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The Christmas Cottage Picspam

First I want to wish a Happy Birthday to anastdean !! Sorry I'm a little late hon, but I hope you had a wonderful day :D *HUGS tight*

Okay, I ended up posting this a little later than I hoped, but at least it's in time for Christmas, right? :) It's a super huge picspam, too - 128 pics. What can I say, it was so hard to choose from all the adorable (and gorgeous) pics. *g* So I've split this into two parts. The link for the second part is at the bottom of this page.

(lol couldn't decide what to call him... I guess for this picspam he's technically Puppy!Tom or Puppy!Kinkade, but I couldn't decide... but in the end he's really Puppy!Jared, right?)

1. well, helloooo there...

2. Don't be shy...

3. Puppy tongue'age!

4. Oh ... my

5. The PuppyEyes™ ...

6. PuppyDimple! *feels faint*

7. mmm...

8. *Removes Haley ... er, Hope .... inserts self*

9. Miz Model over there? The PuppyEyes™ request a favor...

10. .. see how they beseech?

11. Hm... little Duckface, perhaps?

12. It's chilly outside, but still ... puppies must go for their daily walkies in order to keep fit!

13. No one can resist a PuppyHug!

14. All aboard the Puppy Express!

15. Time for some puppy-to-puppy bonding

16. Facial Shrug Alert!

17. More Dimple'age!

18. Butt shot...

19. Facial Shrug #2!

20. Now what to those wondering PuppyEyes™ should appear...?

21. Wanna let us in on the joke, Sweetie?

22. Dimple'age and left-handed porn!! *dies*

23. He's lookin' a wee bit uncomfortable... need help with that scarf, hon?

24. *iz ded*

25. Bzuh?Puppy

26. *pets*

27. Puppy's confused...

28. And shocked. How could Mommy not be straight with the puppy?

29. It just makes no sense....

30. *pets some more*

31. Aw, poor baby can't sleep. Let's comfort him

32. *rolls him over* Ooh, nice bicep porn...

33. There there, Sweetie, you'll be fine... *gives more comfort*

34. Yep, it seems to be working... let's continue... *g*

35. Puppy's tired. He needs a nappie...

36. See?

37. Let's put him to bed.... oh, he really likes that idea....

38. Hai!

39. Baaaaaaangs!! *pets them*

40. The PuppyEyes™ work a LOT better with the bangs aka PuppyMop. *nods*

41. Pretty girl makes Puppy sit up and take notice. He really wants one of those...

42. Eep......

43. Hmm...something wrong with that girl to ignore such a cute puppy...

44. Hee!

45. Facial Shrug #3!

46. Ooh, flying PuppyHair...

47. Hmm, what has caused the PuppyMop to suddenly become restrained so? He's workin' a little Puppy!SamWinchester there...

48. The PuppyEyes™ are turned up to an 11... he really wants to paint the mural, pleeeeeze?

49. D'awwww!

50. Oh oh, he must have one of those uncomfortable itches. Let's help...

51. I think he really enjoyed that. Yep.

52. Another one? Don't press your luck, bub.

53. *sigh* Okaaay. You win.

54. Yep, it's the “I won” bitchface.

55. OMG TEH KEWT. *flatlines*

56. *still ded*

57. Oh, that's right, I called for another ride on the Puppy Express. Can you blame me? *g*

58. “Hi, I'd like to order a couple of things ... #465A, the extra extra large bag of gummi worms, and #752Y, the bacon cheeseburger flavored puppy treats?”

59. “Okay, I'll hold...” *lovingly fingers the PuppyMop*

60. “What? Back-ordered? Aw, I was really hoping for..... no it's okay, I understand. Thanks.”

61. *hangs up* Aww.... *pets*

62. Profile Porn and more Left-Handed Porn!

63. Aw! Gleeful!Puppy

64. Glen realizes how lucky he is to have such a cute puppy for a companion

Hope you like it so far. :) Here's Part 2!
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