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Puppy!Sam Picspam #99 (Supernatural)

*looks at subject heading* *blinks* Wow, we are coming up to an important milestone, aren't we! And once we hit this milestone, I will be celebrating with a little something special. :D

Episode #5x17: 99 Problems

Okay, my caps for this one aren't the greatest. I have to use another program to do screencapping because it was being weird with WinDVD. And the caps came out just a bit smaller. But hopefully they're not too bad. And despite that I managed to get a lot of caps, so a huuuuge picspam of over 120 pics for this one. Maybe a little big for one post, but I squeezed them all in anyway. Hopefully won't be too hard on dial-up. The file sizes aren't that big.

Also there's a hint of special guest star in this one, and he'll be getting his own picspam for this episode shortly as well! :)

1. Hi, Puppy... Oh noes, Injured!Puppy :(

2. The PuppyEyes™ sense danger! *cuddles him*

3. Puppy does a good impression of Bugs Bunny when he's scared, though...

4. Puppy! Nooooo!

5. You let go of that Puppy!! NOW!

6. “Hi, I'm Dr. Daniel Jackson, we're peaceful explorers...... oops, sorry, wrong show...”

7. The PuppyEyes™ are utterly gobsmacked...


9. Doubtful!Puppy ... he can't believe he's talking to the one and only Daniel Jackson

10. He's warming up the PuppyEyes™...

11. Dang, those pesky fangirls showed up again...

12. Puppy thinking: “Dammit, I'm standing in front of my TV idol and I can't say anything!”

13. Out of his fanboi haze, Puppy uses the PuppyEyes™ and Forehead Crinkles to convince Daniel Rob that they're on the same side

14. Having a bit of trouble with your jacket, Sweetie? Here, let me help...

15. Aw... Curious!Puppy

16. Hm, that pretty PuppyHair needs a good pettin'... *pets*

17. Incredulous!Puppy

18. *twirls long strand of former PuppyMop around fingers*

19. Puppy still seems a bit nervous... *rubs his back*

20. Whoa! What's got the PuppyEyes™ so weirded out now?

21. Heh... Smug!Puppy

22. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

23. Facial Shrug Alert!

24. Um... fangirls... now's really not the time...

25. The PuppyEyes™ say, “'scuse me?”

26. PuppyEyes™ slip into interrogation mode for Leah

27. Confuzzled!Puppy

28. Words fail Puppy... yep, yep.

29. “Hi, I'm calling to check on an order I placed for PuppyTreats last night?”

30. “What? It's not in your system??”

31. “Are you sure???"

32. “... yes, I'll hold..."

33. “You're *sure* about that.....”

34. “I have to place another order?? You think I have time for that right now?!”

