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SPN #5x15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (episode review)

Just finished watching this one and.....

Wow, Bobby, my heart breaks. :(  <//3  ... see?

So it starts off with a freaky lightning storm and a guy named Clay Thompson digging his way out of his grave, off to terrorize and murder another guy named Benny Sutton (and how funny was it that the nature program Benny was watching was eerily appropriate to his own situation, at least as far as the narration goes?).

Our boys are investigating this murder, posing as FBI guys. Turns out Clay had died 5 years earlier. Their investigation is interrupted by the sheriff. Heh, figured their having Bobby covering for them wasn't going to work all the time. She actually knew Bobby.

This ep was chock full of Dean/Bobby banter, I noticed. Like when they first arrived at Bobby's house, everything looks clean and Dean smells soap. He asks Bobby if he cleaned. Bobby answers "what are you, my mother? Bite me!"

Our boys break into Clay's house, but he doesn't act like a typical zombie. He believes their cover story as FBI guys and will go with them to the police. They go outside and Dean wants to shoot the guy, saying he's a monster. Sam: "He's a soccer dad." The sheriff arrives and arrests them. Clay realizes they're not FBI guys and can't believe they wanted to shoot him.

Dean: You're a monster!
Clay: I'm a taxpayer!


Bobby bails our boys out and it's interesting that he seems rather friendly with the sheriff. It turns out he knew about the whole zombie rampage but he didn't tell them. There's got to be a good reason why, and we find out in a second.

Bobby's wife is busy cooking. It's interesting how different she looks from the way she did in DALDOM, where she had dark hair and seemed a bit younger. I know they probably couldn't get that actress back so I guess it's one of things where you have to suspend disbelief.

Bobby's wife really likes to make pie, doesn't she? And Dean happily eats it up, hee. I believe I caught another bitchface from Sam as he was doing so.

Dean is mad that Bobby lied to them about this whole thing, and Sam doesn't seem that happy about it either (or at the very least confused). Bobby tells them that she just appeared at his door and she didn't seem to remember a thing about being possessed or being killed. They want to know why this is happening. Bobby reads about a pale horse and they believe that Death is at work here.

Dean: Another horseman. Must be Thursday." *g*

Since she is a zombie, Dean wants to kill her. Bobby thinks that a sign of the apocalypse is the dead rising from their graves. He asks them if this is a bad thing.

This scene broke my heart. He asks them to stop and listen. She's humming. He says she hums when she cooks... he thought he'd never hear that sound again. He tearfully asks them to leave her be. Aww, Bobby. :(

Dean still doesn't trust this but Sam finds it hard to waste her. Dean is outside in the junkyard when Karen appears and scares him. She offers him some food and after some coaxing he reluctantly follows her inside. Wow, she's made a lot of pie. And Dean's eating it. LOL. She knows he doesn't trust her and she knows what he does. She confesses she remembers everything, the demon taking over her body, etc. She didn't tell Bobby any of this. Dean wants to know why and she says she guesses he's never been in love. Her job is to protect her husband. Wow... don't know if I'd say he's never been in love before. He loves his family. He certainly loves Sam and has always said his job is to protect him (well, John helped to instill that in him, but it shows that he loves his brother). But whatever...

Sam meanwhile visits an old lady named Mrs. Jones. She looks like she's dying and is having trouble speaking. She motions him over to her and poor Sammy looks really squicked out about coming closer. He gets right up to her and she tries to attack him, getting icky stuff on his face before he shoots her. Oh and it looks like she killed her husband too...

So turns out that this is how the zombies "turn." They get sick. Feverish, and feeling hungry.

The boys try to tell Bobby but he won't have any of it. He won't let them kill Karen and wants them off his property. Ohhhh, Bobby. He even threatens them with his gun. Boys slink off and Dean is mad he's treating them this way because they're his family. Sam counters that she's his wife and mentions something about bigger fish to fry. So does it seem like Sam wants to get back to the whole apocalypse thing and saving people (from their zombiefied loved ones), while Dean is still focused on family? Or maybe I'm reading too much into it...

Meanwhile, the sheriff's recently returned son is having the symptoms and he ends up killing her husband. He goes after her until Sam saves her and ends up shooting the boy. Poor woman, the look on her face when she hears the gunshot.

Karen is coming down with these same symptoms. She tells Bobby she knows she's turning and she wants him to kill her. Bobby really doesn't want to do it. Aw. :( She tells him she saw a very skinny man in the graveyard (ooh... Death) and he gave her a message to give to Bobby. She didn't originally tell Bobby because she wanted to see him smile. Oh God, kill me now....... :(

He asks her what the message was but before we can hear an answer, we cut to Dean returning and hearing a gunshot. Bobby killed her.

Next we have the guys going up against the zombies. Wow, big zombie attack with Bobby and Dean wasting them in quick succession. More Bobby/Dean banter as they get trapped in a closet. Dean tells him they can't pick locks but they prove him wrong.
Bobby: Do you ever get tired of being wrong?
Dean: I'm making it up as I go along, so sue me!

They're outnumbered, but it's Sammy and the sheriff to the rescue!

At the end we're left with a funeral pyre for all the zombies. The sheriff looks mournful as her son was among them. Bobby has his own pyre for Karen. *sniffle* :( We can see why it was hard for him to kill her again.

What a revelation... he tells the boys what she told him. Turns out she saw Death and he came for Bobby. So Bobby has a price on his head now? He's the reason the boys keep saying "no"?? Oh gosh... what could this imply? Bobby is some major player and if he's taken out the boys will give in and their destinies as vessels will play out?

So, final thoughts....  gosh, what a sad episode for Bobby. It stung when he threatened the boys and wanted them gone, although he did apologize to them at the end. I also couldn't believe that he knew about this all along but wouldn't tell them. His devotion to his wife and how much he missed her was really influencing him and it seemed like he really wanted to believe she was going to be okay. Her death, especially him having to kill her must have been a really awful thing for him. I just... I don't know how I feel about all that, really.

Really interested in the revelation at the end. Seems that Bobby really has a major, major part in this if he is the one who is preventing the boys from giving in to Michael and Lucifer. I wonder exactly how he fits in to all this? Who he's really supposed to be in the whole heaven vs. hell picture? All I know is that I'm starting to fear for him now. As much as I've always liked him anyway, he really cannot die now if we want the boys to avoid their fate! At least I want them to, lol... want to see them next season as Sam and Dean, not Luci and Mike.

Promo for next week's ep looked pretty intense, without giving any spoilers away.
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