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The Christmas Cottage Picspam, Part 2

Here's the last part of the Puppy!Jared/Puppy!Tom/Puppy!Kinkade (whatever you want to call him, LOL) picspam. Hope you like!

65. *so wishes that was my hand there*

66. Awww...

67. *pets him some more*

68. Who is it that dares disturb the artist at work? They're getting a deadly dose of PuppyEyes™

69. Aw, it's just his fellow puppy friend!

70. *loves*

71. They communicate via PuppyEyes™

72. TeeHee!!

73. Is it me or does he look a bit weirded out in this pic?

74. And now he feels bad for letting himself be weirded *hugs*

75. His discomfort here is noted... so wishing it was a fangirl instead of Daddykins...

76. Wheee, more Left-Handed Porn! And pretty hair creeping out underneath that hat... *gets grabby hands*

77. Hm, those PuppyEyes™ aint too keen on being disturbed once again...

78. Gah! The dimple'age!

79. Awww.... *huggles*

80. Puppy!Kinkade is here. And he cares. Mm-hm.

81. Here we go again... killing with cuteness, are we? Guh... *falls over*

82. *resists the urge to tousle the pretty PuppyMop*

83. Soooo pretty....

84. EEP! Fluffy PuppyHair! PuppyMop!!

85. *wants to take that scarf and...... no, never mind...*

86. *licks dimple*

87. “They're STILL back-ordered? Noooooo.” :(

88. Puppy hopes to appeal to Daddykins with the PuppyEyes™

89. But they don't seem to work on him. Poor Puppy looks like he's gonna cry...

90. Awwwwwww. *pets*

91. Butt shot!

92. SadYetDetermined!Puppy

93. “You mean you DIDN'T call for the Puppy Express??”

94. He really is milking the Sad!Puppy thing in this movie, isn't he.

95. The PuppyEyes™ just scream out “please adopt and take me home, pleeeeeease?”

96. Bull Shannon amuses Puppy to no end... (bonus points if you get that reference without having to click on the link! *g*)

97. *dies from kewt... again*

98. *and again!*

99. Return of the PuppyTongue!

100. Hm, SOMEone's very smug... or trying really hard to keep from laughing...

101. *iz ded yet again* He really needs to stop doing that.... or not...

102. Um ... oh noes?

103. All those meanies picking on Puppy... he tries to stifle a bitchface...

104. Wait a sec...

105. Silly girlfriend, don't just stand there, hug that Puppy!

106. *pets*

107. Such beauty...

108. Let's forget for a moment how sad this scene is and focus on the PuppyMop! Baaaaangs :D

109. *wants so desperately to ruffle them*

110. Awww... looking so lost here

111. Aw, PuppyTears...

112. And he starts breaking our hearts... :(

113. :(

114. *gives him huggles and pets the PuppyMop*

115. Artist!Puppy hopes his creation goes over well...

116. *happy sigh*

117. *envies Marcia Gay Harden*

118. Puppy is concerned

119. PuppyEyes™, PuppyMop, Lip Porn... he's got the whole combo working for him

120. ...........

121. *flatlines*

122. Uh oh, I guess I've worried him now...

123. I'm okay, I promise!

124. Looks like he believes me... *crosses fingers behind back*

125. “I can haz hug nao plz? Kthx”

126. *pinches PuppyCheeks*

127. Mmmm... more PuppyProfile and Left-Handed Porn :D

128. And awaaaaay they go! *follows*

And that's it. Again I hope you enjoyed this, and a Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

*collapses in a heap on the floor*
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