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Puppy!Sam Picspam #96 (Supernatural)

Guess who's back :)

Episode #5x14: My Bloody Valentine

Another huge picspam just like 5x12, so I'm splitting it up into 2 parts again. Just a little warning, my humor tends to get a bit naughty in here, but what can I say... blame him for that! lol

1. Howdy ho, Puppy... whatcha looking at, boy?

2. Confuzzled!Puppy

3. *pets teh pretty PuppyHair*

4. Fangirl check!

5. The PuppyEyes™ still need more info...

6. Poor girl is clearly upset... let's throw in some Sympathy!Puppy and PuppyKewtness...

7. Puppy now regrets asking for more info... he is disturbed by these additional details

8. Facial Shrug Alert!

9. Yep, it's the Tried & True Puppy Method of Collecting Info!

10. Patent pending... *nods*

11. *nibbles PuppyNeck* *plays with PuppyHair*

12. *pets*

13. *and a few other things....*

14. PuppyEyes™ say: “MOAR PLZ?”

15. Puppy returns with the PuppyTreats... and imbibes in a PuppyBeverage...

16. Duckface!Puppy

17. Whoa, some serious ForeheadCrinkle'age there...

18. Bzuh?Puppy

19. Yep, fangirls under the table again...

20. And Dean has apparently noticed this as well... Smug!Puppy

21. The PuppyEyes™ are just gobsmacked that Dean doesn't have V-Day plans

22. Bzuh?Puppy, Part Deux

23. OverlyConcerned!Puppy

24. Huh, Puppy ran out of the motel without combing his PuppyHair... *readies comb and brush*

25. Uh oh, his PuppySense is tingling...

26. Sweetie? You alright? *waves hand in front of PuppyFace*

27. Hmm, the PuppyNose seems somewhat disturbed... Dean must have farted again

28. Dean: “Doc, this is my, partner, Agent Cliff...” Puppy: *nods*

29. Puppy does his usual Gimme Paw greeting

30. Refrigerated body parts make Puppy cry... and Dean do a duckface ... for some reason...

31. And now he suddenly feels like he's going to puke (not that I blame him)

32. Facial Shrug #2!

33. Okay, ignore the innards... just focus on the PuppyEyes™... pretty PuppyEyes™...

34. Heh... Dean's bad pun deserves a bitchface

35. Dr. Puppy, most definitely the cutest coroner you'll ever find

36. Eureka!Puppy

37. When the PuppyEyes™ speak, everyone listens

38. SquickedYetCurious!Puppy

39. The fangirls have yet again sensed Puppy's discomfort and are lending a helping hand

40. Facial Shrug #3!

41. “Naturally...” Hee! Aww, Puppy, you're so cute :D

42. Puppy finds his PuppyBeverage a bit stronger than he'd expected...

43. The PuppyEyes™ wish to change his order

44. They're usually good at flagging down waitresses

45. Heh... Yep, HealthNut!Puppy is indeed canon!

46. Dean doesn't want his burger? Puppy is concerned... though secretly wanting it for himself... yep, don't let that salad fool you

47. Amused(andScheming)!Puppy... when Dean's back is turned, the PuppyPaws will grab that plate *g*

48. D'oh! Cas beat him to it... you waited too long, Puppy

49. Puppy is highly disappointed by this turn of events

50. Cupid has arrived... and even though Puppy can't see him, he bitchfaces him

51. Puppy can't help but watch in horror as Cupid... “molests” Dean... it's like watching a car wreck

52. Puppy begins to fear for his own safety

53. The still horrified puppy counts his lucky stars that he has been spared... so far...

54. Not for long, though.... uh oh, he's been discovered... and is now OhShit.Puppy

55. Eep!Puppy has his tail between his legs now

56. It's a PuppyEyes™ Cry for Help!

57. But can you really blame Cupid? Nothing beats a PuppyHug!

58. He's trying hard to stifle a bitchface

59. Yep, Puppy is so traumatized

60. MildlyConcerned!Puppy

61. TeeHee! Some PuppyKewtness encouragement for Cas

62. I think Puppy needs another huggy, a non-Cupid-induced huggy...

63. Dangit! Cupid vanished before Puppy could bitchface him

64. The PuppyEyes™ are disappointed in Dean for his sudden outburst

That's it for Part 1. I also have an icon to go along with it... putting outside the cut because it's not spoilery:

If you like, please take. Credit not totally necessary but appreciated. :)

And now here's PART 2 of the picspam!
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