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SG-1: Memento Mori and SGA: McKay & Mrs. Miller

Warning: spoilers ahead! Follow the cut if you do not fear these.

First I have to say I was not impressed with SG-1. Sorry to all those who felt differently, but I really did not like it all that much.

Memento Mori:

Okay, first of all this one seemed eerily familiar to S5's Desperate Measures, where Sam was kidnapped by those darn "ninjas" by that Dr. guy (can't remember his name now) who was terminally ill and wanted to be cured by a symbiote and thinks he can get info from Sam who was once host to Jolinar. It was the NID. In this case, The Trust kidnaps Vala. We have a goa'uld who wants access to info that Vala has from when she was a host. Jack, Daniel and Teal'c tried to find Sam and they rescued her. Daniel, Sam and Teal'c try to find Vala and they rescue her. Hmmm, recycling plots a bit, guys? Maybe I am too picky...

Luckily the "date" thing was not as awful as I thought it was going to be. Daniel looked less than comfortable and he insisted to Vala at least twice that it was not a date. Still I didn't find it all that interesting.

Daniel's shirt was kind of interesting, though. At first I thought he was wearing his pajama top, like they were little blue balloons or something, but I think it's paisley. And what was up with his hair? And I mean "up" literally. Is he trying to make his hair spikey like Shep's?

I thought it was sad that Sam didn't do much in this ep. Come to think of it, Teal'c didn't either. It was all Vala, Daniel, oh and some Cam. And again we get no team moments and no moments between the original three. TPTB still seem to avoid sticking Daniel with Sam in any scene. In Daniel's lab/office/whatever it had to be Cam who visited him when he mentioned who he thought had Vala.

I realized now that spoilers lie. I knew before that they can mislead, but I think this was an outright lie (and if it was just a mistake, they should have corrected it). On Gateworld and on the Solutions site, the spoilers for this ep mentioned Cam and Teal'c interrogating the guy responsible for Vala's disappearance, while Sam and Daniel watch. Guess what? It was Daniel doing the interrogating, while Sam and Cam watched. Yeah okay it's not a big deal, but again, it's some cardinal rule that Daniel and Sam cannot be on the same piece of celluloid together. *rolls eyes*

I felt somewhat nauseous when the shippy music started up when Daniel told Cam about the first time Vala disappeared (Beachhead I guess) and how he wanted to believe she was still out there - and he wants to believe it now. *vomit* And of course that whole climax/ending thing had me a little ill.

Didn't think it made much sense for Landry to suddenly announce to Vala after she got back that she's on SG-1....the timing just seems really odd. And then we have Daniel insisting again that that thing wasn't a date. Maybe it's me, but Sam seemed kind of ticked off when she looked at him and left the room (wouldn't blame her actually).

So, yeah, lack of team stuff really bugged me. I guess we have to expect that this season though. If it keeps going like this, and they actually do get an 11th season, I hope it won't be more of the same because I'm getting a bit disgusted... sorry again and no offense to those who liked it.

McKay & Mrs. Miller

This one was good! As has been par for the course since this season started, I enjoyed SGA more than SG-1 (yeah Chris I admit it! *ducks*). Was a bit surprised on how the two Rodney's turned out, with the AU one being not quite as sarcastic and all that. But it was great and I liked the job that David's sister did. Liked how Jeannie's little girl ran up to Rodney and hugged him around the legs and he said something like "hello, little one." LOL. :) I could not stop laughing when I heard that his real first name was Meredith!! LOL! Funny to see his friends getting a laugh out of that.

I loved the team scene at the end where Rodney is annoyed to see Shep, Ronan, and Teyla sitting there and seemingly talking about how great Rod is, only to find out that they really weren't that crazy over him. I liked how he sat down and they all started talking it up and laughing. Such great team interaction, which is sadly missing from SG-1 now.

Think I'm going to settle in with one of my Stargate novels...or watch my S1 DVDs again for some good old team stuff... if I can stay awake.

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