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SPN #5x18 Point of No Return (episode review)

I am actually pretty... surprised about this ep....

So it basically comes down to Zachariah being a big liar. But I pretty much knew that.

It opens with Zach in a bar, drinking.Annoyed about the turn of events. But his "boss" shows up and puts Zach back in the game.

Dean packing his things and writing a letter to put into a box for Bobby... *sniffle* :( Sam finds him and still can't believe this is happening. That Dean is just going to walk out. He says "how could you do that?" Dean counters that all Sam's done is run away. Sam comes back with "But I was wrong - every single time I did!!" Wooo yeah, Sammy, you tell him. :) He says Bobby is working on something but of course can't tell Dean and Dean thinks he's got nothing. Sam says he has to stop Dean, and Dean says that he can try but he's not all hopped up on demon blood this time. Sam concedes that, but says he's got help. Dean turns to find ... Cas. Who does the "laying on of finger" thingy to make Dean pass out.

This next scene was heartbreaking too. I really felt for Bobby. Dean is all snarky about the whole thing. Bobby asks him what happened to him. Dean insists that nuclear is their only option, Michael can ice the devil and save a lot of people. Bobby says not all of them and they have to find something else. Dean brings up the whole guilt thing and says that Lucifer isn't stopped and he could have done something about it, it would be all on him. Bobby tells him "you can't give up, son."

Dean: "You are not my father. And you aint in my shoes."  OUCH. The look on Bobby's face. The look on Sam's face. OUCH.

Bobby takes out his gun and a bullet, telling Dean it's the round he meant to put through his skull... every day he looks at it and says maybe today is the day he'll do it. But he doesn't, you know why? "BECAUSE I PROMISED YOU I WOULDN'T GIVE UP!!" Yeah, Bobby!

Suddenly Cas is walking around outside in a wooded area when he gets in a fight with some other angels, whom he ices with the angel killing knife. He finds a body loosely buried there and it turns out to be ... Adam!

He brings Adam to Bobby's. The look on Sam and Dean's faces when they see him.... :o  Cas revives Adam who says that the angels warned him about Sam and Dean. He asks for Zachariah. Ooh, Zach has gotten to him...

And apparently Zach has tried to convince Adam that he was chosen to be Michael's sword or vessel. Dean can't believe it but Cas says it's possible since Adam is John's bloodline and Sam's brother. Maybe he had moved on from Dean. It's not perfect but possible, and maybe they think Dean is too weak. Sam can't believe the angels have a Plan B after all the crap about destiny. Nope, neither can I, and it would appear that Zach is duping Adam. Sam tells him the angels are lying to him but Adam doesn't want to believe it. Sam says that there's another way, and that they're blood. Adam is belligerent and says he has no right to say that, that they're blood but not family. To him, his mom was his family. Sam asks him for a little more time.

So the tables are turned and now they have Dean in the panic room. He doesn't want Adam taking a bullet for him. He's committed to being the vessel apparently. He tells Sam he's tired (wow, where have we heard that before? *snerk*), he's tired of fighting who he's supposed to be. Poor Sammy, he really wants them to stick together.

Dean says he doesn't believe. In Sam.  OUCH. Poor Sam. :(

Dean insists Lucifer will wear him to the prom. The look on Sam's face hurts when he says "don't say that to me." Dean is insistent that he has to be the one to fight Satan.

Later Cas goes to check on Dean in the panic room, but Dean uses his own trick (the sigil) on him to escape!

So we see a similar thing happen to Adam as what happened to Dean when Cas appeared to him in a dream (in The Rapture). Only Zach appears to him on a playground where he thinks he's waiting for his mom. Adam tells Zach he's with Sam and Dean. Zach insists he can't trust them, that they're "co-dependent on each other." LOL... ummm, did he say "neurotically co-dependent" or "erotically co-dependent"? I probably misheard somehow...  But anyway, Zach says they'd rather save each other than the planet, and insists that they're NOT his family.

Uh oh, looks like Dean's trying to say Yes to Michael, and asks some guy preaching about the apocalypse (who says the angels talk to him) to call Michael down. But who shows up again but Cas! Heh, liked how he told the guy "you pray too loud." Cas opens up a major can of whoop-ass on Dean, telling him "I rebelled for this? So you could surrender to them??" Yeah, Cas! Dean totally needed that. He tells him "I did everything for you and this is what you give to me?" Once he's finished he zaps Dean, back to the panic room I guess.

