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Puppy!Sam Picspam #93 (Supernatural)

Guess who's back after a waaaay too long hiatus!

Episode #5x11: Sam, Interrupted

116 pics this time, so not dial-up friendly at all. And my humor may get a little weirder than usual at times, but ..*shrugs* ... what can I say - I was inspired. *g*

1. Hi, Puppy. Hmm, it's the PleaseBelieveThatI'mCrazyPleasePleasePlease!PuppyEyes™

2. PuppyTongue! Looks like he's hungry again... *runs out to Impala to fetch PuppyTreats*

3. Now Puppy's gonna hurl? Maybe that wasn't a good idea...

4. Warming up the PuppyEyes™ again... must convince Doc to adopt admit him...

5. Glib!Puppy

6. How 'bout a little sympathy for the Puppy?

7. “*sniff sniff* Do I smell PuppyTreats?.... I do!! Mmmm...”


9. “You believe me, right?” *PuppyEyes™*

10. Still playing up the kewtness, but thanks to NurseRatched his PuppyTail is firmly between his legs...

11. Yep, Puppy's got a bad feeling about this...

12. Hee... DesperatelyTryingNotToLaugh!Puppy

13. Dimple'age!! *dies*

14. 'ScuseMe?Puppy

15. *nibbles PuppyNeck* *runs fingers through PuppyHair* *hugs Puppy's wardrobe consultant*

16. Yep, Puppy's getting into Fight-or-Flight mode...

17. Aw, be brave, Puppy... can it really be any worse than the usual fangirl treatment?

18. Still ... *gives hugs and moral support* *smooths back the extra long PuppyMop and gently kisses six five forehead*

19. Puppy looks properly traumatized... though he really is workin' the robes... *g*

20. He really wants a kissy for his troubles.... alright, boy, if you insist...

21. Nope, still shell-shocked... think more kissys are in order...

22. And a huggy for good measure

23. Hm, I think he wants his neck scratched now

24. *kisses the pretty PuppyLips*

25. Uh oh, Dean's starting to complain. Here comes Mr. Bitchface!

26. Profile!Bitchface

27. IGotNothin'!Puppy

28. DeeplyConcerned!Puppy wants to play a round of Disappearing ForeheadCrinkles. Now you see 'em...

29. ... Now you don't!

30. It's been such a while since Martin has seen them and he's overly excited that Puppy still remembers the Gimme Paw trick

31. And Puppy of course is still expecting a PuppyTreat as reward! Hee :D

32. Awkward!Puppy

33. Confuzzled!Puppy

34. The PuppyEyes™ hate being confuzzled...

35. The ForeheadCrinkles aint too pleased either...

36. *nibbles*

37. Facial Shrug Alert!

38. Oh noes! Puppy don't wanna be separated from big brother!

39. Curious!Puppy *nibbles PuppyEar*

40. Puppy practices the High Beam PuppyEyes™ to win more pity points from Doc

41. Dean, don't look now but there's a big cute puppy following you!

42. Awwwww, Puppy missed big brother... *wibble*

43. But yet he tries to one up Dean with the PuppyEyes™... sweetie, there's no need for you to do that... you know you're the PuppyEyes™ champion!

44. Puppy wonders if the supply closet has any brain bleach in it

45. Amused!Puppy

46. “Dude. You CANNOT hit that.” Heh.

47. Schoolmarm!Puppy is very disappointed in Dean's lack of restraint

48. That's it... the Extreme PuppyEyes™ punishment for him!

49. Puppy wonders why this big, ugly ad is blocking his face. He didn't ask for this...

50. The PuppyEyes™ worry they'll be caught

51. Puppy really wants the role of coroner, and begs Dean with the PuppyEyes™

52. Facial Shrug #2!

53. BrainSurgeon!Puppy at work! .... Hmm, he actually seems remorseful removing a dead man's skullcap

54. Excited!Puppy... “Look! I found a chew toy where his brain was supposed to be! Can I keep it?”

55. “......... I can't? *pouts*”

56. “Meh. It was crummy-looking anyway...”

