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More news...

Penny was able to have her ultrasound done on Tuesday and we got the results yesterday.  All they really found was that her spleen was inflamed, something they'd correct with surgery if she was younger but they're going to treat it with medication.  As for what was seen on the x-rays, they believe it was a small piece of ovary left from when she was fixed (spayed).  It doesn't seem to be causing any problems and they just recommended that she have another ultrasound done next year. 

As for her weight, the vet thinks it could be Cushing's Disease, and they can give her medication for that as well.  I am just so relieved that it isn't cancer.  We started giving her her medication yesterday and the past two days she's been more like her old self, jumping around, begging for food, barking at the neighbor's cat, etc. so I'm really glad.  I just hope she starts losing a little weight now.   Thanks guys for the well wishes, it means a lot. :)

Now just have to get myself through work today...  Got a visit from Aunt Flo last night and I'm sorta in agony right now. :P  Is it noon yet?
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