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SPN #5x11 Sam, Interrupted (episode review)

Sorry I'm doing this later than usual. Was watching Burn Notice last night and then was just too tired to be online...and today I feel like I've got some kind of bug. :P Hopefully it'll ease up. But anyway, here's my review, for what it's worth...

Was it just me or did this episode vaguely remind anyone of Folsom Prison Blues? Back then Dean wanted to help Deacon, who had saved John's ass a few times. Now Sam wants to help Martin, who apparently saved John's ass a few times. Plus all the patients are convinced there's some kind of monster, but the doc doesn't believe them and thinks it's just them being their usual selves. In FPB that guy Randall saw that one guy get killed but no one seemed to believe him (if I remember right). Just some interesting parallels I noticed.

Anyway it was interesting how the boys told the doc the actual truth when they were checking themselves in. Like it would sound so crazy, he wouldn't take it seriously and think they were just nut-jobs. Poor Sam though, you can tell he's still blaming himself for the whole apocalypse. Dean steps in and tells the doc it wasn't his fault. He brings up Ruby who got him addicted to demon blood. Yeah I know he didn't mention that he'd broken the first seal, but there's only so much they can say. Maybe he didn't want to go too far in the whole explanation... or maybe he's in denial because it bothers him so much. Who really knows. But I was glad he said that Sam's not evil. I like the "he's not evil, he was just... high" line. And how he pats Sam at the end of that scene. Heh.

Okay, something a little odd about that nurse. I knew something was up with her, but the way she was presented as a pretty minor character, it still threw me a little when she was revealed to be the wraith. Love how Dean called her Nurse Ratched, though. And poor Sam being told to take down his pants. Heh... now that's a job I wouldn't mind having. *g*

I think I also saw some parallels with ELAC.. or at least they tried to draw one. Sam seems to want to get right back on the job to take their minds off what happened in the last episode. And Dean is worrying him because he's holding all his emotions in (like he did after John's death). It seems that both had some feelings still to be reckoned with that were brought forth in this episode, perpetrated by the wraith. More on that later.

Liked how the boys didn't seem too keen on being split up for the group sessions. In his, Sam notices some of the patients going on about seeing monsters while the doc insists it's all in their minds.

Then there's that girl Wendy who suddenly kisses Dean and gropes him. Sam: "Dude, you cannot hit that." Heh. Then later on she goes for Sammy, saying she now likes him because "he's bigger." *g*

I liked how they played "gotcha" about who the wraith was. At first it could have been the shrink since she seemed a bit suspicious. And then it appeared to be the doc (which almost would've made sense given the way he kept insisting there were no monsters there), but his wounds from the silver plated knife didn't show any telltale signs. The scene where Sammy performed an autopsy and removed the one guy's brain was kinda squicky. But I love how they were about to be caught and Dean took down his pants and just went "PUDDING!" LOL.

Oh by the way, did that nurse remind anyone else of Lilith's "personal chef" from Lucifer Rising? Just the way she talked and called Dean "Sugar"... I think the nurse from Lucifer Rising was talking in a similar way to the baby she was wheeling down the hall, something like "Okay, Sugar..."

Anyway... awwwww, Drugged!Sammy! He tells Dean this wasn't his fault, "you're my brother and I still love you." And then...


Hee!! Love ya, Sammy! And Dean's reaction was priceless.

So it then seems like all their unresolved issues are brought to the forefront through the hallucinations. I didn't really know Dean's shrink was one of them, although the way she described his afflictions in the beginning (narcissism, etc.) was interesting. She starts telling him that he can't save everyone, that he broke the first seal. A-HA. So, Dean does apparently feel guilty about this, but he just hasn't brought it up. Will we see him tell Sam at some point this season? I hope so. Same thing is going on with Sam and the doc, telling him that he's not human. Poor Puppy wants a second chance. Then he sees Dean repeating basically the same stuff from their confrontation in Sex & Violence, and a big crowd around him joins in. He starts fighting them off before he gets taken away. Dean (the real Dean) wants to know what is happening.

Dean visits Martin and seems to be figuring it out, that crazy is the clue. For some reason he thinks that Wendy passed it onto them when she kissed them. But of course it turns out to be Nurse Ratched!

Who visits poor Sammy who's tied up like he was in When the Levee Breaks. So we finally learn who he was saying "You did this to me!" to in the preview. Not Dean, not Mary, but Wraith!Ratched. However she says that all the anger and stuff is real, she just brought it out of them. She's about to feast on Sam's brains when Dean busts in. She gives him the upper hand till he manages to snap off her horn feeding thingy and then stabs her. Yeah I know it would've been nice for Sam to try and save him but he was all tied up. The only way he could've done it was to use some mojo like he did in Nightmare to get the closet door open, and it seems his mojo is gone. So... oh well. But at least she's dead before she got to snack on either one of them.

At the end Sam admits to Dean that he is still mad. He'd been mad at Dean and John, then at Lilith and Lucifer. But it's not them, it's him. He's mad and he doesn't know why. I wonder if Sam would ever end up mad at Mary since she essentially started all this by making the deal with the YED to save John. Anyway this really seems to bother Dean. He wants Sam to bury his anger and not say yes to Lucifer. He asks Sam twice "are you with me?" Sam seems to hesitate but then says "I'm with you."

I really hope so. :(

Preview for next week looks interesting. Wish we had some promo pics though. Have they ever done this before? Not had promo pics for two episodes in a row?
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