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Tutorial #2 (Icon coloring feat. Supernatural)

So I finally got the courage to make another tutorial! Hee. Again it's nothing too fancy, mostly just a simple coloring tut. Mostly trying to get a Photoshop Selective Color type of effect from a program that lacks Selective Color. This was made in Paint Shop Pro, and it does use Exclusion, so for anyone who uses GIMP you could try using Darken Only (I believe) in place of that? I believe there are some tricks to achieve a similar effect with GIMP but off the top of my head I can't remember where I saw them. Sorry about that. :( EDIT: Actually I've been given a workaround for GIMP users for this... check out the comments below. Thanks!

Anyway, here's what we'll be making:

-> or ->

Icon of Sam Winchester from Supernatural episode #2x01 In My Time of Dying.
Made in PSP 8.
Level: Easy/Moderate. Uses layer properties, Curves, Channel Mixer... but nothing too complicated.
Translatable: Should be, with the exception of using Exclusion for GIMP users as noted above.

1. Choose your pic. This tutorial seems to work best with pics that are dark but quite colorful. In this case, I'm using a screencap of Sam from IMTOD (actually to be technical, it's from the recap of a later episode, which is probably why it looks more saturated):

Crop and resize the pic to 100x100 pixels. You can sharpen if you like, although I'm choosing not to for this pic:

2. Duplicate the base layer and set it to Screen (100%). You can adjust this percentage later if it's too light.

3. Make a new raster layer and fill it with #000040. Set this layer to Exclusion (100%).

4. Go to Layers -> New Adjustment Layer -> Curves.

Under RGB, Put in these settings:
Input: 123
Output: 191

5. Layers -> New Adjustment Layer -> Channel Mixer

Put in these values:

Output channel: Red
Red: 116
Green: -33
Blue: 0
Constant: 0

Output channel: Green
Red: 3
Green: 69
Blue: 31
Constant: 0

Don't touch the Blue output channel, and leave monochrome unchecked.

6. Layers -> New Adjustment Layer -> Color Balance. Put in these values:

Midtones: 8, 4, -4
Shadows: 5, 8, 5
Highlights: 7, 0, 0

7. Now, duplicate your base, drag it to the top, and set it to Soft Light (35%). You can change the opacity if it makes the icon too light or dark.

8. Merge layers and you're done! The next few steps are optional if you want to add textures or text.

9. Use this image:

from here, originally made by urbanstrokes 

Paste it as a new layer on top of all the others and set it to Soft Light (100%).

10. Take the layer directly underneath it (that we got in Step 7 (duplicated base that was dragged to top and set at Soft Light (35%)) and duplicate it. Then drag this new layer to the top, above the texture layer.

11. Optional: add text. Use "You Are Loved" font from, set at 8 pt., color #C8D5C1. I typed "shattered" for this icon.

Merge all layers, and that's it!

Of course this tut won't work perfectly for all caps. As I mentioned, it's probably best for caps that are quite dark and maybe a bit more color saturated. But you can experiment with the opacity for the Screen layers and even the Color Balance to suit your needs. I hope you found this somewhat useful! I had fun making it. :)

Other icons made from this tutorial:

Again I hope you find this tutorial useful, and if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to let me know. If you decide to use it, I'd love to see what you come up with. :) And if you'd like to take any of these icons above, you're more than welcome to them. I only ask that you credit me for them. Thanks. :)
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