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SPN #5x10 Abandon All Hope (episode review)

This is going to be more review and less synopsis because it's been a crazy day... I'm exhausted and got a nagging headache. :P But here it is FWIW. Again I'd really appreciate no Dean or Sam bashing. Thanks in advance. :)

Mark Sheppard did a good job as Crowley I have to say. I liked his interaction with the boys, especially when Dean asks him what happens if they end up not killing Lucifer. He retorts "How about if you don't miss?!! Idiots!!" or something like that. Heh.

Rewinding a bit, so I guess the guy who made the deal with Crowley is the guy who got the Colt from Bela? And Cas just happens to see this all go down (the sealing of the deal).

Back to Crowley and the boys... he wants them to kill Lucifer because even though Lucifer created them he pretty much uses them as pawns. Huh, interesting to have a demon on their side, sorta. Ben Edlund and his irony strikes again as we see Crowley watching what looks like footage of an old war movie (or old war footage itself? Like WWII?) and "Everybody Plays the Fool" is playing in the background.

Then the boys, Ellen and Jo are back at Bobby's place for some debauchery before the big event. "Oye Como Va" is playing while the girls and Cas are drinking shots (Cas after drinking a few: "I feel something.").

Our boys are talking and Sam doesn't quite trust Crowley, leading Dean to retort that Sam having trust issues with demons seems to be a first. Sam gives him a sarcastic thanks for his support. Then Dean doesn't want Sam coming with them because they'd be handing Luci's vessel right over to him. I guess some might say that Dean is only thinking about winning this and not about Sam, but I think it's clear he's still wanting to protect Sam. Sam won't have any of it and tells him "if we do this, we're doing it together." Aww. :) Dean accepts it.

And here comes the Dean/Jo stuff. Dean says they should "eat, drink, and make merry." Heh. But oooh, Jo shoots him down because she wants to keep her self respect. Wow, burn.

When Bobby insisted on taking the photo of them all, I felt pretty sad because I knew that someone wasn't going to make it out of this alive (well... and because I'm a spoiler whore and heard that there'd be at least a death or two in this ep). Dean's got his raised eyebrows of doom in the resulting pic, while Sam looks kind of tentative or worried, IMHO.

The town is empty but Cas sees lots of reapers around and they only appear at times of disaster. And then he ends up trapped by Lucifer. I raised an eyebrow when Luci referred to him as "brother", but I guess he meant only in the sense of them both being angels.

Cas tells him he won't take Sam, Cas won't let him. Luci tries to make them equal, show how they're alike because they were both cast out. Cas says he'd die first and Luci returns "I suppose you will." Hmm....

Next is darling Meg with hellhounds. So I'm guessing hellhounds are at the beck and call of any demon then? At first I thought they were only for crossroads demons, and then of course Lilith, so I thought maybe only high level demons... but I guess Meg qualifies given Luci is her father...

Aw, good on Jo for saving Dean from those hellhounds, but then she herself gets attacked! Yep, she aint making it out of this.....

Dean gets Bobby on the radio and is choking up a bit as he mentions Jo and what happened to her. Bobby says that the number of reapers out there sounds like Death... like Luci is going to unleash Death and the reapers are waiting for the big boss to show. Interesting how this place (Carthage, MO) is tied to a Civil War battle.

The dying Jo comes up with a plan to build a bomb to rid them of the hellhounds. Dean doesn't want her to but she insists it will buy them some time and she'll pull the trigger, sacrificing herself. The scene between her and Ellen had me in tears. Whatever you think of Jo and/or Ellen, that scene between them was well done... the emotion between them was very palpable. Kudos to Alona and Samantha.

And yeah, Dean did kiss Jo. But the impression I got was it was a nice, tender kiss. More like a deep respect for someone with whom you have a familial bond. Not really romantic, although I know the Dean/Jo shippers will disagree with me. *shrugs* To each their own and I respect your opinion. :)

Ellen insists on staying with Jo and as the boys are about to leave, she tells Dean "kick it in the ass." Tribute to Kim Manners? Aw....

Hellhounds get inside and Ellen gives them a "You can go straight back to Hell, you ugly bitch" before setting off the bomb. *holds moment of silence for her and Jo*

The boys are at the site where the action is supposed to go down and Luci is there. Sam is pointing a gun at him but Luci says he doesn't need it, he'd never hurt Sam. Dean's aiming the Colt right at him and says "Well I'd hurt you. So suck it."

And with that he shoots Luci in the head!

Nope, not for one second did I think it would be that easy. He knocks Dean out and continues bla-bla-blahing to Sam about saying "yes" to him. Sam insists it will never happen but Luci says he think it will, in 6 months in Detroit. *starts getting worried* Sam still won't have any of it and says he'll tear Luci's heart out. Luci again tries to make himself equivalent to Sam, listing their similarities with being younger brothers and their older brothers called them freaks, monsters, and beat them down because they were different and have minds of their own. Ugh...... as much as the similarities can be intriguing, they really do worry me. Sammy sweetie, please hold your ground and not give into this bastard!!

Luci goes forth with some ritual where all the people present offer their lives.... though he says to the boys that they're just demons..... huh? I didn't get that part. I think i was distracted by how very gorgeous both boys looked.

Meg taunts Cas and calls the angels "cloud-hopping pansies", saying that her side is winning. He tries to gank her but there's that little problem of being cut off from Heaven... so he does a more "human" type of thing and pushes her into the fire.

Next thing he shows up at that field where the boys and Luci are. Luci says "Well hello, death." Um, who was he referring to there? Was it an unseen presence or was he actually talking to Cas? I looked away for a moment but what I'd seen was Cas showing up and then Luci standing there and saying the above quote......

After the commercial break we have the boys back at Bobby's house and a news report on TV in the background. What the.......? Um, okay, is it just me or did it seem like something was missing there? Did the boys just walk away from Lucifer? Did something else happen? *is totally clueless*

They throw the photo Bobby had taken earlier in the fire and Dean watches it burn, honing in on Jo's face.

Final thoughts: Yes, they were right when they said there'd be two deaths in this ep. RIP Ellen and Jo. You are dearly missed. :*( We can still see Dean in protective mode in not wanting Sam to go with them in the beginning. I guess it could look like he still doesn't trust Sam and is afraid that he'd say yes to Luci, but I honestly did see hints of that protective mode. I think it's a hard thing for Dean to shed; I'm sure he's trying to see Sam as an equal, but this isn't something he can give up easily.

And Sammy.... oh, Sammy. Hon, your resolve inspires me, but I'm still biting my fingernails worrying that something could lead you and Dean to Detroit in 6 months, and .............. ugh, no, I can't think about it. This whole thing makes me nervous and it'll be the death of me even before we return from the hellatus, LOL. But I love how he wants to be an equal in this and how he insists that he and Dean do it together. It reminded me of The Magnificent Seven when he said to Dean "if we're going down, we're going down together." *sigh*

Both boys were beautiful. Nice emotion from Dean when Jo was dying and then at the end. Could definitely see the concern from Sam too. And his hair was so pretty .... I love when they don't slick it back so much. (okay so that was pretty random, lol)

So, this was quite a ball of angst and some real loss. :( Still don't get what happened in between Luci welcoming Death and the boys being back at Bobby's place. I suppose that may be addressed in the future?

I won't spoil for the next ep, but I'll just say that the promo makes it look like it'll be pretty powerful. But again I'll try not to think about it too much. I guess it's DVDs to wile away the hiatus now.
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