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SPN #5x12 Swap Meat (episode review)

Okay I don't think this one is going to be as detailed as my reviews usually are... don't have a whole lot to say, but... for what it's worth...

I dunno, this episode left me a little... sad? Empty? Not sure what, really.

Jared did crack me up in the beginning though, with the way he was acting as Gary in Sam's body. Insisting proudly he could have a drink because he's 26 and shows his ID. He orders a banana daquiri and when the girl Crystal asks if he wants to get out of there and do something else... lol, loved his reaction, the whole "Crystal, I would LOVE to have the sex with you!" Hee.

This week the guys are in Housatonic, MA, following up with a woman who used to babysit them when their dad was away. The woman's daughter is being harassed by a ghost and has scratch marks in the form of words on her stomach. They think it's the spirit of a witch.

Is it just me or did the diner where Sam and Dean then show up look kinda like the diner they were in during the beginning of Death Takes a Holiday (where Dean asked Sam if he actually does hold him back)?

Anyway Gary overhears them talking about the case. The boys split up to search for info on the witch when Sam gets attacked by an arrow and passes out. He wakes up and it's kinda like Quantum Leap meets Freaky Friday.

Dean doesn't notice anything's up when Gary!Sam picks up dinner for them, although maybe just a bit when Gary!Sam asks to drive and ends up putting the Impala in reverse. He's really gung-ho on their hunt for the witch, and he asks Dean to turn up the rock and roll music, which kinda makes Dean raise an eyebrow.

It was kinda amusing though seeing Sam in a teen's clothes. *g* First in Gary's uniform, then in the Star Wars t-shirt. When he sees Gary's closet full of Star Wars t-shirts he proclaims "virgin." Then he sees he has Busty Asian Beauties magazine and proclaims "frustrated virgin." Hmmm... but Dean is a fan of Busty Asian Beauties as well....... *g*  

He tried to get a hold of Dean to tell him the guy with him isn't really him, he thinks they switched bodies and he thinks he has asthma. And it also turns out he's allergic to gluten when he tries to eat bread. Poor boy... lol. He tries to pass as Gary to his family and then to his friends at school. When he asks them what his locker combination is, they ask if he's drunk and he goes "oh yeah.. I'm seeing 3 of you now." Heh...

Turns out Gary has been getting into witchcraft and he finds an interesting book in his locker.

Turns out that Gary is supposed to kill Dean. Whoa. Gary!Sam aims his gun at Dean as they hunt for the witch's spirit but they both get knocked off their feet till Gary ends her. Gary's friends Trevor and Nora capture Sam and Gary's plan to kill Dean comes out. Apparently they've been talking to demons and Dean is Hell's most wanted. Gary went into a trance and drew a pic of Dean, when Gary's never been much of an artist. Hmm... flashbacks to Anna drawing all those freaky pics in IKWYDLS?

Dean is finally tipped off when Gary!Sam orders bacon cheeseburgers, which isn't like Sam given the salad thingie he ordered in the beginning at the diner. Gary!Sam also says the hunt was such an awesome time, which also isn't Sam's style. Gary gets into lamenting about your life being decided for you, and no matter how you fight you can't stop it. Hmmmmm. Dean actually can't believe they're drinking together. Gary!Sam guesses they don't do it often. He tells Dean that Dean's a good guy, Dean answers "you ARE drunk." Aw... that made me sad. :(

Anyway later back at the motel room Gary aims to kill Dean when Dean outsmarts him and kicks his ass. He tells him he isn't Sam and asks who he is.

Despite Sam!Gary's pleas that it's a mistake and they'll all be killed, Trevor summons a demon who possesses Nora. Trevor says he wants a reward for his troubles but Demon!Nora kills him. Then she finds Gary!Sam and Dean, who's been listening to the phone messages Sam has been sending him all this time. Gary tells her he wants to be a witch.

Looks like they are trying to draw some more parallels between Sam and Gary. Something about Gary getting away from a plan, from Daddy and MIT, and from being told what to do. She says she wants him to meet the devil, but he doesn't want to do that. She tells him he just has to say one little word - "yes" - and he'll be rewarded. Ugh... yeah, those are some parallels. :/

Both Gary and Dean exorcise the demon together. Then Gary does a spell to get him and Sam back in their own bodies. They take him back home and Sam tells him that if he isn't happy with his life at home he should rebel, in a non-satanic way. He tells Gary that Nora isn't interested in witchcraft, she's interested in him... and that he wishes he had Gary's life. After Gary goes back inside, Dean tells Sam that was a nice thing to tell him. Sam says he lied - the kid's life sucked, that the whole apple pie life sucks (hmmmmm, wasn't this something we heard from Dean back in S1? Bugs, if I remember correctly?). Dean tells him maybe they don't know what they're missing. He puts the rock music back on and Sam asks him to lower it. Dean: "Welcome back, Kotter."

Um... so, yeah... I dunno. This episode kinda left me wanting... Almost would've thought Dean would have caught on that this wasn't Sam earlier on, but he just raised an eyebrow at some of the irregularities. *shrugs* They were trying to draw some parallels between Sam and Gary. Gary being an ordinary kid, but he's so interested in witchcraft and I guess rebelling in a way from his family. The way Demon!Nora was talking to Gary, though, I'm guessing she was trying to draw the parallel to him and Sam with all that saying "yes" to the devil talk? Did she hope that Sam was in there somewhere and would hear her goading him? I'm a little fuzzy on that.

So I guess it wasn't too bad an ep... Jared did a pretty cool job with having Sam trying to pass himself off with Gary, and the funnier stuff in the beginning when he's talking to Crystal at the bar. And that interesting wardrobe he had (was that a hoodie I spotted for a while? *g*). But um... yeah... I was just kinda meh on it. :/

Next week's looks like it's going to be big, though. Looking forward to that.

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