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Puppy!Sam Picspam #101 (Supernatural)

Yep, got a new picspam done already! Can't believe it! :)

Episode #5x19: Hammer of the Gods

109 pics, so not dial-up friendly. I hope you like it.

1. Hi, Puppy... ooh, Rainsoaked!Puppy

2. Aw.... *readies warm, fluffy towels*

3. Puppy looks suitably confuzzled... come here, boy, let us help dry you off and warm you up. *g*

4. *nibbles PuppyNeck* And wow, looks like Dean's trying to beat Puppy at the Facial Shrugs!

5. Facial Shrug Alert! Heh, Puppy's catching up ;)

6. Whoa... the PuppyEyes™ are quite impressed with “Chet”'s amazing words-per-minute display

7. What? They still gotta go through the bureaucratic nonsense? The PuppyEyes™ aren't enough?

8. Hee! Cute PuppySmirk!

9. Wait... what?

10. Buffet, you say? Puppy is most intrigued...

11. Uh oh, Puppy doesn't seem to be his usual chow hound self... something's not right

12. The pleading PuppyEyes™ wanna... hey, Puppy! What are you doing? Dean's over there! *points*

13. That's it... the pleading PuppyEyes™ wanna leave. Now.

14. Guess who's coming to dinner... it's Mr. Snarkypuss!

15. It's the GetOffMyBack!Bitchface... and Hai, PuppyDimple!

16. Some extreme PuppyKewtness to convince Dean he's alright

17. ... but he's trying reeeeeeeally hard to stifle another bitchface

18. Though it seems the PuppyEyes™ could use a good nap...

19. First things first, though... gotta make sure Puppy gets his walkies

20. Oh dear, Dean has turned into Mr. Horndog. Time for another bitchface!

21. Though Puppy has to admit it's amusing

22. Puppy's pleasantly surprised with their accommodations. Where's the oversized doggy bed, though?

23. Huh, the PuppyEyes™ seem terrified for some reason

24. This posture leads me to believe that Puppy would like his neck scratched. *gladly obliges*

25. YourBehaviorIsSooooooChildish!Puppy

26. Trying ever so hard to stifle the bitchface... but alas

27. Skeptical!Puppy

28. Bzuh?Puppy

29. QuietlyAmused!Puppy

30. Confuzzled!Puppy

31. Puppy looks a little shaken... *pets*

32. “ZOMG! ............they haven't delivered my PuppyTreats yet!”

33. Dean: “My puppy here ordered some treats through room service and they haven't been delivered yet. I know he only ordered them like two minutes ago, but he's really hungry...”

34. Puppy: “'Scuse me? You're out of them??”

35. “You do realize I need those treats, right? Or I'll starve?”

36. OhNoesIGonnaStarve!Puppy ... don't worry boy, we have a secret stash for you!!

37. Yep, that's right... feeling better now? :)

38. 1.210: “Dean? The fangirls have promised me a plentiful bounty of treats. So ... see ya later?”

39. Hee... Puppy's really bursting with anticipation...

40. Dean: “Yeah, I know the drill. Get outta here.” Puppy on the inside: “OMGYAY!”

41. “Don't wait up, 'kay?”

42. The PuppyEyes™ emphasize that final point

43. Thoroughly satisfied, Puppy gets back to work... stalking “Chet”

44. Yep, Puppy's a hound on the prowl...

45. Whoa, that PuppyMop is getting extra long again...

46. Puppy? You okay, Sweetie?

47. OMG! Puppy got bitten by a huge, invisible mosquito!

48. What the...? A cute, giant puppy enters the room and everyone leaves? Something's not right here

49. Yep, his PuppySense is tingling, big time

50. Listen up, Dean. The PuppyEyes™ have come up with a viable theory!

51. Nope, it still doesn't make sense. Puppies are usually crowd pleasers...

52. Now we're in the kitchen. Oh, tsk... looks like Puppy's hungry again

53. Yep, those PuppyEyes™ are searching for incredible edibles

54. Aw... but instead Puppy is majorly grossed out... incredible yes, but edible, no

55. Now Puppy's gonna be sicky... *prepares ginger ale and cola syrup*

56. Puppy say: I spy something with my little puppy eye...

57. *twirls fingers around extra long strands of PuppyMop*

58. Um...O CRP?Puppy

59. Poor manhandled Puppy :(

60. Do have to say that the PuppyHair is looking suitably tousled, though

61. Puppy actually hates being the center of attention for once

62. Heh... Freaked!Puppy

63. Poor frightened Puppy... he's hoping some PuppyKewtness will placate the gods

64. Is it working?


66. Puppy just realized that, in his extreme fear, he's piddled on the floor. They'd best leave now...

67. Hm... little bitchface there for Kali

68. The PuppyEyes™ are just shocked to see Gabriel!

69. Whoa, seems Puppy isn't used to Gabriel's mode of transportation

70. Puppy's brought out Mr. Snarkypuss again

71. Huh... the fangirl is back

72. Puppy's appreciative, but he really wishes she would wait until he's through trying to make a point...

73. “Heh! Okay, I'm done...”

74. “OMG Dean, did you *have* to do that right now?!”

75. The ultra sensitive PuppyNose is *highly* offended

76. “Dean, I'm dying over here...” Dean: “Sorry man, what can I say? Those bean burritos were calling me...”

77. “ZOMG! Cute... Puppy... needs... fresh air.... now!”

78. It's fuzzy... but I think we got a bit o' bitchface for Gabriel back there

79. And a more closeup version

80. Some pretty PuppyProfile

81. And some pretty PuppyEyes™

82. The misunderstanding Puppy cocks his head to the side

83. OMG. Puppy

84. Puppy! Noooo!

85. Another baddie with a PuppyNeck fetish. Anyone surprised?

86. Yay, big brother to the rescue... *helps Puppy catch his breath*

87. D'oh, what's this? Can't have lint on the nice PuppyThreads...

88. ... or have the extra long PuppyMop obscuring the PuppyEyes™

89. Huh... Gabe's sword intimidates Puppy

90. Awww, Bleak!Puppy .... *hugs*

91. Whoa, Dean quoting Army of Darkness just *shocks* the PuppyEyes™... for some reason

92. Puppy is suitably traumatized... for reasons we still can't figure out

93. Dean, you're scaring the Puppy. Please stop.

94. Or he'll bitchface you

95. Fangirl alert!

96. Puppy said squeegee! And he realizes how cute it must've sounded, but it's too late to take it back, dangit!

97. Oh noes, his PuppySense is blaring again! Something's about to happen

98. Puppy's got a bitchface all ready for Lucifer

99. Noooo!!

100. Thank goodness the pretty PuppyHair was spared...

101. Freaked!Puppy

102. Tentative!Puppy

103. A parting bitchface for Luci

104. Look at the Flying PuppyHair!

105. Puppy finds Gabe's ... “gift” to be like a car wreck... he can't watch, yet he cannot turn away

106. And he's somewhat unnerved that Dean seems to be enjoying it

107. Ugh... yeah, that's enough

108. What are you suggesting, Dean? Inquiring Forehead Crinkles want to know

109. Puppy looks kinda grim... *pets him*

That's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for next week!
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