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Puppy!Sam Picspam #98 (Supernatural)

A new week and a new dose of...

Episode #5x16: Dark Side of the Moon

Hee... anyone like the icon for this post? I couldn't resist it, honestly. :)

Anyway, another pretty large picspam, 115 pics, so not dial-up friendly. I hope you like it!

1. Hi, Puppy... OMGWTF??

2. Hostage!Puppy. Nooo, leave that Puppy alone!

3. Puppy's kinda wary about Dean's attempts to negotiate

4. *hugs Puppy*

5. Dean: “Look at the cute, big puppy. Really, how can you even wave that gun around?”

6. *twirls wavy strand of former PuppyMop around finger*

7. The PuppyEyes™ are desperate

8. VERY desperate

9. Aww, look at that woobie face! How could anyone threaten that??

10. Puppy!! Nooooo!!!!

11. Nooooooo :(

12. *weeps*

13. Hey look, it's Mini!Puppy!

14. The PuppyEyes™ are hungry for some 4th of July mischief

15. Grateful!Puppy

16. D'awwww. PuppyHug, snack size ;)

17. Happy!Puppy. When he smiles, all is right with the world!

18. Ah, there's our Puppy... good to know the PuppyEyes™ are still in good shape...

19. Hee! It's SundayBest!Puppy... always happy to partake of any available food...

20. *pets teh PuppyHair*

21. Puppy's not really liking the jailbait flirting session

22. Oops – looks like she got a leeeetle too close to the PuppyBits there!

23. Embarrassed&Uncomfortable!Puppy tries ever so hard to stifle a bitchface

24. If it wasn't for this plentiful bounty of food, Puppy would so be out of there... he offers it a bitchface

25. Yaaaay, big brother to the rescue! But Puppy is torn... does he stay to eat the yummy food, or get away from creepy girl as fast as possible?

26. Heaven? The PuppyEyes™ are incredulous

27. Facial Shrug Alert!

28. Puppy doesn't understand. ALL puppies go to Heaven?

29. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

30. Whoa. The PuppyEyes™ are quite nonplussed.

31. Puppy's sooooo tired of BS already...

32. ... and tries to hold back a bitchface

33. Ooh, it's the Gleeful!Bitchface!

34. Worried!Puppy... aww... *pets*

35. Bzuh??Puppy

36. Poor Puppy looks so perturbed... *pets again*

37. Confuzzled!Puppy... he didn't know they could get Cas TV here...

38. Aw... Grim!Puppy

39. Poltergeist!Cas: “I'm STILL the Bitchface Master! Mwahahaha!”

40. “You dare to challenge me??” *extreme PuppyEyes™*

41. ... with a lil Blue Steel thrown in for good measure...

42. “Hah. Knew ya didn't have it in you.” *iz smug*

43. The PuppyEyes™ and Forehead Crinkles team up to say, “'Scuse me??”

44. Whoa... the road has turned into woodlands. So many trees and Puppy's not sure which one to hit first...

45. Ooh, instant PuppyWardrobe change! The PuppyEyes™ are wondering just what the heck happened!

46. Hm, Puppy seems somewhat disturbed by Dean's attire...

47. “You wuv hugs.” Hee! And you do, too, Puppy, admit it!

48. Puppy is deeply, *deeply* concerned. And that PuppyNeck is just asking for another nibbling!


50. Jealous!Puppy

51. “Mom?” Awwwww. :(

52. *pets*

53. He's really going all out with the lost little puppy routine... shame that Mommy can't see him :(

54. Mommy and Daddy's marriage *wasn't* all sunshine and rainbows and unicorns that don't exist? This saddens Puppy even more

55. Aw, Puppy's gonna cry... *hugs him*

56. Oh, someone's rummaging for PuppyTreats again!

57. Another PuppyWardrobe change, but I guess he's found some treats!

58. Ooh look, another puppy!!

59. Puppy goes “BONES!! *SQUEEEEEEEE*”

60. Aw, some real puppy-to-puppy bonding...

61. Warning: potential cuteness overload for the next few caps. Prepare thyself!

62. *squeeees in pitches only puppies can hear*

63. And look! More PuppyTreats! Yay!

64. Puppy hopes the extra kewtness will get Dean to allow him more time in his favorite memory yet (that was shown, anyway)

65. Aw... Guilty!Puppy

66. The PuppyEyes™ are sowwy...

67. ... See?

