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Puppy!Sam Picspam #96 Part 2

Here's part 2 of the picspam :)

65. Puppy still regrets not being able to get one last bitchface in

66. GuidanceCounselor!Puppy says it's time for a good heart-to-heart

67. But Dean refuses. Time for the LongSuffering!Puppy Eyeroll

68. DeeplyConcerned!Puppy ... awwww

69. SlightlyNervous!Puppy

70. Puppy looks a little sicky... *readies puke bucket*

71. Once again, the fangirls sense his unease and get to work *g*

72. Seems to be helping... Puppy looks a lot more relaxed ;D

73. See? He releases an explosive PuppyBreath

74. Looks like he has another uncomfortable itch he can't quite scratch

75. Ooh, some pretty, slightly damp PuppyHair

76. Oh boy, his PuppySense is tingling again

77. Puppy defends his Puppy Hide 'n Seek Champion title

78. AttackDog!Puppy bitchfaces Mr. Demon

79. Who'sLaughingNow,Biatch?!Puppy

80. Hee... Freaked!Puppy

81. I know he's distressed... but I have a sudden urge to go “beep!” to Puppy's nose :D

82. *Puppy wipes blood off knife instead of ingesting it* Good boy!

83. The poor sweet Puppy insists he is feeling fine... and would this be his favorite PuppyShirt of the season?

84. Slackjawed!Puppy gives us some PuppyProfilePorn

85. After what happened in the bar, Puppy really wishes Cas wouldn't make a point of eating burgers in front of him... it's really mean... plus he's starting to get hungry

86. Oh, sure, just taunt him with the Burger Hut bag, Cas!

87. Now you've done it. He's gonna blare the PuppyEyes™ at you until you give up the contents

88. See?

89. Maybe a little bitchface, too...

90. “Give up the food, and no one gets hurt.”

91. “Oh, you, I swear I'm gonna.....” Heh, do NOT tease Puppy with food

92. Awww... *feels bad for Puppy, gives him a burger*

93. Still upset, Puppy? Aw... let us fangirls attend to you...

94. *now within the deepest, darkest recesses of the gutter*

95. “I hear you eating burgers out there! Don't make me come out there!!”

96. uppy, sponging yourself down is such a hard, involved process. Why don't you let us give you a hand? *is hopeful*

97. Pleeeeease?

98. Would not mind a job like this, nosiree...

99. Heh, a crafty fangirl snuck up behind him ;D

100. “Man, that took a lot out of me... next time I'll let the fangirls help out...” *squeeing and high fives all around*

101. Aww... *softly kisses six five forehead*

102. Ashamed!Puppy... *hugs him*

103. he PuppyEyes™ and Forehead Crinkles try to convince Dean to go without him

104. Poor baby looks just exhausted... *gets planning with other fangirls for a special night in*

105. “Don't worry about me, Dean. The fangirls will take good care of me. Honest.” *PuppyEyes™*

106. Ah yes, part of the Fangirl Arsenal... though ours are usually padded or fuzzy...

107. Not the best location... but we make do with what we have.... *g*

108. Don't worry, hon ... we'll turn that frown upside down in due time ;D

109. Puppy really aint liking these accommodations... hmmmm... *glances at bathtub*

110. “Fangirls? Helloooooooo...” Unfortunately the rest of the fangirls got stuck in traffic...

111. *plays with flicky bits of PuppyHair*

112. Looks like the rest of them have arrived... let's get this party started! *EG*

113. Puppy didn't realize he had so many... creative fangirls

114. Back in good old Gutterville...

115. ... actually, I never left...

116. WTF? Demons posing as fangirls?? Well I never..... Puppy snarls and bares his teeth at them... and flashes a little PuppyMop while he's at it

117. Um.......... yeah I guess this can be taken more than one way, but.... Puppy, no!! Down! Bad boy!!

118. Nooooo! Bad boy, Puppy! Bad, baaaaad boy!!

119. “Wait your turn.” *fans self*

120. Later.... Yay! Hero!Puppy! A bitchface for Famine

121. ... And his minions.

122. Ooh boy... fangirls, this really isn't the time or place.....

123. Oh wait... it's just the supreme concentration needed to bring on the PuppyMojo...

124. OMG!Puppy

125. Oh noes! Sweetie, take it easy! *fetches Kleenex for Puppy*

126. Puppy: “Say it! Say 'Uncle'!” Famine: *dead*

127. Shocked!Puppy

128. Aw... I think Puppy needs another huggy... after we get him cleaned up, of course...

And that's it... last new picspam for a while. :( But I have plans to add to some of the older picspams I've done. And hopefully I'll be able to get started on the Dean Pron-a-palooza picspams soon too! Anyway  hope you enjoyed it!
Tags: picspam, supernatural: sam winchester

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