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Friday Ups and Downs

Wasn't sure how else to title this... titles drive me crazy for fanfics so I guess I can extend that to LJ entries, lol

On the "up" side... it's Friday.  I can finally sleep in a little.  And in a few short weeks we'll be moving out of that office building and into the better workspace.  Can't wait for that.  My mom's birthday is on Sunday.  I can't believe she'll be 61.  I'm very thankful she has her health though.  We'll probably take her out to dinner that day. *hugs mom*

On the "down" side... my dog Penny had a physical and my mom was concerned because she's pretty overweight and can't seem to lose any weight no matter how much exercise she gets.  Plus she sleeps a lot during the day.  I know at 11 she's kind of old but still not like 14 or 15.  Anyway she had x-rays done and the vet wants her to have an ultrasound on her chest and abdomen because they thought they saw something in her lungs.  Right away I get worried and think cancer but they said they didn't see any masses on the x-rays.  At the most I'm hoping it's just some kind of infection that can be treated.  I'm probably worrying about this too much but our first dog Honey had lung cancer that came on suddenly and she passed away at 13.  She was a beagle/shepherd mix and Penny is a purebred beagle.  There probably isn't any connection but I can't help worrying anyway.  She would sometimes wheeze and the vet kept telling us it was some kind of "palate" thing (can't remember) that is common for the breed.  She's been doing it a bit more recently and we thought that's what it was, or allergies. 

I know I shouldn't worry so much because she's just a dog but she's a real member of the family and we've spoiled her since she was a puppy.  They want her to have the ultrasound done around June 15th but we don't want to wait that long.  Whatever happens I'm going to try to think positive about it and hopefully I'm worrying for nothing.
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