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SPN #5x19 Hammer of the Gods (episode review)

Um, okay, where do I begin? (this will probably be out of order... not too coherent here... kinda worried about what's in store for the rest of this season... no spoilers but some speculations)

Wow, is this season going to set the record for the most characters in Show killed off? I guess it makes sense, given Kripke's 5-season plan. But wow. Dangit. Gabriel.

Guess I'll start at the beginning. Wow, that abandoned motel looks creepy. Cop/sheriff/whatever guy, I knew you were not long for this world. But it was kinda creepy the way the hotel manager/concierge guy just showed up out of nowhere. And he made the motel new and pretty!

Rain-sodden boys!!! Mmmm, yum!! :D The creepy manager guy is there and points out a "shaving nick" on Dean. Huh, where did that come from?

Yep, there's the Dean we know! Indulging in pie and hitting on a woman who keeps cutting him off with "no." LOL. Sam wants to stay focused and doesn't seem to think that taking a break is a good idea. Dean tells him "no one's giving up, especially me." He wants to find the Devil. He tells Sam he's no good to him burnt out so it's good for them to take a little break. Well, I'm glad he's still determined and not willing to give up on this.

This ep was pretty heavy on the gore too... body parts in the kitchen?

There's a newlywed couple all over each other in the hallway. Dean's enjoying it. Sam: "What are you, 12?" Dean says he's a kid at heart or something like that. Yep, looks like we're seeing more of the old Dean. He marvels at the chocolates on the beds, asking Sam if he wants his, and then the Casa Erotica on Pay-Per-View. Wow, we can really see the turnaround from My Bloody Valentine where he didn't seem the least bit interested in any of that stuff. Sam doesn't understand what a 5 star hotel is doing out in the middle of nowhere. Neither do I.

Sam tracks the weird manager guy and he gets a nick on his neck just like Dean had. What the heck is going on?! I love when Dean was walking the halls with the EMF meter and catches an elephant in one of the rooms. Then he backtracks and it's a big guy with a towel around his waist. "This aint no peepshow, man!" LMAO at Dean's reaction :D

Anyway the boys find a ring from the newlywed couple but they're gone. They return it to the manager guy. The boys then wonder if something brought them here and think about a storm off some route they were taking... it does seem like something was set up, doesn't it?

The boys are back in the kitchen where Dean sees a pot of something boiling. "Please be tomato soup." Heh, if only we were that lucky. Eyeballs? Yecch. Turns out there's a guy locked in a meat locker though. Okay, this is really weird....

It turns out the manager guy is the god Mercury. I guess it fits since the guy was pretty hyper. He managed to take a sample of the boys' blood.

So this whole thing is a gathering of a big group of pagan gods. Baldur, Kali, Odin, Ganesh... umm, some others I'm forgetting.... But wow. Any other Stargate SG-1 fans here? Didn't this setup seem vaguely reminiscent of the SG-1 episode "Summit" with all the gods gathering together? I think Kali was one of those in that episode, too. Just something that came to me as that scene started. Anywho....

The "feast" turns out to be made up of the cop from the first scene. Ugh. And Sam and Dean are the guests of honor. They want to use them - the vessels for Michael and Lucifer - as bargaining chips. Ha! They're even arguing like they were in that SG-1 episode lol. But they want to put their differences aside for the Apocalypse.

Gabriel shows up. "Can't we all just get along?" They refer to him as Loki. I guess they don't know what his true identity is. He tells the gods they can't stop the Apocalypse. He talks to Sam and Dean alone and they think he was the one who led them here. He insists he didn't, that he wants to help them. He says the Apocalypse is still going to happen but not here or now. He tells them Kali has a blood spell on them (from the samples I guess), but he had a thing with her so he plans to go see her.

Our boys are in the kitchen when one of the gods attacks them (dammit I can't remember his name, I'm awful :P). He starts strangling Sammy when Dean saves him by staking the god. While this is going on, Gabriel seduces Kali and tries to get the blood samples. She apparently finds out and now he's attached to her.

Huh, Ghostfacers ad cuts in. Wasn't expecting that.

Kali now knows about Gabriel's true identity and she takes the angel killing knife from him. He tells her "Yeah, I've got wings - like Kotex." Heh. She thinks he's a spy but he says he's a runaway and is trying to save them because they can't beat Lucifer. She tells him she was here first so she wants to end the world.

