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Depression By Proxy

Yesterday my mom called from work, asking if we could go to dinner last night (dad was out at a meeting) because she was depressed.  Naturally after I got home I had to ask why.  She is depressed because my dad is depressed, because some clients have owed him money for ages and still have yet to pay him.  So now she's got me depressed and I feel bad enough as it is because I haven't gotten a paycheck myself in two months.

Besides that...

I think I may be done with Stargate.  I know the show is coming to an end anyway, but I think I will be done with the movies as well.  First of all, not sure anyone has seen it but Michael Shanks did this farewell video up on the stargatesg1 site (if I remember...or was that SciFi's site? Gah I'm so depressed I can't even think clearly) where he mentioned some scene in the second dvd movie that Daniel has and the way he talked made it sound like he won't interact at all with anyone else. I guess that's a huge assumption but I don't know, I don't have a very good feeling about it.  I highly doubt I'll watch the first one because I'm betting that, since Rob Cooper wrote it, there will be lots of D/V ship in it and Daniel not caring about Sam and Teal'c whatsoever.  Unending was bad enough, if we get more of the same in that first movie I refuse to watch it.

Secondly, Michael gushed and gushed like crazy about Claudia Black once again, even going as far as to say that if they both weren't married, they'd make a good couple.  Now I'm guessing that doesn't bother Lexa at all and if not, more power to her.  But if my husband said something like this about a co-worker and friend, and I heard it or found out about it, I'd be pretty annoyed.  I know it's his prerogative to say whatever he wants and I know he's human and all that, whatever floats his boat, but I'm just getting tired of all the gushing over CB.  It's great he enjoys working with her so much, no problem with that, but is he ever going to talk about his other friends for once? I know he's talked about Chris Judge but he never says anything about RDA or AT anymore.  I was hoping that in his farewell video he'd talk about what it was like working with these people, all his friends, over the past ten years.  But I guess some are more important than others.  Sorry, I guess I have no reason to let this bother me and all, but I can't make myself enjoy Stargate anymore.  I really wish I could, but it's pure revisionist history now IMHO.  I'm going to try and pretend S9 and 10 never existed.  Call me crazy but I can't help it.  I miss the good old days when everyone was friends with each other and acted like it (or was portrayed as such, anyway).

Well I guess I'll try thinking of something to get my mind off all this.  I hate being depressed. :p  Congrats if you managed to read my rant and not come away thinking I'm insane.  It's just one of those days where everything seems really bleak and there's hardly anything to look forward to.
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