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Puppy!Sam Picspam #95 (Supernatural)

Good day everyone! New week and a new picspam...

Episode #5x13: The Song Remains the Same

A bit smaller than the last one - a little more than 85 pics - but still not dial-up friendly. If you want to take any of these for anything, please feel free. :) Oh and Dean has a little part to play in it as well.

1. Hi, Puppy... come here, boy, don't be so shy...

2. Aw, Puppy looks like he needs a nappie...

3. Heh, already Puppy is tired of BS

4. *pets*

5. *softly kisses six five forehead*

6. Incredulous!Puppy

7. Huh... Puppy's trying hard to stifle the craving for PuppyTreats he just got

8. Hm... check to make sure all the fangirls are accounted for.

9. Pouty!Puppy

10. Puppy bitchfaces a car that nearly ran him over

11. But he tries to be polite anway...

12. Flying PuppyHair!

13. FlorenceNightengale!Puppy

14. Aw! Amused!Puppy

15. Puppy is, for some reason, intrigued by mustaches

16. Dean thinks it's odd. Puppy is hurt. Awww.

17. And of course he can't hold back another bitchface

18. 'ScuseMe?Puppy

19. Awww... Worred!Puppy

20. Those PuppyEyes™ and Forehead Crinkles are just brimming with worry

21. PaperChase!Puppy

22. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

23. More flying PuppyHair!

24. Ooh, the fangirls returneth...

25. Heh... MyIdeaBlowsYoursOutOfTheWater,Biatch!Puppy

26. Mommy answers the door, and Puppy affects the sad, lost little Puppy act

27. Awed!Puppy

28. Puppy at a total loss for words... *hugs him*

29. Awww, Sweetie...

30. And now he's OMIGAWD!Puppy as Daddy appears

31. Fuzzy, but... lookit the PuppyFace!! :D

32. So many emotions running through that PuppyHead now...

33. Aw, I think Puppy's gonna cry...

34. Yep, those PuppyEyes™ are a-waterin'... :(

35. *pets Puppy*

36. Again it's fuzzy... but still... *dies*

37. Puppy shows Daddy that he still remembers Gimme Paw the way Daddy taught him

38. “Why, thanks! There's magic in these PuppyPaws... which I no doubt inherited from you... *cough* uh, I mean... my Dad...”

39. Um, fangirls... this really isn't the appropriate time or place...

40. Dean: “Heh, don't worry about him... it's been a really long day and he's been pretty tense... not an easy traveler..............”

41. Aw... Puppy is still in such awe of Mommy

42. “You are just so beautiful.” *LOVES*

43. Now he's trying to impress her with Blue Steel?

44. Such a sweet Puppy. Bless him :)

45. Now the fangirls have moved on to Dean... Puppy tries to act casual...

46. Not really working, is it? *pinches the PuppyCheeks*

47. Facial Shrug Alert!

48. Puppy expresses his frustration over Daddy's disappearance with a bitchface

49. Hero!Puppy! Go get 'er, boy!

50. The PuppyEyes™ aint liking this family road trip too much

51. Seriously... he really wants to open the window and stick his head out... feel the wind in his PuppyHair...

52. Puppy is impressed with Mommy's level of demon attack preparedness...

53. Puppy snacked on PuppyTreats on the way there and now he's got a stubborn crumb stuck in his PuppyTeeth...

54. *runs fingers through PuppyHair* .... Oh, Hai, PuppyDimple!

55. Aw, the PuppyEyes™ looks so pretty in this light... heck the whole PuppyFace does.

56. Facial Shrug #2!

57. Puppy don't like Young!Daddy talking smack about Daddy, so he double teams him with the PuppyEyes™ and Forehead Crinkles

58. Aww. :( *pets*

59. Young!Daddy may have gone too far... think I see a bitchface starting...

60. Aw no, Sweetie's gonna cry again...

61. The PuppyEyes™ can't hold back the emotion

62. Let's see a closeup of that...

63. Oh, Sweetie. :( *hugs*

64. *gently kisses the six five forehead again*

65. Grim!Puppy

66. Oh noes, he's gonna cry again. Sweet puppy, come here... *gathers him into a hug*

67. Forehead Crinkles doing double duty here

68. The PuppyEyes™ join in

69. Sympathetic!Puppy

70. Combat!Puppy is ready for a fight!

71. Threatened!Puppy *tries to protect him*

72. Fuzzy, but AttackDog!Puppy goes GRRRRRRRR!!

73. Nooo!! Hm....not a bad butt shot, though...

74. Protective!Puppy

75. Puppy! NOOOOOOOO!!! *hurls expletives at Anna*

76. Nooooooooo :(

77. *sobs*

78. EEP!Puppy gets startled as Cas sneaks up on him and does not nice... *despite issues she has with him, sends flowers to Michael for bringing teh Puppy back*

79. Aw, Puppy's worried about the welfare of his newfound friend (or “newly declared friend”)

80. Thirsty!Puppy (aka NeedBoozeNao!Puppy)

81. Aw... Worried!(Again)Puppy

82. *pets the pretty PuppyHair*

83. Thinky!Puppy

84. Huh, don't think I've ever seen that PuppyShirt before... is it new? Puppy trying to vary his wardrobe a little?

85. Poor Worried!Puppy

86. Don't worry, Sweetie, we won't let anything bad happen to you...

87. Promise. *huggles him*

That's it for this week. Stay tuned for next time! :)
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