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SPN #5x07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester (episode review)

Apologies if my thoughts are kinda garbled or scattered, but here goes. Again, I only ask for no Sam or Dean bashing. :)

So we open on a young guy who suddenly ages and then drops dead. And our boys posing as CDC want to know what happened. The doctor says she wasn't supposed to talk to them until tomorrow (or was it yesterday?). Dean says cheekily it's a new administration and "change you can believe in." Heh.

Turned out the guy who dropped dead was only 25 but he was dried up like a prune. Then it turns out another guy is missing (I couldn't keep track of all the names, sorry, I was too busy focusing on teh pretty  aka boys in suits *g*). They speak to his wife and then after a little detective work, find out the guy is staying at a motel. I love how awkward they look (especially Sam) when they first stumble upon the guy in bed with the two girls.

They learn from him about a poker game where years are at stake instead of money. He tells them the guy doing it is named Patrick and has an Irish accent. The boys split up. Dean is in a bar questioning a bartender who insists he doesn't know anything. But when he leaves the bar, Dean sees Bobby and can't believe that he got there so fast. Bobby retorts that "brains trump legs." Heh. He tells Dean that he played the game and lost 25 years. Dean is in shock and lashes out, asking Bobby how he could do that and be so stupid. Bobby tells him "they're my years, I can do with them what I want."

Dean refers to Patrick as a man-witch. Hee! He and Bobby sit down with Patrick and Bobby starts aging. Dean makes the bet 50 years and wants 25 of his years to go to Bobby. Patrick puts a spell on the chips. Bobby gets his years back while the chips go up in flames and disintegrate.

Then we cut to Sam returning to the motel room. He finds an old guy and demands to know who he is. Old guy turns out to be Old!Dean. "Dude! Relax, it's me!" Heh. Sam asks what happened and he says he "found the game." Sam says he thought Dean was good at poker. Dean: I am, shut up! He asks Sam if he was just gonna shoot an old man. Sam still couldn't believe it was him and thinks he looks quite like Emperor Palpatine. Hee!

Bobby enters and says "I see you met John McCain." LOL. Yeah, Dean did kinda resemble him (and I say this in a totally nonpartisan way *g*). Bobby and Dean start arguing because Dean didn't want to just let him die. Sam is SO amused by this, saying "it's like Grumpy Old Men!" They yell "SHUT UP, SAM!" in unison. And Sam dutifully shuts up. LOL!

It was kinda funny seeing Old!Dean trying to do all the usual everyday stuff he does and have difficulty with it. Like when he's eating the bacon cheeseburger and thinks he's having a heart attack. Bobby tells him it's just acid reflux and he can't eat the stuff he usually eats anymore. Then he hits on the maid who tells him he reminds her of her grandfather who hits on everything that moves.

Then when they're going after Patrick in his apartment (?), Dean gets winded climbing the stairs. I love how Sam not-so-patiently points to the sign with the "2" for the 2nd floor. They search Patrick's place for the chips, thinking it's the key to getting back Dean's years. They find a woman there who Dean remembers from the bar. She attacks them when Patrick comes in and has her stop. He tells them that it's not the chips, it's his magic. Then he singles Sam out and gives him something by clapping his hands. They walk outside and Sam suddenly feels a bit, er, uncomfortable. Dean guesses correctly that a 900 year old witch gave him the Clap. Heh... Sam's  "Damnit!!" bitchface was amusing there. But poor baby. lol. I have to say that at first I thought it was something serious, but upon further reflection I see how clapping the hands was appropriate. *G*

Bobby was really depressing me, the way he said he's no longer a hunter, he feels useless and he would have just killed himself. I can totally understand though. I mean, hunting was his life and he's confined to this wheelchair. Sam wants to get in on the game to help but neither Dean nor Bobby want him to. I can see how they're furthering this thing from a few eps back where Sam wanted to be a more equal partner in this fight and wanted to stop being looked at as Dean's little brother. So I can see here why he's resentful that they won't let him do something. I do believe though that Bobby and Dean were worried about what could happen to him, thus showing how much they care for him. But yes, I can see how it might look like they're being too protective of Sam and won't let him do what he can. Anyway, after what Bobby says about not being a hunter anymore, Sam is determined to help him. And thus he goes to find Patrick. He finds him in a game with an old man who wins 13 years. Patrick tells him that he'll live to see his grandchild's bat mitzvah.