57. OhNoes!Puppy

58. *writes flowery love letters to Puppy's fashion consultant*

59. Hoping a dose of the PuppyCharm will save their asses

60. Hai, PuppyBicep!!

61. Hee! Puppy says Hello to Dean with his own personal Puppy Greeting!

62. Another Dean fangirl taking an interest in Puppy... anyone surprised? ;)

63. Lucky fangirl... kissing the PuppyLips and hands in the fluffy PuppyHair...

64. Aww... she's coming on a bit too strong... poor Puppy can't breathe...

65. The PuppyEyes™ cry out for help

66. Hee... and just like that she's gone. Poor Confuzzled!Puppy

67. That amazing unpleasant event behind him, Puppy's six five forehead wants to get back to business at hand.

68. Sympathetic!Puppy

69. Dark, quiet, scary corridors make Puppy nervous

70. Attack!Puppy goes “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

71. Uh oh, Puppy made an error... now he's Chagrined!Puppy.

72. *SO wishes that was my hand in the PuppyHair*

73. T-minus 5 seconds till PuppyWibble...

74. Puppy? Hellooo? *waves hand in front of the PuppyEyes™*

75. *tsk* Puppy's in the doghouse now

76. *mind firmly planted in gutter*

77. Aw... HappyDrunk!Puppy

78. High!Puppy thinks Dean could do with some of the PowerfulPuppyTouch

79. And an extra dose of PuppyEyes™

80. “I's a kewt Puppy, aint I?”

81. Facial Shrug #3!

82. Hee! Goofy PuppySmile!

83. Uh oh, High!Puppy appears to have swallowed his lips...

84. Another application of the PowerfulPuppyTouch couldn't hurt...

85. Hm... Schmoopy!Puppy?

86. Giving Dean some tough Puppy Wuv!

87. GotYerNose!Puppy goes “BOOP!”

88. Hee! High!Puppy is so easily amused! *huggles him*

89. Puppy has a visitor! The PuppyEyes™ hope against hope that it's a fangirl

90. Preferably a fangirl who's brought PuppyTreats with her

91. Oh, it's just Doc... the PuppyEyes™ are brimming with remorse for having attacked him

92. Awwwww. *pets*

93. Incredulous!Puppy

94. Puppy tries to stifle a bitchface as “Dean” bashes him

95. And to add insult to injury the imaginary!crowd joins in. He's full on bitchface now.

96. Noooo! Leave Puppy alooooooone!!

97. When Puppies Attack!

98. Ooh, look at the flying PuppyHair!

99. Puppy howls for them to leave him alone... awww :(

100. *sigh* DejaVu!Puppy

101. Poor Puppy... Wraith!Fangirl has gone too far! See, when we fangirls cuff him, we use fuzzy cuffs so as not to chafe his poor PuppyLimbs...

102. Bitchface Deluxe for Wraith!Fangirl

103. Flashback!Puppy... *twirls fingers in PuppyHair*

104. Uh oh, there I go... sinking into Gutterville again...

105. *gasp* You dare to touch the mighty six five forehead!

106. Puppy disapproves. Highly.

107. Mr. Bitchface kindly requests that you unfasten these restraints. Now.

108. Noooooo! *protects the six five forehead*

109. “Hello? Helloooo? Captive Puppy here!” Awww.... *wants desperately to help teh Puppy*

110. “Huh? When you gonna untie me?” .... oh, sorry, Sweetie. It's just that seeing you all tied up makes my mind go off to forbidden places........

111. “Uh...that's nice, but I hurt... PuppyLimbs chafed and all...” Oh... *sigh* okay... *goes to untie him*

112. OhNoes!Again!Puppy

113. Well they're out... but Puppy is still troubled

114. Puppy looks absolutely exhausted, doesn't he.... needs a nice hot bath and massage..

115. Sweetie, please don't be mad! You have a whole group of fangirls here that are eager to make you better...

116. *hugs Puppy*

That's it for this week. Oh and before I forget, this ep inspired me to make an icon (not spoilery at all so I'm putting it outside of the cut):

If you like it, feel free to take and use... credit not totally necessary but always appreciated. :)
Tags: art: icons, picspam, supernatural: sam winchester

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