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Puppy!Sam Picspam #91 (Supernatural)

Posting this one a bit earlier than I planned since I'm going to be pretty busy today :)

Puppy!Sam Picspam Logo

Episode #5x09: The Real Ghostbusters

100 pics in total, so not dial-up friendly. Hope you like!

1. Hi, Puppy... Aw, Puppy's wondering why they stopped. He was enjoying the scenery and the feel of the wind in his hair

2. *stares*

3. Ooh, we get Flying PuppyHair!

4. What did Chuck need so urgently? Enquiring PuppyEyes™ need to know.

5. Hee! Grumpy!Puppy

6. Aaaaannnd the first bitchface goes to Chuck

7. Confuzzled!Puppy

8. Uh oh, a screaming fangirl.. Puppy's on high alert! (*tsk* like you're not used to it by now!)

9. Hm... Tentative!Puppy (don't blame him one bit)

10. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

11. The still Confuzzled!Puppy just wants to know WTF is going on already!

12. Puppy is curious of Mr. Scarecrow

13. Mr. Scarecrow wants to play with the Puppy, but he is not amused...

14. ... see the bitchface?

15. Would someone please help out the poor confused Puppy?

16. Eep! Puppy saw a Killer Clown! *comforts him*

17. Actually, deep down Puppy is intrigued. And is disappointed that there aren't any good seats left... should've bought tickets before the Gold passes sold out, Puppy...

18. ... though the panel subject matter disturbs him slightly...

19. I'mTooCoolForThisRoom!Puppy

20. Hm... check the rows for a missing fangirl...

21. Facial Shrug Alert!

22. Puppy really aint too happy with the setup of this con... see the PuppyPout?

23. Dean to Chuck: “Can you get a muzzle or leash for the Extreme Fangirl? She's scaring my puppy.”

24. He casts a wary set of PuppyEyes™ on her

25. Puppy: “Please, I'm begging you for the good of all Puppykind... call her off..” Dean, however, uses a more direct approach...

26. Puppy accidentally catches Extreme Fangirl texting a friend, telling about what she wants to do to him as soon as she gets him alone ... Oh, dear...

27. Chuck's sob story makes Puppy bitchface

28. The big, cute Puppy is eager to help a damsel in apparent distress...

29. ... but it turns out she was just faking! Puppy is insulted to have been taken advantage this way...

30. ... Grr... more Puppy Kewtness gone to waste... down the drain..........

31. He bitchfaces his way through the crowd

32. And an extra bitchface for the Fake!Damsel...

33. Oh noes! Puppy senses evil nearby...

34. Oh, it's just Extreme Fangirl... which is nearly the same thing to Puppy

35. Puppy gazes thoughtfully over the scavenger hunt LARPing activity sheet... and is disappointed that the prize doesn't consist of a truckload bag of puppy treats...

36. Aw, it's okay, Sweetie... we'll get you some :)

37. Having thoroughly enjoyed the puppy treats, puppy's now got a stubborn crumb stuck in one of his PuppyTeeth...

38. QuietlyAmused!Puppy

39. Spotting a particular pair of LARPers, Puppy tilts his PuppyHead in confusion... just how is the Fake!Puppy accurate? He lacks the signature flowing PuppyHair and the dulcet tones of the PuppyVoice

40. Nope, Puppy is no longer amused... *pours him a stiff drink*

41. Fuzzy, but... Facial Shrug #2!

42. Hee! Employing the Puppy Kewtness to dig info out of the hotel worker

43. *licks PuppyDimple* *nibbles PuppyNeck* *tousles PuppyHair*

44. Hm... the Puppy Kewtness didn't do the trick, so out come the PuppyEyes™

45. Puppy tells us, in a not-so-subtle way, that he wants his neck scratched

46. OMG! The state of the ghost child makes Puppy appreciate his PuppyScalp (and the PuppyHair attached to it) even more

47. “Hi! I'd like to check on an order I placed just recently? A case load of puppy treats? ... Yes, I'll hold...”

