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SPN #5x17 99 Problems (episode review)

Sinus/tooth pain is getting worse, but hopefully I'm somewhat coherent here, lol.....

(and as a warning, I'm a bit cynical/pessimistic.. and probably not 100% complimentary of Dean, but I really tried not to bash him in this because I still try to be fair to both boys. I love 'em, even when they piss me off royally, lol)

Things just look bleaker and bleaker, and we all know what is inevitable now........ *sobs*

Looks like our boys had a pretty nasty tangle with something as they speed away. They get ambushed by a bunch of demons but who comes to the rescue?

A group of ordinary folks, led by... *drumroll*..... Michael Shanks, aka Dr. Daniel Jackson! And dayum, he was looking fine. *slurps* Oh, I forgot to mention his character's name is Rob. He tells them "Those were demons and this is the Apocalypse, so buckle up." *fans self* And our boys seem surprised that an ordinary guy is telling them this. He's wary of them at first, but they try to convince him and the others that they're on the same team.

I spied Cindy Sampson's name in the credits. Lisa's back, eh?

Rob and the others take Sam and Dean to a small church. The pastor's daughter Leah knows about the boys from angels. She's apparently a prophet.

Okay, so I wonder if it's a coincidence that this episode takes place in Blue Earth, Minnesota. Isn't that where Pastor Jim was from, and where Meg killed him?

Wow, the talk between the boys really shows where their heads are at. Dean at such a low point, so defeatist. He tells Sam that everyone's going to die, but these people aren't freaking out about it. They're heading to the exits in an orderly fashion, and is that such a bad thing. Sam isn't happy that the angels are making these people do their bidding, and he also tells Dean "Who says they're all going to die? Whatever happened to us saving people?" Awwww. :/

Leah seems to get another message on where the demons are. Is it me or is there something fishy about her? Something I really can't trust... can't believe she's actually a prophet. They attack the demons and Rob's son, Dylan, wants to ride with our boys. But before he can, a demon kills him. Dean looks pretty distraught by this.

They have a sort of memorial service in the church for Dylan. Leah appears to be having fits as if she's getting another message and tells them that Dylan is coming back. She says a bunch of stuff about Judgment Day and how there will be Paradise on Earth if they all follow the angels. Okay, yeah, I really don't trust her...

As they're leaving, Sam comments about how strict the town is, that there's no drinking, no premarital sex, etc.... that they've pretty much outlawed 90% of Dean's personality. LOL.

Dean goes to see Leah and asks if she's on the level about Paradise. She tells him there will be a prize fight and it will get bad, but they will win and the planet will be handed over to the chosen. It will be wonderful and he'll be with people he loves. Dean tells her it must be nice being chosen. She tells him that he's chosen. He retorts that it's more like cursed. *nods* :( She tells him it must be hard, being the chosen vessel and having no hope.

Sam talks to Paul the bartender, the guy he saw in church with a flask. He doesn't exactly go along with the flock and tells Sam he's not a believer. He asks Sam "what about you?" Sam tells him "I believe. But I'm pretty sure God stopped caring a long time ago." Yep, after what Joshua told them last episode, of course he would believe that.

Sam returns to the motel room and tells Dean in a snarky way that it's "past curfew." He mentions how everything is cut off in this town, like the internet and it's like they're in some kind of compound. Dean doesn't seem to care, which amazes Sam. He can't believe Dean wants to give up. He tells Dean "You can't do this to me." He's basically counting on Dean - he's got one thing keeping him going and he can't do this alone. And Dean leaves. And my heart breaks. :(

Leah tells her father the pastor that the angels are angry, and say that some people aren't listening to their commandments. Rob asks who.

A drunken Cas appears to Sam. Wow. Something about getting Sam's phone message, but doesn't like the grating sound of his voice. Sam asks if he's drunk and he answers "No! ...... Yes." He found a liquor store and drank it. *snerk* He tells Sam that Leah is not a prophet. Ha, I knew it.

However Leah convinces the townspeople that Paul is not with them and must be killed, so Rob's wife shoots him. Uh oh.'

Turns out Leah is the "whore of Babylon" who rises at this time and can do things like read minds. Her role is to condemn as many souls as possible. The only way to kill her is with a stake made from a Cypress tree from Babylon. He says none of them can kill her, only a servant of Heaven. Looks like that's supposed to be the pastor.

Yep. Leah's telling the people that they have to find all the sinners and kill them. Dad doesn't like the way she's talking and wants her to stop. She tells him to let her go or the next sinner will be him. Cas brings the pastor to their motel room. He of course can't kill her because it's her daughter. The boys tell him it's not her, it's the thing that killed her, and unless he does it a lot of people will die.

Ah, a Dean/Cas heart to heart. Dean brings up the "deadbeat Dad" thing and says he knows all about it. Cas asks how he manages, and Dean pretty much gives him a non-answer: "on a good day you have to kill a whore."

The townspeople start having second thoughts about this when Leah makes them lock kids in the room to kill with the rest of the people. But just as Rob is about to light the kerosene, the boys and the pastor bust in. Leah is powerful and knocks them all down (and as an aside... whoa, Jared belted Michael a good one *g*). Dean actually ends up killing her. Um........ am I missing something? I thought Cas said he couldn't do it..... 

As they leave Sam asks Dean: "Are you going to do something stupid? Like 'Michael' stupid?" Dean pretty much avoids it. *sigh* I think we know what the answer is. When they get back to the motel room to patch up the pastor, Dean leaves the room and tells Sam he's just getting clean bandages. Yeah, right. He speeds away and Sam runs out, yelling after him.

Now how did I know Dean was going to do that?

Oh, here's where Lisa finally comes in. He tells her that whenever he pictures himself happy, it's with her and Ben. Um... I don't even know what to say. I guess the whole brotherly love thing (and I'm not talking Wincest necessarily) is out the window. Kinda feeling disappointed. :/ I like Lisa and I liked Dean's interaction with Ben back in TKAA, but I guess I wasn't expecting Dean to do that. I mean yeah, he's at such a low point now and doesn't think he can count on Sam, but still.....  Anyway, he tells her that things are going to get bad over the next few days, but he's doing to make sure that she and Ben are okay.


Sorry for the yelling LOL, but come on, I could see it coming a mile away. Everything is just so inevitable now. He basically abandoned Sam at the end, and like Sam said, he was counting on Dean. He was the one thing keeping him going.

So is this all leading up to both boys saying yes, then? I think it's pretty much a given that Dean is saying yes to Michael, but will Sam be strong enough to keep from saying yes to Lucifer? Everything that Future!Dean told our Dean in The End seems to be coming true, doesn't it? On further contemplation, what will this mean for season 6? If this season ends with both boys saying yes, will we only see them as Michael and Lucifer next season? I honestly can't see that happening. What if it ends up with one brother killing the other? I can't see it being just Sam or just Dean next season. Kripke always said it wouldn't be Supernatural without the two boys. So I have to wonder just what is going to happen. The only thing I'll say is that I hate seeing the boys apart. Their relationship is at the heart of the show, so I really hope they don't stay apart. Maybe it's pollyanna-ish of me, but this episode left me feeling kind of bleak. I just hope that someone has a magic trick up their sleeve somehow and it doesn't end all bad. But again... pollyanna-ish... *sigh*

On the up side, I thought Michael Shanks did an awesome job. And as I said earlier, he was looking pretty fine :D

So next week is the big 100th episode. And I guess we can expect it to be big. I just hope it doesn't break me as much as this one did. Then again, that's what I said last week, so...
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