68. Time for the two puppies to go for their walkies...

69. he PuppyEyes™ are confuzzled again... another scene change? But at least the PuppyWardrobe is the same...

70. Facial Shrug #2!

71. PuppyTongue! Don't tell me he's hankering for more PuppyTreats...

72. More Guilty!Puppy... aw, could he look any more hangdog?

73. Poor Sweetie... *hugs*

74. Ooh, nice lighting on that pretty PuppyHair...

75. Aha, a fangirl has found them and is attempting to soothe Puppy after his escape from Zachariah. Dean can't help but look on in horror....

76. Feeling better, they continue the escape... with some nice Flying PuppyHair :D

77. Prepping a bitchface for Zach

78. Aw, Puppy is just thrilled to see Ash! We can't see it, but his tail is wagging like crazy!

79. Really fuzzy, but... Facial Shrug #3!

80. Puppy is just so danged amused! Bless :)

81. He wonders if Ash is immune to the PuppyKewtness and decides to try it out

82. “Anything yet? Any urges to pet the Puppy or give in to any other requests he has?”

83. Nothing yet... Puppy believes he must try harder... he ups the Forehead Crinkles...

84. Ash has seen Einstein? Puppy is mucho impressed

85. Nope, looks like Ash is immune... aww, don't beat yourself up, Puppy. We love you!

86. Ugh, all that shrill angel chatter is hurting the sensitive PuppyEars!

87. Fangirl underneath the bar!

88. ... See?

89. Concerned!Puppy

90. Puppy doing another impression of a 6 year old

91. Puppy is pleasantly surprised to see Pam (and wonders if she still has a thing for his... backside)

92. Hmm... Puppy/Ash's Laptop..... OTP?

93. Puppy wonders if a dose of the PuppyEyes™ will get Pam over her apparent amnesia... *g*

94. Puppy wishes Pam a fond farewell.. but is still disappointed that she didn't hit on him at all...

95. Puppy's got a bad feeling about this... why is Mommy being so mean?

96. He hopes to get Mommy to stop with the cute sad little puppy expression

97. A very special bitchface for Zach

98. Don'tYouBeDissin'MyMommy,Biatch!Puppy

99. Wow, the bitchfaces keep coming (with good reason, of course)

100. So this is Josh's garden... Puppy still can't believe all the trees....

101. What is God's message? Inquiring PuppyEyes™ want to know

102. Puppy is dismayed that the PuppyEyes™ don't seem to work on Joshua... we could've told you that, boy...

103. Eep! Really bright light! Must protect the pretty PuppyEyes™! *shields them*

104. Noooooo :(

105. ... Oh, wait..... Heh, Underwater!Puppy

106. You alright, sweetie? *gets washcloth, clean shirt and scented oils*

107. *marvels at the tousled PuppyHair*

108. *buries hands in it*

109. Puppy to Cas: “Heh... So! About that stuff you were talking about earlier, when you were Poltergeist!Cas? .... You up for a rematch?”

110. *bitchface* Huh, I guess now's not the time for it... Cas has succumbed.

111. Puppy thinking: “Yeah, that's right. I'M still the Bitchface Princess.”

112. Aw. Puppy tries to reassure Dean with some hopeful PuppyEyes™

113. But alas, it looks like not even a kewt puppy can get through to Dean

114. Dean threw away Puppy's gift! Nooooo!!

115. Puppy needs a great big hug, doesn't he? *HUGS the Puppy and never lets go*

That's it for this week. Again I hope you liked it. New picspam next week!
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