Who shows up then but the woman who was with Patrick. She gives Dean and Bobby a spell to reverse Patrick's work. It would also zap Patrick and her but she tells them she has her reasons for it.

Dean and Bobby are in the graveyard and Dean is bellyaching about his aches and pains. Bobby was funny telling him things like "shut up and dig, Grandma."

Sam plays against Patrick, but he gives Dean a toothpick that Patrick had in his mouth for the spell (they need some of his DNA). Unfortunately it turns out to be useless as Patrick still has the actual toothpick that was in his mouth. He then goes to choke Sam when the girl shows up and stops him. She tells him she gave them the spell.

Sam stays in the game and he goes all in. Oh no, Sammy, please be careful sweetie. :( Patrick tells Sam he's good but he says something about Sam's emotions about Dean influencing him (or something like this... my memory is fuzzy), how Dean doesn't know he's doing this and how he doesn't want to be seen as the younger brother. He tells Sam that Dean will be dead in minutes. And then we see Dean pretty much dying on the floor. Bobby is calling him and can't get him on the phone.

When it turns out...... Sam beats Patrick. Wow, Sam ain't a bad poker player after all, eh? I think Dean and Bobby owe him a little apology. *g* Fancy stuff there, Sammy. He notes that Patrick's girlfriend is crying, and doesn't seem like a very bad witch (at least not as bad as those they've tangled with). Sam cashes in his chips for Dean.

We then see Bobby still trying to get Dean on the phone, when Dean exits the building looking happy as a clam. He even kicks his heels up in the air. Hee! Bobby goes "Idjit."

Patrick's girl tells him that she buried her daughter and she looked like this (shows a pic of an elderly woman), and tells him it's not natural. She misses her family. So she goes all in and he does too. He takes her years from her. I kind of liked her and the fact that she was willing to help the boys because she didn't want to stay like this and misses her family.

At the end we have the boys and Bobby at the motel room. Sam makes an exit saying awkwardly that he has to get a "booster shot." Heh. Dean apologizes to Bobby for calling him an idiot. Bobby doesn't want Dean to pity him. But Dean tells him he isn't useless, and he shouldn't stop being a soldier because he was wounded. He tells Bobby that he's family, and that he and Sam don't have much left. Bobby takes it all in quietly and thanks Dean at the end. I liked that scene. And I know some people might be ticked off that Sam wasn't there and that we didn't get to see him say much about Bobby as well, but I thought it was justified. Dean was the one who got older and who had most of the verbal sparring with Bobby. I think we could tell earlier on how Sam was upset in that scene where Bobby was saying he was useless and wasn't a hunter anymore (when Sam wanted to go off and play against Patrick). Anyway that's just my take on it and I'm not saying anyone has to agree. Maybe (and hopefully) in an episode to come we'll get more insight into how Sam values Bobby. We will see.

I thought Chad Everett did a good job as Old!Dean. Had most of Dean's mannerisms done well, slightly re-tooled for his age.

As for Sam, I think here we could see how much he cares about Dean, the way he was so eager to go after Patrick and play against him to get Dean's years back. He does seem to be a shrewd poker player. *g* I was worried about him just doing this and losing some of his life, but in a way it's almost like a sacrifice to get Dean back his years.... unless he knew he could beat Patrick all along. But still we see how much he cares about Dean by doing this.

All in all, it was an interesting episode. It was nice to get a bit more insight into Bobby, how he felt after being confined to a wheelchair, wanting to give up until Dean lets him know how much he means to him and Sam (yeah, I know I can hear my fellow Sam girls saying it'd be nice if we heard Sam say it too, but if it doesn't happen later on I guess all we can say is that they can't make all of us happy).

Again sorry if I got a few things mixed up. It's late and I'm kinda headache-y. :P
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