35. “Can't you just...” *transmits PuppyEyes™ over the phone*

36. “FINE.” *hangs up* *pouts*

37. Facial Shrug #2!

38. Thirsty!Puppy

39. Can't let the PuppyEyes™ go to waste... he hones them in on Dean next

40. *pets Puppy ... just because*

41. Snarky!Puppy

42. Wow, I'm just in awe of that silky PuppyHair...

43. Sullen!Puppy

44. “Whatever happened to us saving them?” Disillusioned Puppy... awww :(

45. MildlySurprised!Puppy

46. *cards hands through the PuppyHair* Why yes, I am obsessed... *g*

47. Puppy wants to know why everyone is abandoning him... Aw sweetie, we'll keep you company!

48. The congregation is just in awe of the large Puppy's presence (well okay, not really... but they *should* be!)

49. A reminder of their problems from last week's episode makes Puppy bitchface

50. Hm, his PuppySense is tingling... something is amiss

51. Puppy's eager to please with his hunting dog skills... watch him sniff out some demons!

52. Ooh, flashing a bit of PuppyMop there!

53. Long, lonnnng, PuppyMop...

54. *fans self*

55. Did I mention lonnnng?

56. Noooo! Hands off the Puppy!

57. Yet more pretty PuppyMop...

58. Aw... *helps Puppy up*

59. Whatever's going on, gotta make sure Puppy gets his walkies! *nods*

60. Facial Shrug #3!

61. *nibbles PuppyNeck... again*

62. Facial Shrug #4!

63. Aw... Puppy tries not to cry as he lays eyes upon the grieving Daniel Jackson Rob and his wife

64. Sympathetic!Puppy

65. Aw! Amused!Puppy pokes more fun at Dean

66. Facial Shrug #5!

67. Hee! Just look at the amusement in those PuppyEyes™

68. But wait... Dean's reaction (or lack of one) disturbs Puppy

69. Think that PuppyNeck could use another nibblin'...

70. “Puppy's here! Let's get this party started, y'all!”

71. Hee! That fun-loving Puppy is just precious!

72. Puppy really welcomes Paul's invitation... he's eager to get his Drunk!Puppy on...

73. Some extra PuppyEyes™ just in case...

74. ICanDrinkYouUnderTheTable,Darlin!Puppy

75. Facial Shrug #6! (wow, he's really making up for the lack of them in the last episode!)

76. The PuppyEyes™ want booze. Now.

77. Seriously.

78. Don't make him get out the bitchface.

79. That's more like it. *glomps Paul*

80. Er... what did Paul say? He really caught the PuppyEyes™ off guard for a sec there...

81. Uh oh, I think Puppy imbibed a little too much... he looks a bit sicky...

82. PuppyTongue!

83. Puppy returneth!

84. “It was *curfew*!” Awww... it's CutesyPoo!Puppy!

85. Wow, Puppy is really being Mr. SnarkyPuss tonight!

86. Puppy has such fun being Mr. SnarkyPuss...

87. Bzuh??Puppy can't believe Dean is so unaffected

88. Speechless!Puppy


90. Tsk, I think Dean's invoked the wrath of Mr. Bitchface...

91. All Puppy can do is stare with Wide PuppyEyed™ incredulity...

92. Looks like he's getting a hankerin' for some of those PuppyTreats...

93. Hai, PuppyDimple! Don't be shy!

94. Yep, Mr. Bitchface is getting mighty teed off with Dean's attitude...

95. Kissy, Puppy? Alrighty, if you say so... *g*

96. Aw... how could anyone be mean to this poor sad little Puppy face?

97. Dean's now gone, but Puppy still hates to waste a good bitchface

98. The fangirls have sensed his discomfort and are lending a helping hand

99. YouMindYourTongueWithMe,Biatch!Puppy

100. *gladly keeps Puppy company*

101. Eep! Cas' sudden appearance has frightened the Puppy

102. Cas' current state leaves Puppy very nonplussed

103. He finds Cas' behavior very unnerving...

104. And very bitchface-worthy

105. *gazes at the PuppySideburns* They might very well be the eighth wonder of the world ;)

106. Puppy hopes he can help Cas with a little PuppyEyes™ therapy

107. Time for another round of the Disappearing Forehead Crinkles! Now you see 'em...

108. ... Now you don't!

109. Puppy needs info from Dean... so out come the... you guessed it!

110. Puppy can't believe no one's noticed his new shirt yet...

111. Puppy doesn't understand why Cas brought him this stick. Does he want to play Fetch with Puppy?

112. Puppy examines the stick to see if it's worthy of fetching

113. Aww, we don't think you're an abomination, Puppy! *hugs him*

114. The Padre needs some convincing. Out come the PuppyEyes™.

115. Maybe he'll play Fetch with Puppy?

116. Fuzzy, but dang! Wonder how Puppy feels about having to belt his idol? ;)

117. Watching the Whore of Babylon die is like watching a car wreck... Puppy just can't turn his eyes away

118. Wow, just look at that windblown PuppyHair!

119. Puppy does NOT like where Dean's head is at. Out comes the bitchface!

120. The sensitive PuppyEars perk up at the sound of screeching tires... oh noes!

121. Dean left the Puppy!!!

122. How could you, Dean?!

123. Poor abandoned Puppy :( *hugs him tight*

That's all for this week. Stay tuned for next week's picspam for the big milestone ep, and there will be a special Puppy picspam as well!
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