And she stabs him.

So now she informs the gods that they can kill Lucifer.

"Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up!!" Dean quotes Army of Darkness! Whooo yeah!! So Dean wants to be on board with these gods to ice the Devil. He says he and Sam can get him there and they can take on the Devil together.

So Gabriel dying was a head fake. He didn't give Kali the real angel killing knife. Huh. Dean wants the real blade to take on Lucifer. He wants him to put his differences aside with the gods and come together to kill Lucifer. He tells Gabriel they're not his blood, but they're his family.

Gabriel: I can't kill my brother.
Dean: Or you wont.... that's what I thought.

Why did this conversation suddenly make me think of Sam and Dean? Oh God I hope we don't end up seeing this in the finale :( *is scared*

Oh crap, Lucifer's checking in!

He informs Mercury of his disdain for the pagan gods, that they're worse than humans. And then kills Mercury, and the others. Wow, I really, really hate this guy. Is it a tall order that I want Sam and Dean to kill him like soon? Like before he gets into Sam or tries to goad Sam into saying Yes? Yeah, won't happen. But I hate him.

Kali tries to kill him with fire but it doesn't work of course. What did Gabriel give Dean just then?

Gabriel to Lucifer: "Luci, I'm home." Heh. That was bad. But so expected of him.

He actually does stand up to Lucifer. Wow, I'm proud of him. He won't take the "poor pitiful me" thing from Lucifer. He says Dad loved him best, then he brought a new baby home and he couldn't handle it. He tells him it's time to grow up. Ooh yeah.

Lucifer thinks Gabriel is being loyal to Michael but he isn't. He's loyal to "them", meaning humans. The arrogant Lucifer complains that they're flawed. Gabriel says they're flawed but they're trying.

And of course Gabriel has to die. I knew it would happen as soon as I saw Lucifer check into the hotel.

Well, at least Sam and Dean are out of there, having helped Kali escape.

Okay, that intro for the Casa Erotica movie nearly faked me out for a split second. But Gabriel in it? Um, ew. LOL. And that's pretty much Sam's reaction too. Gabriel addresses the boys and says if they are watching this, it means he's dead. Ah, so I guess this is what he gave Dean earlier? He must have known he was going to die, then, or it was a "just in case" type of thing. He tells them they have zero chance at killing Lucifer, but they can still trap him. He was freed from his trap, but they can get him back into it. They also have to avoid Michael and the God Squad... I guess because Michael still wants this fight to take place.

He says there are four keys required for the cage - which turn out to be the rings from the Four Horsemen. Ooh. Then he says Dean was right, that he was afraid to stand up to his brother. But he's standing now. And then he proceeds to gross out the boys even more. Yeah, that's enough.

So Dean tells Sam they've got 2 of the rings already, they just have to find the others. Sam wonders if it'll be that easy. Well, at least they're going off to do it together.

Matt Frewer! They saved him up for the very end! Bleah, what a disgusting character he is, though. Pestilence. All sick and getting germs all over the place - especially all over that poor guy. Yecch. I guess the boys are going to meet up with him next?

So I think it's pretty obvious now that the boys are going to concentrate on trying to trap Lucifer. They have the rings from War and Famine. I guess they have to get them from Pestilence and Death now? I don't think that's going to be very easy. Maybe not too hard from Pestilence, but definitely hard from Death. Eep. Don't want to think about it.

I did like seeing Dean's determination here, that he really wants to ice the Devil, even to the point of fighting alongside the pagan gods. I really wasn't expecting them to show up here, kind of mingling with the Judeo-Christian storyline of these past two seasons. But that was pretty... interesting.

I'm still really afraid for Sam, though. :( I know he's probably still determined not to give in to Lucifer, but I'm still worried about what could happen to him if they try to trap him.

If this show ends with Sam or even both of the boys saying Yes, what will this mean for season 6? I know I sound like a broken record - I'm pretty sure I asked this last week - but I hope they'll be able to pull something off somehow. I don't think I'd like to see season 6 with Sam as Lucifer, at least for the whole season. *bites fingernails*
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  • I have a weird dilemma...

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