Apparently Zach found Adam while in the dream, even though Cas had carved those symbols into his ribs. He's in the "green room" and turns out it was all a trick. Adam isn't the chosen one and they still care about Dean. Adam realizes Zach lied and this was all part of a plan to get to Sam and Dean since their blind spot is family. Adam doesn't want to give in but he makes him hemorrhage.

Dean is back in the panic room after the beatdown by Cas and tells Sam "don't piss off the nerd angels." Heh. Sam tells Dean that Adam is gone, that he was taken and where he is there are a bunch of angels surrounding it. They're going to go after him and he's going to take Dean with him. Dean questions whether this is a good idea, because he'll just say Yes. Sam says he won't. Aww Sammy with the trust there. Bless him. :) Dean tells him if the tables were turned, he would let Sam rot in the panic room (ouch again....). Sam comes back with "I guess I'm not that smart." Dean asks why he's doing this. Sam: "Because you're still my big brother." Awwwwwwww. :(

Sam, Dean and Cas end up in Van Nuys, California, where Adam is apparently being held. There are about 5 angels in there and Cas decides to take them on himself. He doesn't have the faith in Dean that Sam does. Ooh. He stabs one of them with the angel knife, and wards off the rest with a sigil he carved into his own chest! Whoa.

Dean enters the green room and finds Adam, who tells him it's a trap. Zach shows up and Sam tries to kill him, but Zach gets the better of him and makes both Adam AND Sam hemorrhage. Nooo!

Oh shit, Dean said yes. It was obvious he couldn't bear to see Sam and Adam suffer, but still, he said yes. Oh, crap. And the look on Sam's face when he hears it.... *sniffle*

But then Dean gives Sam a little wink and tells Zach there are a few conditions involving those he cares about and that Michael can't have Dean until he turns Zach to ashes. He then takes the angel knife and kills Zach. And his eyes glow white! Whoa......

There's a white glow in the room and as Zach dies, Dean and Sam escape. Adam is overtaken by the white glow and is locked in the room. He can't get out and the boys can't get him out (Dean tries the knob but he burns his hand on it... hmmm).

Adam's gone. Okay, where did he go....?

So that's it? And Dean isn't acting very Michael-like...

The final scene with Dean and Sam in the car... I have to say it gave me a little smile. They're both wondering what happened to Adam and Cas. Sam says that he saw Dean's eyes and thought he was saying yes.

Dean actually says that he let Sam down. Sam says he didn't. Dean tells him that when he'd look at Sam he always saw this snot-nosed kid... maybe that was a big brother thing. But he says that's not him anymore. He tells Sam that if he has so much faith in him, Dean can return the favor. Awwww. It's about time. :) And then he says, "screw destiny. We'll take the fight to them, our way." Sam thinks it sounds good. The look on his face... the little, almost grateful, smile..........

Can I get an "awwww?" Well, for the time being, anyway?

I think this episode calmed some of my fears for now at least. But there still seems to be some unanswered questions. Where did Cas go? What happened to Adam? Did Michael take him away somewhere?

And is it really this easy? Did Dean really avoid becoming Michael's vessel? If he did, I'm not really sure if it ends right there. I wouldn't doubt that this will come up again before the season ends. Is Adam a distraction for Michael until he finds Dean and tries to take him over?

And finally, is this what Sam needs to keep from saying Yes to Lucifer? The fact that Dean's trust in him seems to be at least partially restored, or is something else going to happen that will make him get closer to it? I really hope not but the finale is still 3 episodes away, so... I guess I'm still a little nervous.

So I guess according to that "someone will die, someone will make a big sacrifice, and someone will play a new role" spoiler for this episode... Zach was the one who died, but I'm still confused about who plays the new role and who made the big sacrifice. Was it Adam, or will he actually play a new role now, depending on where he is at this point? And did Cas make the sacrifice, depending on what happened to him? I'm still in the dark here. But I will say that despite the way Dean was acting and the things he said, I'm glad that he seems to have some faith restored in Sam. At least for now.
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