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Puppy!Sam Picspam #89 (Supernatural)

Guess who's back :D

Episode #5x07: The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

100 pics in all (*exactly* 100 pics - go me!), so definitely not dial-up friendly. Hope you like. :)

1. Hi, Puppy... Hmm, CDC!Puppy is confuzzled

2, *pets teh PuppyHair*

3. Puppy doesn't find Dean's joke too funny... he'd bring out the bitchface, but it's just got worth it...

4. Grim!Puppy

5. Hai, PuppyDimple!!

6. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

7. Need help loosening that tie, Puppy?

8. Detective!Puppy examines the photograph within his PuppyPaws with great scrutiny

9. But still, more information is needed. Out come the PuppyEyes™.

10. Puppy's gotta admit... Dean's Popeye impression is pretty amusing

11. Nervous!Puppy hopes he won't be barking up the wrong tree...

12. *pets teh fluffy (and freshly washed by fangirls *g*) PuppyHair*

13. Omigawd!Puppy ... This sounds like a job for....

14. ... BatteringRam!Puppy!!

15. Heh... oops. Now he's Awk-ward!Puppy

16. Yep, Puppy's tail is tucked between his legs now...

17. "It's gooey."

18. You're a bad dog, Puppy... but we love you anyway. *nods*

19. And now he's hinting that he wants his neck scratched... *gladly obliges*

20. You like that, huh, Puppy? Want some more?

21. Uh oh, Puppy just realized that he piddled on the floor. Time to leave ........

22.  ..... but wait! What has caught the attention of the

23. Puppy quietly admires Ben's tattoo
and wonders if he should get one himself...

24. "Like XBox?" Hee! Oh, Puppy, you're so adorable. *hugs him*

25. 'ScuseMe?Puppy

26. Even though they're in the middle of a case, Puppy still needs to go for his walkies.

27. Gopher!Puppy

28. WTF?Puppy

29. Shocked!Puppy

30. Yep, the poor
PuppyEyes™ are in for the shock of their lives

31. Aw... Guilty!Puppy

32. And now he wants a kissy. Okay, boy, since you asked nicely.... *g*

33. And to top it off, he's got another annoying itch! Need some help with that, Sweetie?

34. Puppy casts some doubting
PuppyEyes™ at The Awesomeness That Is Bobby

35. Heh... Puppy is soooooo weirded out...

36. HighlyEntertained!Puppy

37. *iz ded*

38. *iz still ded*

39. GAH! Teh Cute! *flatlines*

40. ... Eh?

41. Aw... How could you guys tell teh Puppy to shut up? Meanies.... *pets him*

42. The Dean/Bobby conversation has taken an odd turn and Puppy feels even more uncomfortable

43. The
PuppyEyes™ are very concerned

44. Old!Dean's gastric distress amuses Puppy

45. PuppyTongue! Oh, the implications....

46. Worried!Puppy

47. Old!Dean striking out = more Amused!Puppy

48. Old!Dean and Bobby have the Watchdog!Puppy Protection Plan... just look at those blaring

49. Some flying PuppyHair as Puppy bounds up the stairs

50. Like a faithful dog, Puppy waits for his owner at the top of the stairs

51. Today's picspam is brought to you by the number 2.

52. Puppy's getting tired of waiting... see that bitchface starting?

53. *twirls strand of former PuppyMop around fingers*

54. Hee! Puppy's actually somewhat nervous about breaking into Patrick's place

55. Move aside, Old!Dean... you are no match for the
PuppyEyes™ and fancy handiwork of the PuppyPaws

56. But Dean doubts this notion very much, and thus earns himself a bitchface

57. And another!

58. CaughtRed-Handed!Puppy goes EEP!!

59. Puppy! Noooo!!

60. but still through it all, he manages a bitchface.

61. Puppy now feels threatened by Patrick's cryptic words and actions

62. And confused, obviously. Just what did Patrick do to teh Puppy?? *worries*

63. Aha! Patrick has created a more severe version of those annoying itches that Puppy sometimes gets!

64. Aw... Poor Uncomfortable!Puppy

65. He needs some TLC, yes?

66. Such discomfort warrants a bitchface

67. Heehee! *puts on special nurse costume and gets out supplies*

68. *nibbles PuppyNeck and PuppyEar*  *plays with PuppyHair*

69. TISNF!Puppy    (*if you've never seen the ad, it's "This is so not fair!" in text-speak... hee)

70. And now a bitchface for Bobby

71. Puppy is hurt that Bobby doesn't trust him at poker

72. Nope, Puppy aint happy... desperately trying to stifle another bitchface

73. Aww... now Bobby's self-loathing statements make Puppy sad :(

74. The
PuppyEyes™ and Forehead Crinkles try to convince Bobby that he's wrong

75. GrimYetDetermined!Puppy

76. Oh yes, Puppy's got this game won. Look at those powerful, manipulative

77. Yep, he's got them trained like a laser

78. Ooh, it's Alpha!Puppy asserting his dominance

79. PuppyProfilePorn!!

80. *brain goes off to forbidden places*

81. *kisses Puppy's six five forehead for good luck*

82. "I can kill you with my
PuppyEyes™... I really can"

83. Patrick tricked teh Puppy! A bitchface for him!

84. Nooooo!!

85. The struggling Puppy bares his PuppyTeeth in anger as he tries to break free *glares at Patrick*

86. *phew* You okay, Sweetie?

87. *pets*

88. *iz ded again*

89. D'oh, not again!!

90. You are no match for the almighty bitchface, Patrick!

91. Aw... Worried!Puppy about his big brother

92. There's a fangirl under the table at this very moment, helping Puppy relax... *nods*

93. Aw... Patrick's equally witchy girlfriend 's emotion touches Puppy

94. More Worried!Puppy

95. Ooh, a little smug bitchface as Puppy reveals his poker dumb luck genius!

96. Fuzzy but still... hee... Cute!Shrugging!Puppy with a little Facial Shrug Alert!

97. Hey look, it's the Tall Tales shirt! *geeks out*

98. Facial Shrug #2!

99. Hee... imploring Dean with the
PuppyEyes™ not to mock his ongoing medical issue

100. And an extra dose for Bobby, who is not innocent of the PuppyMocking either. Heh. Don't worry, Puppy. We love you and will take good care of you! *slaps nurse outfit back on... readies syringe*

That's all for this week. Back again next week (hopefully)!
Tags: picspam, supernatural: sam winchester

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