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Puppy!Sam Picspam #90 (Supernatural)

Ended up posting this one a little later than usual.... what can I say, blame RL. lol

Episode #5x08: Changing Channels

116 pics in total, not enough that I think I need to break it into two parts... but still a lot, lol. Enjoy. :)

1. Hey, Puppy!! *starts singing: "Come and knock on our door/We've been waiting for you......"*

2. Sitcom!Puppy wants a hug... awww, happy to oblige, Sweetie

3. Sitcom!Puppy and his Very Special Sitcom!PuppyEyes™

4. Puppy is in awe of Dean's delicious looking snack... and brainstorms ways to distract Dean so it'll be his

5. The sandwich is momentarily forgotten as a fangirl makes her way under the table...

6. Puppy lost his train of thought for a sec there...

7. That PuppyNeck is just asking for a nibbling.......  *nibbles*

8. Back to begging for the sandwich: "Pleeeeeeeze, Deeeean??"

9. Puppy is impressed with Dean's dedication to research

10. Facial Shrug Alert!

11. D'oh, wrong kind of research! Puppy is no longer impressed. Time for a bitchface.

12. ThisIsSooooooTiresome!Puppy

13. The
PuppyEyes™ will dole out the proper punishment

14. Heh... OpeningCredits!Puppy

15. The flashlight tag game is heating up...

16. Eeep!!Puppy

17. Hee! CheesyLaughter!Puppy

18. OpeningCredits!Puppy is in distress after seeing a scary ghost... let's comfort him

19. Aw... Puppy just loves going for rides! The feel of the wind in his hair and all that!

20. *iz ded from kewt*

21. Dean's choice of viewing disturbs Puppy

22. Curious!Puppy

23. Puppy's trying sooooo hard not to laugh

24. And now Puppy wants a kissy. Okay, if you insist...*g*

25. You like that, don'tcha, boy. Mm-hmm!

26. Now Puppy's a wee bit creeped out...

27. Facial Shrug #2!

28. Puppy returneth!

29. And he wants *another* kissy... you drive a hard bargain, don't you, Puppy...

30. Facial Shrug #3!

31. Heh... Puppy aint too happy that Dean's been into his stash of Halloween candy

32. Whooo! Yeah, Puppy, take it off... take it all off!!

33. D'oh, he stopped. :( Still..... *nibbles PuppyNeck and PuppyEar*

34. Dean wants to gank the Trickster? The
PuppyEyes™ don't like the sound of this...

35. Ooh, it's the Dead Man's Blood and The Usual Suspects PuppyShirt! *geeks out*

36. Facial Shrug #4!

37. Succumb to the
PuppyEyes™, big brother. Succumb.

38. Puppy magically reverts to a 6-year-old

39. "But I haz teh Pretty
PuppyEyes™. See?"

40. Puppy brings out the big guns....
PuppyEyes™ and lower lip wibble...

41. Hm, Puppy looks a little bored...

42. *nibbles PuppyNeck,Again*

43. What the...? Hee, look at the confused puppy cocking his head to the side

44. They're in Dr. Sexy MD, now? Puppy goes Eeeeewww!!

45. The weird indie background music disturbs Puppy

46. What?! Noooo!! How dare you hit teh Puppy!!

47. Poor Puppy tries to stifle a bitchface after he gets hit. Again.

48. The poor lil innocent Dr.Puppy is confused

49. Dean, your extreme fanboi-ishness is creeping teh Puppy out

50. He's begging you with the
PuppyEyes™ to stop

51. See??

52. But no. You just keep creepin' him out more and more. *tsk*

53. *plays with PuppyHair*

54. Puppy's out of focus... but thar be the bitchface!

55. Dean! You kicked teh Puppy!! How could you?? :(

56. Aww, Sweetie... *huggles him*

57. Why the bitchface for Dr. Sexy MD, Puppy?

58. Puppy's confuzzled again

59. Puppy is *extremely* underwhelmed to see the Trickster

60. Again??? Sheesh, so much cruelty directed at teh Puppy

61. A lil bitchface for her! You tell her, Puppy!

62. "I got news for you. I am not a coward. I'm just a cute, innocent puppy. Look into the

63. Hee... trying to stifle yet another bitchface

64. Yep, Puppy's a mite uncomfortable now

65. "Remember. Cute, innocent lil puppy."

66. Okay, enough of this crp. Time for another bitchface.

67. Dean's been shot! Nooooo!! Desperate!Puppy

68. Dr. Puppy is kinda squicked out right now

69. He directs the nurses with the

70. Facial Shrug #5!

71. Scalpel and forceps confuse Puppy

72. No matter, though. Here's a face full of PuppyDimple-y goodness

73. PuppyTongue!

74. GAH! *flatlines*

75. Oh look, it's Gameshow!Puppy, hoping to work some PuppyCharm on the host

76. Oh nooo, Puppy's time ran out!!

77. Puppy's got a bad feeling about this...

78. Puppy! Nooooo!!

79. Aww, poor tender PuppyBits...

80. *snaps nurse uniform on*

81. Yes, that Puppy's gonna need some extra TLC. *nods*

82. Despite the pain, the
PuppyEyes™ desperately want Dean to play along

83. Aw... Fearful!Puppy

84. Commercial Break! Hee... STD!Commercial!Puppy is embarrassed

85. And now he's got something in his eye... *readies eyewash and Kleenex*

86. Hm... not going there....

87. Aw, we love you anyway, Puppy!

88. "Hi, I'm a cute puppy. Forget for a minute that I'm doing a herpes medication commercial. Focus on the cuteness."

89. "Thanks."

90. *licks PuppyDimples*  *plays with strands of former PuppyMop*

91. Aaaand back to Sitcom!Puppy with his customary bitchface

92. The girl asks, "Where did the big puppy com from and why does he keep bitchfacing at me?"

93. And yet another bitchface for good measure

94. Hee... Awkward!Puppy

95. And an extra special bitchface for the Trickster

96. *gently kisses Puppy's six five forehead ... just 'cause*

97. Heh... Horatio!Puppy bitchfaces under his sunglasses

98. Horatio!Dean is nervous... so Horatio!Puppy attempts to calm him using the PowerfulPuppyTouch

99. Facial Shrug #6!

100. Horatio!Puppy is cool and he knows it

101. "... Jackpot." Hee!

102. "Get that guy a ... Tums." TeeHee! Oh Puppy, no matter how cool you try to act, you'll always be a cutie!

103. Back in the real world, Puppy breathes a sigh of relief... for now

104. Yep, that was short-lived ... now he's Kitt!Puppy

105. Kitt!Puppy wishes he was canine human himself again so he could run around through the leaves

106. Yay! Back to human canine his old self again! *smishes him*

107. Heh... Pyro!Puppy

108. Being Kitt!Puppy was no fun... time for another bitchface

109. And now a bitchface for Dean after that quite inappropriate comment regarding oil and Puppy's backside *g*

110. "Grumpy, Sneezy, or Douchy?" Ooh, Attitude!Puppy

111. "You may be an archangel. But I can kill you with my bitchface."

112. "... AND my

113. Awwww.... Overwhelmed!Puppy  *pets*

114. Poor Puppy feels threatened *protects him*

115. I know it's hard to see... but Facial Shrug #7!

116. Aw, Puppy wants to be back in a TV show... just as long as he doesn't have to be Gameshow!Puppy or Kitt!Puppy.  *g*

That's it for this week. Again I hope you liked it. :)
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