48. Oh noes! Extreme Fangirl is back and squicky as ever! Puppy hopes to ward her off with some Puppy Kewtness...

49. ... and an extra dose of PuppyEyes™

50. ... nope, she's still going strong.... Puppy is deeply disturbed...

51. You can tell by the magnitude of the PuppyEyes™ that the info Puppy has to share is very important

52. Puppy's still somewhat disturbed by Fake!Puppy's non-regulation PuppyHair

53. However, that's not important right now. He expresses his desire to work with the Fake!Dean and Fake!Puppy with some more Puppy Kewtness

54. ... And blaring PuppyEyes™

55. Puppy dislikes LARPing as Rufus... he tries to forget about it and goes off to his own little happy place... with some added help from a fangirl *g*

56. Heh... Awkward!Puppy

57. The PuppyEyes™ are a tad uncomfortable

58. But still earnest! *plays with strand of former PuppyMop*

59. OMG Puppy, look out!!

60. Puppy! Noooo!

61. Awww... *helps him up*

62. *hugs Puppy*

63. The LARPers are creeping Puppy out again... he begs them to stop with the PuppyEyes™

64. Confuzzled!Puppy ... yes, again

65. Aw... Worried!Puppy with some PuppyTongue

66. Thinky!Puppy

67. He instructs Chuck with the PuppyEyes™ to keep all the con goers safe

68. Chuck doesn't seem too convinced of the danger, though. Bitchface time.

69. “You don't think this is serious, Chuck? Why, Mr. Bitchface seems to think so...”

70. Ah, looks like the rest of the puppy treats have arrived... Puppy's salivating already!

71. “Eep! What am I doing? People are in danger and all I can think about is the puppy treats...”

72. “Save people or puppy treats.... people or puppy treats........”

73. Hee! SlightlyAwkward!Puppy realizes the crowd has overheard him...

74. Puppy insists he's been good and wants one puppy treat.... just one...

75. Facial Shrug #3!

76. Yay! Puppy's begging worked! Dean is getting those puppy treats delivered right into this room!

77. Puppy tries to contain himself...

78. Thanks, big brother. *glomps Dean*

79. Dean: “Got a favor to ask you... but first, see the big puppy to my left? Isn't he cute? Keep looking at the puppy...”

80. Puppy demonstrates his cuteness to her and asks for a kissy

81. Dean: “Just give her the Puppy Dog Thing.” Actual line!! Hee!!!

82. However, Puppy's disappointed that Dean would make light of his Puppy Powers in such a way. He'd do a proper bitchface, but he just can't work up the energy...

83. Struggling!Puppy.... ooh, check out those long PuppyLegs...

84. Sweaty!Struggling!Puppy..... GUH.... *nibbles PuppyNeck once through gawking*

85. *licks PuppyDimple*

86. Puppy to the rescue! Yay!

87. Again, Puppy, look out!!

88. Noooo!!

89. Leave the PuppyHair aloooooone!!

90. *phew* Aw... look at the pretty, tousled PuppyHair :D

91. Facial Shrug #4!

92. Puppy is glad that Extreme Fangirl has stopped Extreme fangirling him... but her tearful confession still creeps him out...

93. Even the Forehead Crinkles are creeped out...

94. LOL, nice act you're putting on there, Puppy! He looks like he's trying bravely not to cry.... and look, it's the Home/Hell House/Bloodlust PuppyShirt! *geeks out*

95. Still, Puppy looks like he needs a hug. Awww... *hugs him* You'll always have us, Puppy!

96. I think he feels better now... he's basking in the glow of Puppy Appreciation :)

97. WTF?Puppy as Chuck/Becky imparts an extremely important bit of info

98. The PuppyEyes™ are indeed shocked

99. Thoughtful!Puppy

100. And finally, Outtake!Puppy... heh, what he's really saying is, “when you get done up there, come down here and scratch my neck.” ;)

That's it for this week! New picspam for the next episode should be up next week. And then it's time for hellatus -- Boo!! But let's not think about that just yet. :)
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