puppy with some itty bitty PuppyDimples!

12. D'oh! Right in the middle of some important exposition, Puppy's cell phone interrupts. It's enough for him to bitchface.

13. "H'lo? Puppy speaking.... no, sorry, Puppy the Exorcism Dog is now retired... well, yeah, this IS 555-DANG-IM-CUTE. Are you looking for some PuppyLove? ........ Hello?"

14. Concerned!Puppy

15. Yep... for some reason the thought of a random guy being electricuted makes Puppy sad

16. *loosens PuppyTie* *nibbles PuppyNeck* *plays with PuppyHair*

17. Puppy cares. *nods*

18. Puppy shows, once again, how very utterly confused he is

19. Hee! ExtraProtection!Puppy. Gotta keep those PuppyEyes™ safe!

20. HlyCrp!Puppy

21. Shocked!Puppy... Dean really IS Mr. Wizard!

22. Puppy really wants some of the ham... it'll show just as soon as the Dumbfounded!Puppy expression wears off

23. See? The
PuppyEyes™ really do want it....

24. They say "Pleeeeeeeeeeze?"

25. Now he *doesn't* want it?? Puppy, you feeling okay? *feels his six five forehead*

26. Curious!Puppy

27. Ah, it's the LongSuffering!Puppy Eye Roll!

28. ... Not complete without the Long-Suffering Bitchface!

29. WTF?Puppy

30. Aha, another LongSuffering!Puppy eye roll and bitchface combo!

31. UberSarcastic!Puppy

32. *dies from teh cute*

33. The
PuppyEyes™ really want Dean to stop clowning around...

34. ... as does the bitchface

35. Aw... the confused puppy cocks his head to the side

36. A guy's face froze a certain way? Now the
PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles are curious... What way?

37. But Puppy doesn't think it's funny and tries to stifle another bitchface

38. Actually, the more he thinks of it, the more he's WeirdedOut!Puppy

39. Puppy's on the verge of an idea....

40. ... but loses it, and resorts to a Cute PuppyFace instead

41. But wait! The 
think they have another idea.....

42. Just mentioning the word "trickster" makes Puppy bitchface

43. "Or you..." Hee! Using the
PuppyEyes™ as a defense mechanism... no way Dean can hit him for that when he blares those amazing PuppyEyes™

44. Puppy greatly disapproves of Dean's eating habits (and that he didn't save any for him...)

45. Facial Shrug #3!

46. Puppy say "Eeeeeeew!!!"

47. Puppy has to go scrub his eyes brain both now....

48. Puppy orders Dean to stay out of certain PuppyPersonalEffects...

49. He hopes the bitchface will get the point across

50. BreakingAndEntering!Puppy

51. The
PuppyEyes™ are surprised to encounter another puppy inside

52. Puppy is secretly thrilled to meet another one of his kind

53. Hee... Nervous!Puppy

54. Although he is slightly disappointed that this puppy's PuppyEyes seem to be better than his own (Aw, don't worry, sweetie, no one could have better PuppyEyes than yours!)

55. Facial Shrug #4!

56. They have a kewtness showdown! Dean is actually impressed....

57. Facial Shrug #5!

58. Uh oh. Dean farted and the super sensitive PuppyNose just got a whiff!

59. "Can we take a look around? Pweeeeeease?? You wouldn't say no to a fellow puppy, would you?"

60. Yes. Kewt puppies are automatically to be trusted. Trufax, yo.

61. *plays with strand of former PuppyMop*

62. Awkward!Puppy

63. Puppy is impressed that Jesse knows the Gimme Paw trick also

64. Facial Shrug #6!

65. Puppy! Noooo!! Bad Dean!

66. *phew* He's okay! And giving bitchface where bitchface is due. Heh...

67. Outside, the bitchfacing continues

68. He also enlists the
PuppyEyes™ to help adequately express his anger

69. Poor unhappy Puppy needs a huggy... *hugs him*

70. It worked! He's feeling better now! Yay :D

71. Detective!Puppy returns to present his findings

72. I think that tie *really* needs to be loosened... and that PuppyHair tousled.....  what say you guys?

73. Hm... and it looks like he really *wants* us to do it... like he's baiting us into it

74. "C'mon, you know you wanna...."

75. "Do I have to drag out the Big Guns* here?"   *by this he means the
PuppyEyes™... but let's take this whichever way we want *g*

76. Okay, you've lost me....... *falls to floor*

77. Aw it's okay, sweetie. You look fine. No one will ever know what just took place.. *g*

78. Yep, you look good... not a PuppyHair out of place...

79. Oh, to have this at my door... It's a dream of mine, it really is...

80. Facial Shrug #7!

81. "Hi, Ma'am, did you call PuppyServices by any chance?"

82. No?? Aw... Puppy is disappointed. :( *pets*

83. Julia nearly slams the door on Puppy... which makes him bitchface

84. FormerlySalty!Puppy is shocked into silence.....   *fingers strand of former PuppyMop*

85. *helps Puppy loosen his tie. Again*

86. Move, Cas! You're eclipsing the loverly view here!!

87. THANK you!! *tsk*

88. Puppy's pissed at Dean for cheapening the moment... bitchface time

89. Now it's time to hit Cas with the

90. More Disappearing Forehead Crinkles! Now you see 'em...

91. ...Now you don't!

92. *licks PuppyDimple*

93. Awwww.... *pets Puppy*  *glares at Cas*

94. Desperate!Puppy

95. Go get him, boy! Bitchface him with all your might!

96. Woooo yeah.... Puppy-1, Cas-0. (and I think he's trying to set a new bitchface record here)

97. Aw! Puppy's scared for his fellow puppy!

98. And now Puppy is in total awe of Young Puppy Jesse's PuppyAbilities

99. Puppy! Nooooo!

100. Nooooo :( *tries to save but is held back by Demon!Julia*

101. He's free! *breathes sigh of relief* Silly Demon!Julia! An extra dose of
PuppyEyes™ for you!

102. Puppy wants kissy now... happy to oblige, sweetie...

103. *gently kisses Puppy's six five forehead*

104. Gobsmacked!Puppy

105. Time for a little Puppy-to-Puppy talk...

106. Complete with major
PuppyEyes™ and Forehead Crinkles

107. Aw... *pets*

108. Puppy admires such fine craftsmanship

109. Aw, Pupy is sad that his new puppy friend has abandoned them...

110. *huggles*

111. And it turns out he left a "Dear Puppy" letter...

112. *one final puppy hug before we say goodbye*

That's it for this week.. since we have no new episode tomorrow, there won't be a new picspam for next week. But they'll return as soon as the new eps start up again. :)
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